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Elis Griffyn

Jazz had to be Elis’ favourite style of music. For every instrument he’d heard, for every rhythm he’d moved to over the many, many years of his existence, nothing hit his heart in quite the same way as Jazz.

He’d been there at it’s conception as a public form of entertainment, right here on the streets of New Orleans as the music had moved from the slave fields to the bars and clubs. Right at that moment where you could feel the change in the air, and breath in the smells of this incredible city.

Of all the towns in the United States of America, New Orleans was one of his very favourites. It held nothing but good memories for him, which was saying a lot. No bad had come to him here, no deaths, no loss, nothing but the incredible food, the breathtaking, high energy music and the welcoming, humble people.

So while he was in the country on other business, it made sense to swing by and soak up a little happiness and sunshine.

For the morning, Elis lost himself within he French Quarter and found himself a little disappointed at the severe lack of, well, French. In fact, the more he explored this once familiar scene, he noticed just how much had changed. Sure, there was still a glowing hold of its history within the buildings and store fronts, but the people had changed, the atmosphere had shifted. It didn’t even smell right anymore. What had once been a city thick with the taste of food and cigar smoke was now dulled by the stench of technology, of car exhausts and stress.

Had New Orleans simply become Any Town, USA?

With a huff, he looked up at the bright, blue Louisiana sky and muttered nonsense to himself in French, cursing himself for expecting anything else. All around him the crowds continued to bustle, the tourists and locals alike all lost to mobile phones and sickly sweet coffees. Somewhere, if he just focused hard enough, he’d surely hear the faint sounds of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. Surely the deep-soaked history had to still exist somewhere?

But when he opened his eyes again and fell back into reality, all he could see was a Starbucks and a large gathering of tourists in matching t-shirts.

Elis had seen culture change over the last few millennia. He’d seen entire civilisations crumble and new worlds built upon the ashes. But nothing had been as heartbreaking and disappointing at the last few hundred years. Change was slowly being less ‘for the good’ and more ‘for the lazy’, and he wondered how much further it could go before enough was enough.

And then he turned on his heel, swore to himself and walked smack bang into the first person to cross his path.

August 21, 2017 05:28 pm

Ella Donovan

New Orleans had thrived with enigmatic energy when she was first swept into its embrace. Mostly it was because James had given her specific orders. Orders that later formed Valar Morghulis. Ironic in nature, because all men did die. A few dozen in fact planted into the Earth of her sanctuary, and a handful more hidden in the basement. Her unaltered loyalty to Jameson Orlav's secrets was unnerving. Because a woman like Ella had no commitment nerves in her humanoid body.

This humid day started off as any other mundane day. Except when the wife showed up, and Ella huddled into the bathroom watching from the keyhole. The noise of the tourists made a crack against the bathroom window, as she worked her arms to slide it open. The b@stard in the other room was trying to explain how he lost his wedding ring.

The epilogue was simple. Ella stole it to add to her collection. She was partially clothed with her shoes in hand when she descended into the crowd of the French Quarter. Seemingly not to mind the skeptical and questionable looks she got. Nor did it bother her the slurs or the occasional whispered 'wh0re'. Slender digits moved up to unhook the platinum gold chain around her neck. A gaggle of different colored rings on the chain.

The one from this morning even had a non-original inscription. 'For my one true love. Nancy' Bet Nancy didn't feel the same way anymore. Low key she had sent the incriminating evidence to the wife to get her lover caught. Usually the bull didn't come charging until Ella was finished with her fun. Damnit Nancy.

She had reattached her shoes and spat out the tangled ginger knots that stealthily made it into her mouth. Nothing else could go eerie. The Solar Eclipse wasn't supposed to happen yet. Was it a full moon tonight? Her steps paused occasionally in front of a musician transient on the street. Admiring what she could hear over the squawking of the tourists.

Ella was a horrible den mother. Almost every day she forgot that the people at the sanctuary had to eat to. However New Orleans during the day, at this hour gave her a headache. It truly was a magical place once the sun set. Her mind was crowded with her duties, and trying to pick out her next target with the tourist families.

It was fun and boringly easy to hook away D!ck from Jane. Lost within her own self-centered mind, she bumped harshly into a man she hadn't seen before. Quickly her liquid blue hues flicker downward to his ring finger. Before she offered a charismatic apologetic smile she could muster.

"Eek! Are you alright?" She found herself yelling over the bustle of mortals around them. Silently thanking fate that he wasn't wearing a stupid ''Hug me!'' t-shirt, or one that held a silhouette of the harbor. Extra brownie points for not wearing an out-dated Mardi Gras shirt with topless woman in masks.
August 23, 2017 12:27 am

Elis Griffyn


Elis brushed himself off, though nothing actually needed brushing, and he instantly regretted the decision. Did it look rude? Probably. But it was habit - the brushing, not the rudeness. On the whole, Elis was completely charming in every way.


And sometimes a little bit blunt.

He took a moment too look her over, and hadn’t missed the flicker of her eyes, though he wasn’t sure exactly where she was looking. His hands? His wrist? Was she eyeing up his watch? He dropped both arms and brought his hands before him, cupping fingers over the Breitling.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going at all. I was desperate for a coffee and all I can find are these damn chains that wouldn’t know good coffee if it bit them in the a…are you local?”

His eyes were drawn to the chain around her neck. Gold. He’s never been a massive fan of it. And mostly, if he did wear jewellery, he purposely chose silver to throw people off the scent. Though no one ever suspected him of being a vampire, you could never be too careful. He made a point to continue human activities as much as possible - walking in the sun, eating, growing and removing hair from his head and face enough to prove he wasn’t simply ‘frozen in time’. No. Elis was completely human aside from the fact that he wasn’t. At all. But that was a story for another time.

Back to the woman. He inhaled her slightly, trying to figure her out and came up empty handed. Recently he’d done this a lot, investigated those he met, trying to work out who or what they were. There was a revival of evil of late. More vampires, werewolves and other spookies than he’d seen for a few hundred years. There was no harm in being cautious.

But all he got from her was a slight sweat indicating a sudden rush, possibly of adrenaline, and, he breathed in again, hints of something though not part of her. She knew the eeries, that was for sure. But he didn’t believe her to be one of them.

“Can you suggest anywhere?”
August 23, 2017 01:54 pm

Ella Donovan

Ella blinked at the man and found herself squinting to try to find exactly what had brushed off of him. She became so invested and honed in on this that she almost didn't hear his comeback inquiry.

"Oh, yes. Quite alright. It's bound to happen..Especially this part."

He covered his watch. Did he think she was going to mug him? Welcome to New Orleans where Breitling is worth 100 pounds of Cocaine. Would that increase the tourism rate? What was it about this man that made her mind skid around nonsense in her head.

"Are you sure you don't want.. Starbucks? Dutch Brothers?" A quaint laugh left her lips at the question. Almost every person that had passed them and given them no attention had their hands wrapped around a perfect franchise coffee.

Local? The term was far fetched, but she was much more local than any other present company. "I moved here a few years ago for my boyfriend." It was a partial lie. James would always be her boyfriend, they were made for each other.

"Where are you from?" Ella decided that the man was preferable company so she didn't have to fight the current of pedestrians touring her city. Nothing blared warning signs of the man to her. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a man with a nice watch lost in a sea of Starbucks.

Offering him another one of her charming smiles, she tucked a few strands behind her ear. "I know a place where the coffee stains your mouth into a putrid yellow portrait. Follow me. It's hidden away from the lemmings, and if you listen faintly you can hear the sound of a basic b-tch dying of agony. After being denied her Unicorn Frappuccino." Marrying her fingers together she gave him the telltale signal to follow her through the tide.

Maybe she would meet her next married victim there.

August 31, 2017 10:04 pm

Elis Griffyn

“Here, there and everywhere.” he offered up in reply to her query and followed her as she led the way. What had started as a directionless wander on his part was now an expedition with a complete stranger. But wasn’t this always the way an adventure started? And Elis was nothing if not one for adventure.

So he matched her pace and smiled that intoxicating smile of his to her coffee comments, despite having no idea what half the things she noticed meant. Unicorn Frappuccino? Basic B!tch? No idea.

“Big move, coming here for someone. Where were you from originally”

He slipped a hand into his inner jacket pocket and produced a cigarette, planting it between his lips and they continued to walk and small talk. He had a habit of talking with the filter still held tight in his mouth, giving his speech a slight muffled hint.

“I appreciate the mini tour though. Had you simply given me directions, I’m sure I’d have gotten lost. I’m Elis by the way.”

When in the presence of a mortal, of which he was sure he was, Elis often had fun in playing a new role with lies of his name, nature and purpose. And he’d have done the same here, had it not been for that faint scent of something supernatural about her. While it might make sense to many to lie when in the face of ‘the enemy’, Elis knew better. He’d not lie, he’d simply be vague. Vague was easy and didn’t get you into as much sh!t when the wrong people brought you into discussion and a variety of untruths came to light.
September 01, 2017 03:33 pm

Ella Donovan

Ella snorts at his expression and stifles a short chuckle. 'Here, there and everywhere' sounded like somewhere between Bvtt Fvck, Egypt & A quarter mile past monkey balls. She found herself unable to hide her general snicker at her own thoughts. She thought his smile was nice, and didn't even take notice that he had zero idea what she was blabbering on about.

"Here, there and everywhere." She recycles his answer with a laugh. "My last residence was in Moscow, and before that it depends on the expedition." She swerved and turned abruptly, but paused to make sure he was still able to follow her bizarre maneuvers. Obviously, she wasn't used to leading people places. But it was strangely refreshing to be leading a tourist somewhere. As far as Ella was concerned he didn't give off any sort of

"You probably would have found it by GPS? I'm guessing you have GPS." She shrugs her shoulders, but smiles brightly at his name.

"Elis." She gives it a try, and gestures to her chest. "I'm Ella. It seems our parents would agree on simplicity." Finally, they reach a door of rotted wood but the scent of coffee instantly drowns the senses. "Are you visiting here for long?" Ella inquired as she gave the door a swift kick, turned the knob both ways, and flung open the door with a slam. The door vibrated from the hinges, and surprisingly stayed in place.

Soft chatter spews from the rickety cafe. Most of the small flimsy wooden table and chairs are full of elderly souls with their newspaper. They sit with their coffee, cursing the Generation X, and giving their heads a small shake of disapproval at everyone's favorite orange uncle on the cover.
September 10, 2017 10:58 am

Elis Griffyn

'It seems our parents would agree on simplicity’

Elis smiled to himself. And while the act may have come across as agreement to her observation, it was completely the opposite. Elis had not been named by his parents. In fact, Elis had had no name for the first few years of his life, as was the tradition of his time and tribe. And when he had finally gained a name, it had been at the agreement of the entire fold, and not of those who brought him into the world. They say it takes a village to raise a child and in his time, it was exactly that. Infancy was not a joy but a challenge. So few made it past four or five and of those who did, the fight to their twenties was again another battle. By twenty-seven, not only did Elis have a family, his own children and theirs to protect, he also had the entire tribe under his care. Times were different back then…just as they were now as he walked the streets of New Orleans with a rather interesting woman.

Why did the hint of darkness cling to her so? She obviously ran with wolves, vampires and those not of this mortal plane. It was the only explanation. And as they continued to walk, his brain worked overtime trying to figure out all the possible reasons for this to be the case.

So lost was he in his thoughts that he momentarily missed her query and had to back track to remember what she’s said. And just as they moved into the coffee shop, he looked to her and smiled once more.

“I have no plans. I’m here for as little or as long as I need to be.”

It was uncommon, he knew, for someone his supposed age to be able to play with their time so freely without being a billionaire app designer or heir to old money. He’s wait to see if she questioned further, and was already producing his wallet, as they approached the awaiting barista.

“On me. The least I can do for the unprecedented tour, Ella. I hope I’m not stealing you away from anything important.”
September 11, 2017 02:18 pm

Ella Donovan

Ignorance is bliss. As far as Ella is considered she believes him to agree with her sentiment. Truth be told, was her real name even Ella? This second it was and she wasn't wise to any other possibilities. She catches herself become occupied with trying to zone in a spot where they could sit comfortably. A spot that may or may not put her in close proximity of a promising married prey.

Her smile falters for a rapid millisecond at the mention of his timing. It was odd. Ella quietly mulled over how to ask with her charm, and not make a complete donkey out of herself. Finally she finds the words, anything to turn away from the barista with the curtain of chemical Fuchsia mistakenly applied to her teeth. She had seen the woman rock some stained canary teeth before.

"You didn't purchase a round trip? Are you in general construction work?" It's the only thing she could think of that made a penny of sense.

Ella almost snorts at the mention of stealing her from anything important. "Are you sure? Well, thank you. Oh, nothing pressing. Just doing my walk of gluttonous shame. " She orders black coffee with no cream or sugar unwittingly to match her aura. The smile across her lips grows into a Cheshire grin. She gets an idea as the barista works on the coffee, and turns to stare him dead in the eye. "There's a plastic bin that has some outdated maps. Most have obscene artwork drawn on them, but I can mark a few places for you to visit." If memory served her right there was a giant d-ck swimming in the harbor of those maps.

Minor detail she didn't disclose. " Do you want to sit and have a chat over the coffee?" Ella asked and started to slide her finger over the talisman across her neck.

September 13, 2017 12:21 am

Elis Griffyn

Elis chuckled. Construction? No, he thought. But he had been. More than once. He’d helped to erect some of the most beautiful buildings across the globe, and had seen to many a destruction too. But without better research, he wasn’t about to dive into a false backstory when it could so easily be torn apart by a local like Ella.

So instead, having ordered the same, he formulates a white lie as a nod agrees to sit them somewhere to chat.

“No return ticket. No work. I just wanted to get away for a while and financial circumstances made it possible. So I booked a ticket, jumped on a plane and here I am in New Orleans. I haven’t been here for the longest time and I’m afraid my memory of the place is a little faded and, well, dated by the looks of all of those chains outside. I’m sure it wasn’t this bad when last I was here.”

His body had seen over twenty-five-hundred years. And as a mortal, his build and completion had worn and freckled under scorching sunlight and manual labour for the majority of his twenty-eight years, making it hard for many to figure out his exact age. But even if she assumed him to be a few years older that what he should, he still needed to watch himself. By admitting that he’d been here before, he was giving himself a short time period to ‘forget’ so much about the city. In truth, it had been closer to one-hundred years…but she didn’t need to know that.

Instead, he took ahold of both of their coffees and nodded for her to lead the way, aware of her faltering attention, with notes on how she fiddled, how her eyes flitted to others and how her fingers played against jewellery.

“So tell me more about this walk of shame…”
September 14, 2017 04:11 am

Ella Donovan

What a peculiar man. Ella continued to think as she walked with him towards the table. She found herself in an uncanny whirlwind of curiosity and envy. To be able to just leave and flock somewhere with no worry of return. A girl could dream of a life like that someday. 

In her mind, she played a perplexed game of volley with asking more questions. The redhead had different methods of abstracting information. But those ways wouldn't help her here with Elis. "I'm envious that you have freedom to do that. New Orleans must have made an impression on you last time." The last bit of her words could be misconstrued that she had actually asked a question instead of making a statement. 

She turns to take back hold of her coffee, and sits down on the worn wooden chair. A devious grin crosses her lips. If there was one thing about Ella , she didn't care who knew about her escapades. Odd enough it seemed men actually responded better once they knew she was trouble. 

"Oh, that. I was seeing an older man. He was enlightening, but he was also separated. You know that's what they always say. The favorite line. We agreed to spend the night together, but you see this morning his wife came home. I slipped out a bathroom window, but..." She trails and picks a ring on the chain around her necklace. "He's missing his wedding ring, now."

Her eyes glisten with mischief, finding solace only when the rim of the cup blocks their direct beam."How about you? Surely you've had a walk of shame before?"

Now, he didn't need to know Ella Donovan took a walk of shame every day.

September 19, 2017 02:29 am

Elis Griffyn

“I see…so you’re something of a Magpie then?” he smirked, his eyes drawn to her fingers and the flicker of the artificial lighting against precious metal. He was sure that the missing ring would be the last of the mans worries given the return of his ‘estranged’ wife. And the thought caused Elis to chuckle. After all, as she seemed to assume, he too had found himself in similar situations in his time. And if she had a week or two, he could go into detail of many a romantic escapade.

Could the odd supernatural scent that clung to her have simply come from a one night stand? Elis took hold of his coffee and swallowed a long, slow sip as he leaned forward a little, closing the gap and allowing him to better breathe her in.

No, he thought. This was ingrained. And if she wasn’t supernatural herself, he was convinced she ran in their circles. A member of a crew, maybe? Possible a leader? Or maybe this boyfriend was of the undead variety? There was definitely more of a vampiric odour than wolf.

He put down his cup and took in a deep breath through a toothy, wide grin, leaning back in his chair.

“I’d say there’s been one or two, yes. And many angry husbands, wives and fathers in the process. But as long as it’s all mutual, I don’t see the harm. Well, unless the ‘other half’ comes home and catches you in the act. That’s just unfortunate. But as long as both parties are agreeable and willing…” he trailed off with a raise of his eyebrows and a shrug.

Without thinking, his hand went to reach for his cigarettes. But he caught himself in time and instead used the movement to lazily scratch at the stumble on his jaw. Had he been alone, or had his companion been one of the few to know his secret, he’d have lit up and used his vampire mumbo-jumobo to simply convince the cafe clientele that they didn’t see a thing. But Ella was a stranger to him. He knew nothing about her and she emitted the scent of curious danger. So best to continue to act as human as he could and be good. So he instead reached across the table, grabbed the sugar dispenser and poured a few teaspoons worth into his coffee, stirring it with a wooden stick from a cupful to his left.

“I remember one time with…a certain member of a royal family. We disappeared off into the country for a week, spent the whole time getting lost in the woodlands, swimming naked in the lakes and, well…you know. Caused no end of panic back home. ‘Kidnap!’ they cried. ‘Abduction!’. And I was clueless. I thought arrangements had been made. Needless to say that upon our return I had to make a swift exit from the city. Pure panic at the time…but now I look back, I can’t help but smile.”

Edward II. The Peak District. 1304.

…but again, she didn’t need to know that.
September 19, 2017 02:25 pm

Ella Donovan

Ella snickers, "Magpie? I've been called many things, but that's not one of them." She wouldn't own up to the fact that she had an urban dictionary bookmarked on her phone to figure out some of the slang. A Magpie could have been taken either way. Either he was calling her intelligent or a leech. There wasn't a reflection to guide the affinity of a cheater. Everyone cheated. Everyone lied. Everyone at one point in time pictured a different lover in the throes of passion. That's the name of the mediocre game of life.

Discreetly she was hoping he wasn't the self-righteous types. The kind that would toss that hot coffee into her place and get defensive about their flaws. Once in a regal stance, she had relaxed with into a slouch riddled with appeasement. There was something about Elis that made her want to tell him everything. As if she had known him before, but that wasn't tenable.

Ah, so he wasn't completely like her. "I've never ran into parents. Thank God." She wasn't a religious type, but she pictured Jameson for some ungodly reason when she thanked the Holy Ghost. This image causes her to sputter on the coffee she's drinking, but she ignores the attack of steam against her face. Using the hot cup of coffee to keep her hands warm. Not like her hands were going to get busy doing something else at this precise time.

Did he just say "Royal Family"?

Ella draws herself in closer to hear. Half the stubs on the wooden chair are kicked up into the air. The other two stubs planted harsh into the worn hardwood floor with a telling squeak. Not one single breath escapes her while he recalls the past. One of her hands lifts from the cup to support her chin. Invested into every small detail, her psych engraved thereafter.

Until an abnormal elongated breath takes place and she speaks, "That's scandalous. It sounds like a delightful time. Who was it with?" Azure eyes filled to the brim with intrigue at his answer.

Quietly she retraces her scandals in her jaded thoughts. "I think the closest to that scenario was when I dated a married man that was within Parliament. But there weren't any alarms going off there. I'll never picture Big Ben the same again. It only lasted a couple of nights." She pulls her brows together in contemplation. What ever happened to him?

"I believe he sees my mother now." This information is nonchalant in her tone, like if she were explaining the weather or something of equal middling detail. Her shoulders lift into a gentle shrug. A quick shake of her head to get rid of the dull memories. Sometimes, they didn't even feel real to her.

"Are you planning on any romantic escapades while you're here? There a few local places where singles seem to flock to."
September 23, 2017 01:56 am

Elis Griffyn

“Who was it with? Ella, you know I can’t tell you names. Besides, it’s more fun to keep you guessing.”

Elis takes a sip of his coffee, feeling the warm, caffeinated steam cross his nose as he breathes it in contentedly.

Ella goes on and he noes appropriately, smiling when smiles and due and finally replaces his mug to the table surface.

“I don’t believe in planning such things. It only causes disappointment. I’m less of a hunter, more of a…a…” he knits his brow, trying to find the right word to complete his lie. Of course he was a hunter, he was a damned vampire. But when it came to encounters of the more romantic kind, he tended to simply take what was given and put very little effort in unless he felt he would benefit from the ordeal. “…let’s just say I’m more likely to let them come to me than I to them.”

Damn, he wanted a cigarette. And he knew he only wanted it because he couldn’t have one. Elis wasn’t one for addictions. He’d pretty much cracked the bloodlust, he found no great chemical pleasure from cigarettes and alcohol unless consumed at a vastly unrealistic rate over a short period of time. And he’d never been one for drugs since he and Arthur had lost a week to an opium den.

“Tell me more about your boyfriend.” he enquired, hoping he’d gage once and for all where this woman stood within the realm of those that go bump in the night. “Sell him too me…so to speak.”
September 23, 2017 07:35 pm

Ella Donovan

Guess is exactly what she did. She relinquished to the one-sided game of Guess Who in the back of her mind. Elis Griffyn was an enigma. One that she might just be stubborn enough to figure out. 

"I see. So, you like to be the one baited and hooked?" Interesting. She was giving herself a figurative pat on the back that she had taken the route she did from that hotel window. Or else she may not have encountered Elis.

He asks the magic question. Ella brings her mug to her lips and consumes the rest of the coffee, before she sets the empty mug down with an expected wobble.

"He is.." He wouldn't take it right if any of these other patrons sought him out. So she had to be calculating about her answers. "Introverted." Vampire in my basement. She takes a deep breath as her eyes change to reflect her worship. "Sell him to you? Well."

The delirium switches the corner of her lips upward into a smirk of exaltation. "He's brilliant. I've never met anyone on his level of cleverness. He's crafty likes to question different hypothesis & theories." Sure, he tortures people in the basement now. Her head tilts to the side slowly in blinded devotion. The words were written between the lines, the way her voice shifts.

However, the luminosity adoration was hard to ignore. "He's financially stable for the both of us. He used to do more work in Moscow,but his branch here in New Orleans is what was more important." He used to run a sanctuary, but he now runs a coven in my basement.

"He's into health and fitness. He goes through vigorous training and enjoys a well-balanced gluten free diet." Ella sighs longingly "He's perfect." She's clearly obsessed and set to be cast in the remake of Fatal Attraction.

"New Orleans. It's a magical place."

October 01, 2017 01:59 pm

Elis Griffyn

“Less baited and hooked, more the glorious sun that all other planets orbit, drawn in by the magnified glow of my charming smile” he replied, grinning widely with a wink before taking another sip of coffee as she continues to swoon over her boyfriend.

Brilliant, clever, stable. He sounded like a boring nerd and Elis chuckled to himself, though managed to time it to fit perfectly with her sigh.

“Nobody is perfect…though if you believe him to be, that’s surely all that matters. Though it does, well, no.” he purses his lips and shakes his head, looking back into the dregs of his mug. He takes the moment to reword the statement that lingered on his tongue.

“He doesn’t mind your escapades with married, older men then?” he enquired as he cleared the contents of the mug and placed it with precision upon the table surface. He’d tried to draw it out as long as possible, for while she’d agreed to a thank you coffee, Elis assumed she’d leave when they were through. And he was far more interested in talking to her than wandering the streets alone. he could do that anytime, but when was he likely to stumble across such an intriguing character again?

“Or do you have an open relationship?” he held his breath for a moment and then laughed, holding up a hand in protest. “Not a request, just a curiosity. Though, well now I’m sounding rude, aren’t I? What I mean to say is that I’m simply asking…and not requiring for my own, personal gain.” Even when he stumbled on his words, he somehow managed to sound like each and every sentence was planned. And usually they were, right down to the nuances in his speech and the facial expressions to match.

He leaned a little closer across the table and winked. “Or does he not know?”
October 01, 2017 02:15 pm
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