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Ella Donovan

The trip to New York was for her own pleasure at first. That is until her mother got wind of the trip, and sent her some files on a Cryptid that she could easily scope out. Mixing business with euphoria is what she was born to do. Except she hadn't thought her mother would gather a forum together so quickly. In the plane she surveyed the small file of notes in front of her.

"20 feet serpent, thick as a barrel..head like a horse." She chewed on the tip of the ball point blue pen as she scribbled additional facts down. 1819 - 187 feet long. Ella snorted loudly as she reread over the length and caused her neighbor on the flight to cast daggers in her direction. Eyes the color of peeled onions. Could it be possible that Elouise was immortal? Suddenly she felt a cold front enveloped her petite form, and she beckoned a flight attendant to bring a blanket for her aid.

Mysterious alligatorlike tracks. It seems she might have to call in a few favors to get the notes of Elizabeth or Hall. Gar? Crocodylidae? Ella closed her book of notes as the plane dove downwards to land in New York City. The small somersault her stomach took knowing that James and her would reunite sometime soon.

The flight gave her ammunition for the small conference held at a business center not far from airport. She packed light in anticipation of not needing much clothes, and if she ran out there was always provocative improvising. Ella clutched onto the strap of the gym bag, after shoving her notes inside of it. Her phone lit up that her mother had been held up in London.

After the first minutes of playing coy mind games with the married men in the terminal, she was bored as f-ck. Some brilliant bright light reflected off the pilot's ring finger. He gave her a once over and smirked.

Tendrils of flaming red were pinned up so the wave of curls consumed to left side of her body. Her tresses swayed typically across her lower back. The shirt she chose to wear barely had a back to it, and the front just as absent.

No needed effort on Ella's part wasted as he pocketed his wedding ring and motioned for her to accompany him to his hotel room where he would nap.

It kept her amusement for the couple of hours needed for Tiffany Donovan to land. She changed into a more presentable outfit, still with a deep v-neck to lift her girls just the way she needed it. The mother-daughter pair exchanged their snack stories on their way into the forum.

It was quick and painless. Truthfully, it was so hot Lucifer would have sweated the North Pole from his armpit. She hadn't been met with such skepticism, and being the Other Woman that spoke volumes. By the end of it she swore that she would deliver the creature Champ in a week, or it would be archived as a creature that didn't exist at all.

Ella took in a deep breath after she escaped the business center, and stared up at the New York sky. Her mother would be busy with their joint arrangements, but she never had to worry about where she spent the night. Or with whom she spent her early mornings with.

What was Lloyd up to? She checked his address and noticed that it wouldn't take her long at all to meet up. After discussing her goal for the night, she disconnected from the paparazzi and the uptight melting businessmen. A small little liquor store stop for some much needed aid. Then she connected with an Uber driver, and plopped down into the back seat of the car.

The Uber driver pulled up in front of the business like apartments. Before she got out of the car she made sure the Uber driver was single. He was. Not her type to deal with at all. A devious smile spread across her lips as she started up the minimal steps of the entranceway. Already she had notified him she would be in his proximity in ten minutes. Everything would be aligned tonight.

Ella Donovan had a date with a married lawyer, and tonight would be the night she sealed the deal. Tonight, Lloyd Darrow will be hers.

August 22, 2017 11:35 pm

Lloyd R Darrow

Lloyd was otherwise occupied. As was custom on any week-end evening, Lloyd was attending a gala – sans Caitlyn as she was at home with the boys, both under the weather. It wasn’t as if he would have brought her along. He was a notoriously private person, and he preferred to keep his marriage and family separate from the work he performed.

And with work, often came play.

His prey of the evening was the daughter of diamond mogul – heiress to a fortune built on the backs of indigenous peoples and their sacrificed lives. Blood diamonds. It was enough of an incentive for Lloyd to strike her down.

She was easy enough to seduce. A few martinis and she was three sheets to the wind. He wondered at her behavior – a 21 year old, happily and publicly carrying-on with an older, married lawyer. He would not be the one judged, as decorum dictated he leave without her on his arm. Still, her address was scrawled sloppily across his palm.

With the assumption being he would return home to his wife (and with Caitlyn serving as a dauntless alibi), Lloyd Darrow would show face to her penthouse not 30 minutes later. Like a flip switched, he was engaging, seductive, and inevitably, her death took her by surprise. He would rend her flesh to the bone, absolutely massacring her corpse. Her blood plastered his bare skin and the expensive silk of her white sheets.

It took him well over an hour to fade back into a recognizably human form – taking his time in using her shower to rinse her blood away. He ensured there was no a trace of his DNA – and the man even left wearing the tuxedo that remained immaculately pressed and cleaned.

For a brief window of time, he had shed his inhibitions – lost control. He could pretend to feel guilt, sadness, remorse, but he wasn’t capable. His driver, Quintin, was paid top dollar to keep his mouth shut, and, well, drive. Just as Lloyd loaded himself into the backseat, a text flashed across his screen.




Ella Donovan. The most sardonic of smirks grew on his lips. The evening was only growing more and more interesting with each passing minute. Rather than reply to her, he swipes away and taps a non-committal reply to Caitlyn about his ETA. He kept his apartment in Manhattan for occasions such as this – liaisons he preferred Caitlyn wasn’t privy to.

He gave the operative command to Quintin and sat back, knowing he’d be arriving only minutes before her. He knew the apartment was always kept immaculately clean – free from the tampering of tiny hands and their mess-prone ways. It was the way Lloyd preferred it, a minimalist style, neutral tones. Natural light, and open space.

It kept him at ease. And now that was all about to change as he permitted a fox into his hen house. Do as she may, when the front desk security notified him of her arrival, Lloyd accepted her entrance.

Perhaps it was boredom, or ulterior motive. But Lloyd Darrow was feeling suspiciously contrary.

October 27, 2017 08:07 pm
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