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Elvera the Pirate (Open RP)


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Elvera Chalice

Elvera walked off her ship onto England. Pointing to her crewmen she made them take the crates off the ship towards a back alley where she sells her goods off the black market. Looking around she ordered them back on the ship knocking on the door 3 times. The door opened a few minutes and 2 big guys came out grabbing the crates and she shut the door turning the lock.
Looking around she walked over to the front desk where the buyer behind the chair. Letting the guys set the crates down she said" here is the gold I stole from the pirates on the ship that stole from you,and the other crate is fake documents for people to get in this country." Folding her arms she waited on the guy to inspect it and see if everything is here. He smiled" thank you,you always deliver and never disappoint me." Elvera laughed" I always do my job so I make my customers happy I wouldn't have a business if I did terrible at my job." The guy nodded at her and said" for your hard work here's your payment." Sliding a box towards her she opened it slightly hearing the screams of lost souls closing her eyes. Closing the box she said" thank you for doing business with me." Bowing her head she walked back to the door and said" I'm off to my next employer if you need me you know where to find me."
Walking back out she walked back to her ship and said" hoist anchor and sail to Asia." Commanding the crew as she watched England get smaller sailing away towards her next employer. Keeping her box tightly in her hands she waited till she was done delivering goods for people and she will have the souls and send the other box to her family in hell.
May 16, 2017 05:15 pm
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