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Bree Ravencroft

The hospital wing smelled of disinfectant, disease and old wounds. More so than it should for a crew which, for a while, had not had bigger injuries than what could be handled with a band-aid from the bottom of your pocket. This time, only one room was occupied.

In the center of the room, under dimmed lights, Julian is lying in the bed, shackled for his own protection. Without stopping to make sure the vampires were alright, Bree had brought him there directly from the office when they had all been kicked out of the astral plane. She knew Maeve would show both Claudia and Evaine where the emergency supplies of blood were located.

Whatever knowledge Julian had gained on their trip, she knew he was not dealing well with it. It had already been clear before they got kicked out. Now he was unconscious, fighting to the point where she'd had to put him in shackles.

Bree did not need to breach his mental privacy to know, this was the works of Whitsig. All the roads, all their issues, all their fighting always ended up pointing back at him. Eventually they would all have to fight again. More so than their trip to the astral plane, this would be something for the vampires. They could be the predators they were born to be, without having to be political correct in how they handled the fight, and neither would they have to take their feeding as fast food but could do it directly from the hoof.

"Miss Bree.."

Turning from the silent vigil she held over Julian, Bree's gaze fell on Mr. Hatashi. Without the shuffle of shoes against the floor, he had entered the room.


Whatever and whoever he was, she would need to do a background check on him later. For now Julian was on the top of everyone's list.

"How is Master Julian doing?"

"He is fighting, though I am not entirely sure what exactly it is."

She suspected he already knew and knew she had her own suspicions, but was asking for the sake of making small talk and to not appear being a complete stranger within the coven house.

"Will you please tell Claudia, Evaine and Maeve where we're at, and please bring me a bowl of fresh herbal water with some added lavender."

Watching Mr. Hatashi digest the requests she had made of him, and then leave, Bree turned her full attention back to Julian. Removing the old cloth which had been placed on his forehead, she replaced it with a fresh one soaked in the last of the old batch of herbal water. It was not meant to heal, but the herbal mixture would hopefully bring relief to the young witch while he fought his fight.
May 12, 2017 04:01 pm

Evaine Sterling

Evaine Sterling made it back to the coven office with her coven mates.   She had tried to slice and dice an overstuffed chair with her hands.    She was damned glad she had not damaged the chair or someone in the chair.   The bemused looks she had received from her coven mates.   She had fled out of Julian's office to nurse her wounds.  Her scraps, scratches, and bruises were the least of her wounds.  They were minor to her stung pride and she knew it very well.

She was a fledgling compared to Maeve and Claudia who were the older and more experienced vampires.   ~Damn you Jacques St. Germain.   You left me a poor excuse for a Vampire...~  But she knew she could learn from the older coven mates.   She tended her own wounds according to the way she had learned and she snagged a few bags of bloods from the small fridge in her quarters.   Snack time for a vampire on a liquid diet.    She was worried for herself.   She was worried for Julian who had been taken from the office and taken somewhere in the long corridors.

She sat on her bed in her quarters still clad in her dirty and grimy clothing.   She needed to know what had happened to Julian.   He had been kind to her.   He had given her a place in his coven.   He was the first person who despite his own concerns had given her a chance to better herself.   She needed to find him and see if she could help in some small way.

She washed her face and hands quickly at the sink.   She changed into a pair of black jeans and a black tunic top.   She left her feet bare and slipped out the door of her room.    She looked either way to see if anyone was around the corridors.  They were empty and quiet as if the life was gone out of them.   The halls had been that way when she arrived at the coven house.

She knew the way to the hospital wing.    She knew Julian had been whisked away by Bree and Mr. Hatashi.   She had explored the coven corridors a bit before Bree and Maeve had returned from their vacations.

She stopped by one room, where she heard some voices speaking quietly.  She stayed close to the wall by the door.   She listened in to find out what they were talking about.

She listened and heard the hished words spoken between Bree and Mr. Hatashi.   If Julian trusted Mr. Hatashi that was enough for her.

She silently appeared in the dimly lighted room by the door.    She saw Julian laying in the bed.  He was shackled for his  own safety.   Evaine did not have the words to protest the actions taken Bree.   She would not ask any questions.   She listened as Bree finished talking to Mr. Hatashi.

She spoke calmly to Bree and Mr.  Hatashi.  "I am here.  How can I help you?"

May 13, 2017 06:45 pm

Julian Montgomery

Julian? Wake  up. We have much to...discuss.

What does it matter? There is nothing I want more then to kill Whitsig.

No...this I cannot allow.

Since when are you an I? You used to talk about yourself differently.

I/we decided it would be easier to communicate this way, with one voice. Now, Julian, I have come back to bring you back from the edge of your own discussion.

Why? Why must I always be the crash test dummy for the old man? I have the power to END him once and for all. WHy must I be the biogger person.

Because you are a good person. Because you do not need the taint of hatred upon your soul. Because if you want to possess The Blue, you must not use The Blue to hurt ther innocent, which is what would happen if you just went off the deep end, and destroy the old man. Collateral damage is an ugly thing, and would tarnish you forever.

I...I just want it to be over. I'm so tired of the pain.

May 15, 2017 09:14 pm


Excess energy and unfulfilled hunger drove Maeve out into the city. Hitting the pavement, as the last colors of the day chased across the sky, she weaved in and out of the crowd. This would not be a long slow seduction of her next donor, but a quick grab and go. Maybe furthering the local lore of the Reapers. That one had not been hard to spread. A few well placed feedings, and the locals had taken off running with it. The older generations were extremely superstitious, and many among the younger generations still listened to their elders. They had not yet figured out how to protect themselves against the Reapers, and hopefully wouldn't for a long time to come.

Standing on the edge of the night time market, Maeve scanned the crowd. She knew who had families, and who would not be missed if they disappeared. Those were usually the ones she chose when she needed something quick, and the supply from the blood bank wouldn't do. The market was busy, and people milled about, almost giving away a feeling of being carefree and unafraid. Looking up a little higher, she checked the rooftops. This is where guards would be keeping watch. Seeing nothing she needed to be overly concerned about, she stepped out into the crowd. The hunt was on.

Back at the coven compound, she was met by Mr. Hatashi in the entry, informing her that Julian had been brought to the medical wing. Medical wing was maybe too grand, when it really was nothing more than a couple of rooms with all the equipment they would need to take care of their needs. These days it was mostly the witches which needed the facilities. The vampires could mostly heal themselves without medical intervention.

Stopping outside the room where Julian was lying, closely guarded by Bree and watched by Evaine, a pang of loss hit Maeve in the stomach. Beloved Alice, demoness extraordinaire and sometimes too clumsy for her own good, had spent time there. Wherever she was spending her time now, Maeve hoped it was without falling over her own two feet, or being scared out of her wits.

Waiting for Bree to answer the question Evaine had posed of her, Maeve waited patiently for her to leave the room. She knew Bree would not leave to take care of her own needs, until someone else was there to watch over Julian.
May 16, 2017 05:55 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"I am here. How can I help you?"

Distracted by the voice, Bree raised her head and looked at Evaine, who had barely crossed the threshold between hallway and room.

"Please come in Evaine. You are part of the crew. No need to hold yourself back here."

Turning her attention back to Julian, Bree felt another presence joining them, Maeve. For good reason, she was holding herself back, staying in the hallway while watching and observing. Even though Julian was tied up in more ways than one, this would be a good time for Evaine to work on gaining a bit more confidence.

"Evaine can you please sit with Julian for a bit? When Mr. Hatashi returns with the fresh herbal water, please change the cloth. Maeve will be here too, but you should be able to handle Julian on your own. Just do not unshackle him anytime soon. He is fighting something or someone, and for now it's safer if he stays where he's at."

Without waiting for a reply, Bree pushed herself up and out of the chair and turned. Evaine had asked how to help, and Bree had given a straight answer, knowing Evaine hopefully would do exactly that. She seemed to think she owed something to Julian, and this would be just one way to pay back the debt, whatever it was.

"Oh and try not to feed on him, while he is immobilized. Maeve can tell you were our private stash is located if you need it."

Grinning, Bree shot Maeve a quick look. She had the look of someone who had been out feeding. Not the chilled from a bag kind of blood, but someone who was, or had been human at least for a while.

"Please keep an eye on them. And if you have to knock him.. or her out, try not to hit too hard on either. It's a bish having to keep an eye on two patients at the same time. Now I need to get cleaned up and scrounge up something to eat. Not everyone of us, has got the luxery of being able to do it in the blink of an eye."
May 16, 2017 08:22 pm

Evaine Sterling

"Please come in Evaine. You are part of the crew. No need to hold yourself back here."

Bree's spoken word gave Evaine the permission to enter the room.   She had waited politely in the doorway and she knew Maeve was behind her.    Evaine sensed Maeve was behind her. She entered the room, her eyes were on Julian Montgomery who lay shackled in a bed.

Bree turned her attention to Julian.  She knew Bree had sensed Maeve's presense.   Maeve was in the hallway, watching and observing everything.  She turned her attention to Bree.

  She listened closely as Bree spoke to her.   "Evaine can you please sit with Julian for a bit? When Mr. Hatashi returns with the fresh herbal water, please change the cloth. Maeve will be here too, but you should be able to handle Julian on your own. Just do not unshackle him anytime soon. He is fighting something or someone, and for now it's safer if he stays where he's at.

Bree did not wait for her reply as she pushed herself up and out of the chair.   She knew what she had to do and she would do it.   She would pay her debt to Julian and she would look after him.    She seated herself in the vacated chair and turned her eyes to Julian.

She focused on Julian and felt his struggle with the entity and it 's  power.    She wished she could help Julian beyond the simple cloth and herbal water.  He should not be shackled in this bed.   She shook her head.    She knew somehow that trip to the astral plane.    Some random engery or entity had returned with them.    She focused on seeing Julian fit and well.

"I have fed.  Julian is off limits mobile or immobile.  Thank you Bree."    Evaine redoubled her efforts to keep her attentions on Julian.   She heard Bree's parting words to Maeve.

"Maeve, can you tell me about how you, Bree and Julian got to know each other sometime?"

She thought a bit of light chat would help her or Maeve.   Maeve was an interesting individual to her and she wanted to learn more about her coven mates.   "Maybe you could tell me about Julian and this entity Whitsig.  Julian will defeat this evil..."

She let the words drift off into silence.   She watched Julian laying on his bed.   She knew Whitsig would be defeated.

May 18, 2017 06:50 pm

Julian Montgomery

Julian, I know it is hard, but together, with your people behind you, and The Blue at your beck and call, you can defeat Whitsig.

That's what I want. I need to end the threat.

There is more I haven't told you just yet.

Oh, what else could possibly be wrong?

Whitsig...he has your father. For months he has held Stalker in a underground dungeon. No one knows how the wizard got the best of the slayer, but he did.

Are you sure he is still alive?

I can feel him...but he is weak.

It's never easy, is it?

No, never is, especially in this world we live in. Your friends...they care very much for you, Julian. Cherish them...they will walk through armageddon with you.

I know...I'm afraid I take advantage of them.

No...they are loyal. They know you would be there for them, just like they are for you.

May 24, 2017 05:38 pm

Bree Ravencroft

A good hour later, Bree returned to the ward, cleaner than she had been and the stomach quieted with food. Sleep she would catch a little later, while real rest would come once they had dealt with Whitsig.. again. Dragging herself down the hallway, she caught broken pieces of the conversation between Evaine and Maeve.

How had they gotten to know Julian? Stepping through the door, she gave Julian a quick assessment, before turned her attention back to the two vampires.

"That is a long story, from a long, long time ago but I guess now is as good a time as ever to tell a little of it."

Pulling the last chair over to the other side of the bed, she made herself as comfortable as anyone could be in a chair not meant to be sat in for long periods of time.

"Once upon a time, there was a grand and powerful coven in London called After Dark. Located in the catacombs below certain government buildings, people could come and go almost unnoticed. Of course many in the realm knew where most of the entries and exits was, because everyone was keeping an eye on everyone else. Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. There was a lot of that back then. Death came a lot quicker and more often...."

Falling into a few moments of silence, Bree watched the internal strip of memories as it played in her mind. So many of them, but thankfully a lot of them had begun to blur and become less recognizable. That was the only way any of them could survive and live with the actions they had all been a part of, one way or another.

"Anyway.. Both Maeve and I was part of After Dark in our early days, and I believe Julian was too. I do not remember if he was already a member, or joined after we did. We were all so young back then. Things sometimes happened very quickly, making it a lot harder to get fixed memories about what happened when and where. After some time, I think Julian left to join a crew with Taika. They were both very young compared to the rest of us, so it was not a surprise the two kids banded together.

But it was not until much later, that we again found ourselves in the same crew. There had been a war. A terrible war, which unfortunately had taken the life of Taika and damn near Julian as well. Back then, Mackenzie still appeared as a vampire to the rest of us, and she too had started her own crew, Sine Metu. She took Julian under her wings, and nursed him back to health."
May 25, 2017 07:48 am


Resting a hand on Bree's shoulder, Maeve looked at Evaine until Bree had let the last words roll across her lips.

"And that is my clue to take over. Like Bree I am not entirely sure in which order everything took place. I just know it happened. When Claudia gets back from her private mission she can tell you a lot more about the realm as it was back in the day. When Bree and I found our way here, she was already a leader in the fray of things.

But where wass I..."

Standing silently for a few moments, Maeve let her own memories play, sorting between what to tell and what not to tell.

"I became a part of Sine Metu much earlier than Bree. Even then, I only caught the tail end of Julian's healing. He was already busy trying to regain his former strength. Training like we all do every day. Soon after Julian left for Tokyo, where he began what is now known as The Faceless.

Through all of this, neither of us really got to know Julian. Yes we were part of the same crews, but it was more like ships passing each other at night, blowing their horns as they hurried on to the next port. It was not until a certain kilt wearing Scottish vampire actually introduced us to each other, that we actually had a meeting of minds and magic.

There are reasons, unimportant to this particular telling of the story, for why we joined up with Julian. Some of them we all have in common, and others not so much. Some of them might come to light as we fight Whitsig again, and some of them we might finally have to act upon. But that will not be something you have to worry about.

As for the whole background about Whitsig, and who and what he is, I think that is a story for Julian to tell eventually. So much of it is part of his personal story. I will say though, that Whitsig make some of the bad guys of the realm look like pvssies. Do not underestimate him, no matter what he might try to tell you when the time comes."
May 25, 2017 03:18 pm
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