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Caitlyn Darrow

There she stood in the petit black cloth dress that went to her knees. Blue-green eyes widened and glanced around the chapel with newfound awe. Her tiny hand delicately tugged by a tall man that stood between her twin and herself. The man's expression was hard to read, but he pushed forward with his daughters down the aisle. Caitlyn's innocent eyes focused on the rest of the guests and not on the platform in front of them.

"Daddy, why are they crying?" She asked and instinctively tried to untangle from his grasp to help them. His strength wouldn't waiver and he whispered a stern command for her to stay at his side. Both girls noticed the golden hair woman in the coffin. Their reactions differ. Sarah starts bawling instantly with more understanding of the situation. Caitlyn tries to tug her father closer to the coffin.

"Daddy, can I take a nap with mommy?" She starts to chatter, and taken aback his grip on her subsides. The girl waddles to the coffin and curls her fingers around the oak to take a peek.

"Mommy?" The tips of her small black heels teeter and she touches the flesh of the corpse. She gasps at the hollow coldness of the body, and instantly tries to climb into the coffin herself. Before she can get one tiny leg over the side, strong hands close around her waist and pulls her away.

"No. Caitlyn." The dominant voice of her father croaks, as he glares down at the oblivious little girl. Water fills Caitlyn's eyes to the brim as tears drop down her cheek.

"But..but daddy. Mommy's cold. Her needs a hug." She insists with a high pitched shriek. Her hands grasping at the air as if she hopes magically her mother will pluck her into a hearty embrace. It doesn't happen, and later when they lowered the coffin into the ground.

"When is mommy coming back?" The question sputters outwards between heart wrenching sobs.

Never. The simple answer was never.

The beast inside her refused to let her forget. Caitlyn paces in front of the mirror, and the monster inside her rattles off unhinged. You could have ended up just like mother. The guttural laugh inside her head causes her to take a giant step closer to the stainless silver sink. Cupping her hands underneath the faucet she splashes her face. The cloud of air that exhumes from her lips fogs the mirror. Within the fog she can see with clarity the hound staring back at her. Control had trickled down to the haunted persona.

It whispered and coiled around her self doubts. Lloyd couldn't see her like this. After the nozzle is turned counter clockwise, and she ensures no other water escapes. Just as the ginger turns to exit, abruptly she connects her fist into her reflection.

Stupid Girl. The beast growls. Caitlyn grabs a hand towel and wraps it around her hand. The throbbing sensation gives her hope that she isn't lost. The shards of humanity cling to the shards of glass that cracked and dug their way into her bloodstream. She exits the washing room and starts to move robotic in packing a bag for the boys.

Crimson sweats from the hand towel onto the bag. She grumbles and finds something tighter to wrap around her first. Then it came down to rounding up the boys for their sleepover. Noah chatters off a question every second, while Rigsby fusses at her not a fan of them leaving. His dwarf legs flaiing in synch with his small arms.

They wouldn't be far. She had Jack tucked into one of the bags. They impose on chateau Julliet's room, and she sets the bag down. Her hand almost completely healed by now, except for a jagged mold of irritated red flesh.  Noah points and makes a remark before he scampers off to play with his Lego’s.  Caitlyn gives Julliet a look best described as ‘we will discuss this later’.  But then Jack happens and the night turned to laughter and nostalgia.  

The clank of the ice in the glass makes her laugh whole-heartedly and the remnants of the overprotective hound were just the red lightning bolt slashes across her knuckles.  Caitlyn doesn’t know when she fell asleep in Julliet’s home, but in her dreams she hears a familiar voice whispering to her.

“This way, Cait. Come this way.”  Caitlyn can see her now. Hair of gold and eyes of ice. If someone looked at those features they would assume it was her twin Sarah, but the angelic smile across the woman’s lips stamped her as Caitlyn’s mother. She never learned her lesson, and carelessly she runs towards the figure.

She’s here. Her mother is here. Unbeknownst to her, the soothing breathing pattern become more erratic. The heart enclosed in her being stops for a splinter of a second.

Caitlyn opens her eyes and instantly becomes disturbed at her surroundings.  There’s complete silence. Not even the sound of leaves fluttering over the dead grass around her form. She looks up to see the overcast sky. Her brows furrow bemused as she takes in the eerie place where she awoke. “Julliet?”  She whimpers and takes a step forward. In front of her the leaf crashes under her shoe, but even then there isn’t any sound from the minimal movement.

"Julliet?"  At this point she wasn't even sure if her own voice carried a tun.

September 19, 2017 01:00 am

Julliet Swan

A small chip of paint seemed to call at Julliet’s attention. Maybe it was her OCD… or ADD? Her icy blue eyes stared at the plaque of white that taunted at her. Finally, her crimson painted fingernails tore the flap from the wall, now a bit more satisfied that all was flat again. But still, the disfigured tan spot sat in her peripheral view. To say the least, Julliet was taken a bit off guard at the only vaguely anticipated appearance of Caitlyn. Her eyes honed in on the hand she had wrapped, which had dampened the entire cloth that she held around her wound. The angel simply nodded her head at her friend’s silent communication and allowed the drinking to commence.


Maybe they needed to start curbing their binge drinking. Julliet’s eyes flashed open, which were greeted by a quiet grey sky. Dead autumn leaves surrounded her limp body spread across the dirt ground. Normally her head would be throbbing at a time like this, but strangely enough, she felt fine in that regard. As for the rest… she felt rather strange.  Then suddenly a shudder ran through her body, sending chills through her veins. The air she breathed began to grow stuffy and uncomfortable. What was this place?

Suddenly, Julliet’s alert eyes begin darting about, searching for Caitlyn. Would the woman even be here with her? Was she in some sort of self involved daze? Finally, the angel rises on to her feet, her boots sinking some into the dirt beneath her. It was then that a pit began to form in Julliet’s stomach.

 She had been here before.

”What the f*ck..” The angel despondently muttered to herself. Then she heard her name being called. Julliet’s excited heart fluttered as she began to follow the voice. ”Cait?!” She replied, growing hopeful at the possibility. Before she could notice, she was jogging in her selected direction. Finally, as she came upon a fat tree, Julliet caught a glimpse of familiar hair, and then that familiar face. “Cait!” She exclaimed, growing nearer by the second. Julliet took hold of Caitlyn’s shoulders in her palms, grabbing onto her form with some applied pressure.

Well, she wasn’t a ghost.

She caught sight of Caitlyn’s gaze, where they would each silently question what had landed them in this forsaken place. Julliet’s hands fell from Caitlyn, only to run her slender fingers nervously through her disheveled blonde locks. ”Are we asleep?” She asked, not confident that either of them could actually answer that question. Julliet’s blue hues returned their focus to the sky, which hardly presented with any movement. After a moment of gathering herself, the angel finally spoke again.

”I wouldn’t call this a bright side, but… I think I know where we are.”

September 22, 2017 10:28 am

Caitlyn Darrow

Between trying to carry her voice to call out for Julliet. She watched the overcast sky for a sign. The sign would come soon as the vision of another celestial's face painted the clouds above. Caitlyn sighed and slumped her shoulders as the figurine became invisible in the stormy sky above. Written with pale purple bolts of lightning in the clouds were the scribes. She didn't know what the symbols meant or if they were even for her to read. There was a foreboding placid feeling that quaked through her being.

She caught eyes on the tree and stalked closer to it. The bark was covered in fur, and after a look of astonishment she heard the trunk send off a sonic growl at her. Caitlyn stepped backwards and kept both hands waved to revisit her peaceful stance. Maybe they should mix Jack with another liquor next time, because this place was bizarre. That wasn't the only thing bothering her, something was amiss inside her. Before she could pinpoint it she felt the palms grab onto her shoulder.

And there Julliet was. "Julliet!" Unable to help herself she tries to poke Julliet's forehead. As if that would indeed once for all confirm if they were sleeping. Caitlyn scratched the side of her head at the question, and found herself looking around them again with a slow shrug. ĒAre we? Are we in each otherís dreams?Ē She took a few steps on the terrain and tilted her head to glance over from what she could see. Which was not much. The air was suffocating and stiff, and even though she could see in front of her. Itís almost as if this all didnít exist. Her eyes didnít want to believe the scenery around them.

A homebrew of anxiety mixed with adrenaline. Then relief washed over her when she heard Julliet say she knew where they might be.

ĒThank god. Where are we?Ē The slither of hope vanished as Caitlynís face drains. Blue-green hues widen in sight of behind Julliet, and shakily points in the sky behind them. A bat the size of the university stadium, and the wing length of ĎHoly f-ck thatís a big ass bat.í It triggered her to when she was the big pregnant pumpkin for Halloween and she can only manage a squeak of defiance.

Thatís when she comes to the slow realization that she didnít hear the magnetic flap of the beastís wings. Her beast wasnít turning somersaults to overpower her persona for the hunt. Itís almost as if her beast had abandoned her the minute she awoke in this uncanny Utopia.
October 06, 2017 01:25 am

Julliet Swan

It was clear that neither of the women were completely sure of the truth surrounding their current reality. But it came down to just that: it was their current reality. And they had to deal with it. Just as she could feel a wave of relief come over Caitlyn at Julliet’s revelation that she recognized their surroundings, Julliet filled with some anxiety.

”God is the last person you should be thanking. This is the devil’s work. This is purgatory.”

And with that introduction, they were nearly attacked by an inexplicably large animal gliding from the sky. Yeah, Julliet was pretty certain she was right. But still, the real question was why they were here. The angel chewed on her manicured nails for a moment before her bright blue eyes flickered up to Caitlyn. People don’t appear in purgatory for no reason at all. Julliet had cleared up all of her unfinished business the last time she was here… or so she presumed.

”Caitlyn, is there some unfinished business you need to take care of?” That was the only reason she could fathom. A strong gust of wind came through the trees suddenly, pushing along the dead leaves on the ground, as well as tearing off some new leaves from the shaking branches. Though, the breeze was not cool; it was warm. It was rather stifling here.

”If you can think of something… anything… please, tell me.” Julliet’s hands shifted down to hold onto Caitlyn’s. Her eyes grew a bit worried, yet there was still a glimmer of hope sitting at the very front of it all. After all, that was an angel’s job, wasn’t it? 

October 17, 2017 10:45 am
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