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2017 Summer Bloodie Awards


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Cersei Lannister

Best Coven
Runner Up: Requiem

Best Sanctuary
Azhi Dahaka
Runner Up: Solitude

Best Overall Crew
Runner Up: Mercy

Most Missed Crew
After Dark
Runner Up: Lune Mortelle

Most Missed Character
Blaize Summers
Runner Up: Dannica

Best Angel
Camille Rameau
Runner Up: Summer S Summers

Best Slayer
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Elouise Orlav

Best Werewolf
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Jackson McCarthy

Best Vampire
Cassandra Carnivale
Runner Up: Maeve

Best Witch
Bree Ravencroft
Runner Up: Lucius Dalca

Best Demon
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Atom Noire

Best Overall Character
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Jameson Orlav

Best New Character
Runner Up: Rhiannon McKay

Most Promising Character
Runner Up: Rhiannon McKay

Most Original Name
Hadli Mercer
Runner Up: Aziz Al Saqr

Most Original Character
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Cassandra Carnivale

Most Terrifying Character
Julian Montgomery
Runner Up: Spring Summers

Friendliest Character
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Lilly Emperium

Most Helpful
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Saddest Death
Victor Lockheed
Runner Up: Malek

Best Baddie
Runner Up: Spring Summers

Best Writer
Runner Up: Julian Montgomery

Most Improved Writer
Ella Donovan
Runner Up: Kiernan Tigra

Best Character Background
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Camille Rameau & Ciaran Boru

Best Bio
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best Roleplay
Long Live the Reckless
Spring Summers, Mackenzie, Victor Lockheed
Runner Up: Off we go, into the wild, BLUE yonder
Julian Montgomery & Friends

Most Envied
Runner Up: Caitlyn Darrow

Most Adored
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Elouise Orlav

Best Moment
Tabloid War between Death and
Style and That Girl
Runner Up: Achieving a new rank

Saddest Moment
The Falling of After Dark
Runner Up: Death of Death & Style and That Girl

Best Couple
Mackenzie and Solomon King
Runner Up: Cassandra Carnivale & Kenpai

Catchiest Profile Quote
Kiernan Tigra
Runner Up: Kenpai & Winter Summers

Biggest Addict
Elouise Orlav
Runner Up: Autumn Summers

Sexiest Man
Solomon King
Runner Up: Matthew Boru

Sexiest Woman
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best 70s Pornstache
Solomon King
Runner Up: Spring Summers

Realm Robin Hood
Runner Up: vamp-goku

Realm Batman
Runner Up: Jack Horton

Best Beard
Solomon King
Runner Up: Jason Reindhart

Biggest Kahuna
Runner Up: Gray Taylor

Realm Lush
Elouise Orlav
Runner Up: Cassandra Carnivale

Realm Houdini
Runner Up: Quinn Loche

Best Suit
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Jameson Orlav

Most Eligible Bachelor
Lucius Dalca
Runner Up: Solomon King

Most Eligible Bachelorette
Runner Up: Caitlyn Darrow

Realm Longbottom
Autumn Summers
Runner Up: Gray Taylor & Cole Ward

Best Elder
Runner Up: Dr Van Helsing
June 02, 2017 09:24 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Congrats to all winners and runner ups.  yes

June 02, 2017 09:42 pm

Kiernan Tigra

Oh! I genuinely wasn't expecting any recognition. Thank you folks! I'm honoured! Seriously!

In Character:

Kiernan glanced at Cersei's email expecting it to contain nothing relevant to him due to his tendency to keep to himself over the past few years. After a moment, he did a double take as he noticed his name on the list twice, and in first on one section no less. "Well that's different!" He murmured to himself with more than a bit of satisfaction. Talking to his computer as if the NSA were watching through the camera, he smiled and bowed his head slightly. "For what it's worth, thank you folks. It's nice to know I'm not alone." With a wink, he closed his laptop to head out for a few errands he needed to handle.
June 02, 2017 09:49 pm

Kristian Mcloud

Crown Grats to all!!!! June 03, 2017 04:16 pm

Azazelle Ixielle


until next time! :)

June 28, 2017 05:03 pm
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