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Born of two great parents, Adrian Jaye Michaels grew up pretty well, his family were rich but not filthy rich, just enough to enjoy their work and their lives.  His nickname is AJ, but that's what his father calls him, everyone uses Adrian for some reason, is means dark one but he's hardly dark. 

Tallish, standing about 6'1", Adrian's body is hard, lean and muscular.  He's was an athlete in school, mostly running and basketball, but he loves to surf, he's always surfing or swimming or fishing or something to do with the water.  To him, life was the ocean where he grew up. His grades were always good, he loved school, he loves to learn too.

During his late teenage years his mother grew ill, she had cancer of the bone ...not much 

could be done with that but Adrian did all he could for her.  She was an avid photographer, she loved taking pictures of her son and her garden. she loved photographing him especially 

when he was relaxed and just hanging out. That is how he started to model.  A friend of  hers saw his picures and borrowed one to show off to a designer that was looking for a fresh look, voila....  His mother for a while was his manager but due to her illness, this was turned over to another. 

Adrian's life was changed one terrible night, he was attacked by something .... from that attack he was changed into whatever he is now, forever.  It's not been all that bad for him though, he simply drains energy or life essence from around him to feed himself so to speak ....lights will dance in his eyes when he does this for himself or another with him that he's giving that energy to.  He would do this for his mother when things got very bad for her and she could barely move or do anything.  Her son would draw that energy she needed from everything around him and give it directly to her, even giving of himself to her.  

Unfortunately the cancer took her and she died in her sleep.  It was just his father and him now.

The young man to this day is completely bewildered about what happened to him, he's 

received some help along the way, finding witches and suchlike to help him figure out what 

he was ...he's a vampire but not your ordinary drinking blood type, though he can if he chooses.  Adrian has no fangs, no sharp teeth of any kind, no razors for nails or the like.  He lives in sunshine all the time, he gains energy from this, stars dance in his eyes a lot for this.  He got himself into the realm when he turned about 27, quite by accident too, he kept meeting werewolves and other "normal" vampires, even ones that have tried to dominate him ....that didn't work at all.  

He married, it lasted about 2 weeks but damn it was a hell of a short marriage, however it was through his ex that he met the lady he's married to now, giving her his name and all of his life.  She is his world, Asuna Mae .... yeah, you can hear him sighing most happily whenever he thinks about her.  She's died a couple times and he's been lost without her, but she always comes back to him, and she always will.  He belongs to his lovely red headed woman, to him, she is his world.  Asuna Mae Michaels, yep ....that's his gorgeous Mrs. Adorable.
May 18, 2017 02:28 am
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