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Viral Undead -- answered


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Elouise Orlav

As players, we're often conscious of our actions, and know what's actionable, and what isn't. We remember to log in (or don't) before we go "red". We know not to mess with zombies purchased by crews unless we want to replace them (or face the consequences). Therefore, I think it's rather unfair that Viral Undead get to live outside of the rules everyone else abides by.

It seems like all they get to do is instigate without suffering the consequences, and I for one, can't support that. If you go red, I should be able to kill you. Your fault for not logging in. If you kill my zombies, or do anything else of just cause, I should be able to bounty you.

I find it silly they get to live above the "law" and behave however they like without any other player being able to do anything about it (within reason).

Mechanics aside, if you want to instigate, you have every right. Mischief is fun. But no one deserves a safety net.
September 19, 2017 04:40 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Amen. Death to the Virals *makes signs and sh*t* :D

September 19, 2017 05:59 pm

Camille Hammond

I understand that they were created as a chaotic element to help make things more 'exciting'. I think it's a cool idea. Red death I don't care about, big deal. But I find it frustrating that they're not susceptible to the same consequence that anyone else would be depending on their behavior. I think the majority of us are level headed, it's not like we're slinging bounties for no reason.. Usually (some people be cray, we all know that). I'd be interested to know if they have access to the same controls that the rest of us do. Can they bounty? Can they kill people who have gone inactive? If not, then fine. That's fair. But if so, that doesn't seem right.

p.s. I enjoy the game immensely, with or without the viral element. Just throwing my two cents in!
September 19, 2017 08:42 pm

Richard Cypher

Just my 2 cents the Virals are here to RP they don't rank very high I believe on rank 4. They can't be killed because its was a set up by the creators of BL. Just like the Judges. As for your comment Elouise about Bountying them because of killing your Zombies I do believe it states when the Zombies are Created "ē It is not guaranteed that you will get the kill for the zombie purchased." So where you think its your right to Bounty someone for that I am not sure. So I guess if people have that big of a issue I guess you should go to the Higher ups and talk to them. Again this is just my 2 cents as a player. September 20, 2017 01:49 pm

Elouise Orlav

Right, Richard. But you're putting in your two cents as an admin, not as a player. And my point isn't zombies in and of itself. Any leader would tell you that they don't purchase zombies to bankroll others. So if hordes, etc., are run in a city with zombies, that person can pay the piper, or get killed. That's the precedent I was met with during my time as a member and as a leader.

My point, like Camille's, is that if they do something to trespass against a crew or a leader, we can't take action against them. There's no explanation of their limits of functions. That's what we're asking for.
September 20, 2017 02:17 pm


Alright allow me to shed some light on the Viral Undead race. First myth I must clear up is that we are able to rank just like any other race in the realm the only difference is that we are flying blind not knowing the titles to each rank. Now as for why the viral undead were created it was originally to boost player interaction and roleplay. The race has always been associated with that of the role of a villain or bad guy with the goal or purpose to wreak havoc and weave chaos in the the realm.

Now if a player in a thread was portraying the bad guy and was suddenly bounty hunted they after being in the agreement that they could join a thread as a villain they would be upset now wouldn’t they? I for one prefer to be invited into someone’s thread as a bad guy. Now an admin saw my potential to portray a villain and granted my request to ascend with the perks that come with my race with the understanding that I would not abuse my privilege. However I’m not sure if we are immune to bounty kills. As far as I know nobody has ever tried to bounty hunt one of us.

That said I must attend to the issue of eating the zombie. As to why I did it was to shake things up in a different way because it’s been really hard to find people to roleplay with as a viral undead. When Elouise fetched the witness statement she did not engage in roleplay instead she she sent a mail asking how I intended to pay for it. When I didn’t reply to the first mail she sent again I received a second mail with the same question so I politely responded OOC and asked her if she could at least try to roleplay with me. She bluntly replied no and then said she just wanted me to pay for her zombie I killed. Now understand had she roleplayed with me we may have come to a negotiation as to me providing payment for said zombie but that never happen. So since I was created by an admin I kindly told her that unless an admin says otherwise I would not reimburse her for the death of her zombie as a villain. That concludes my reply to this thread if you have any questions for me I will check back here. If you have any concerns I suggest contacting a blue or orange admin. 

September 20, 2017 04:26 pm


Okay... I'm going to throw in.

Virals need to be able to die. If they go red, they clearly don't care enough to play the character they are portraying, and it is actually quite annoying to have a red in your city that just. won't. die. This is why we have Cancun.

As far as what goes beyond that, they are characters. As such, they should be treated like every other character. So if a leader in any respective city says 'tea and cake or death', because that is the law they govern by, then so be it. That viral needs to make the choice, and the leader should be able to act accordingly. Just like no one would ask a viral to go against what their character would do in response to a situation, it is unfair to ask others to bend their character's wills.

So... I am all for the virals having their own thing. I thoroughly support it. But, it is unrealistic to have an entire race that is not susceptible to Realmly things if they are going to interact with the players.
September 21, 2017 09:50 am

Camille Hammond

I agree with Mack. I understand that they were created to be villians, and people are more likely to want to KILL villians. So then maybe they should be harder to kill. But as it stands, they're above death in it's entirety. I don't feel like anyone should be completely above the death feature except administration. 

September 21, 2017 07:13 pm

Caitlyn Darrow

From what I know about Virals being stated below:

- Does not go IA, can kill IAs.

- Can't be war killed, can't war kill anyone? ( I know they can't join crews. I'm not actually sure if it's in their coding that they can't create crews. I'm going off assumption here.)

- Can rank normally. (I believe at one point in time there was a cut off to where they could rank to. But as far as I'm aware it's free game now.)

-Can't be bountied, possibly can bounty someone. (I say this because, I know they can't accept a bounty((unless this is another bonus)) because they can't join a crew. I would think they can place a bounty, unless mechanics don't let them do that.))

I have worked hard to get rank 20. I'm not unkillable. I could be slaughtered all the way down to level 2 if someone were vindictive about it. My point is, if a rank 20 can die multiple times - the viral undead should be able to die.

If they're needing a bonus feature to keep them interesting, maybe tweak their defense and attack? (If that's not a thing already.) Because honestly, if they're red death for more than a year. Their stats might be.. abysmal with everyone and their mother attacking them.

There's my few cents.
September 21, 2017 10:32 pm


After talking to Demon Knight he says that the Viral Undead are strictly a roleplaying vehicle. They can not war kill or bounty kill nor can they be killed by either means. They also do not go inactive as a result. He gave no indication that this would be changed. So as it stands they remain the same in the realm sorry.

September 26, 2017 11:08 am


If they canít be killed, they should not be able to kill in any fashion. I believe that, more than anything, is the main point of this thread.

However, I do believe that they need to be able to at least die of inactivity after a certain point in time, even if it is 30 days. Again, one cannot be a conduit of role play if they do not log in.
September 26, 2017 01:17 pm


When we made the undead, no-one was paying for zombies, there were just around, so we let the undead be able to kill IA's. I agree that they should go IA if they stop being used. And if there are any floating about that have been red for some time then you should notify the admin so they can be killed off.

We aren't going to change the fact that they can kill IA's, it's what they can do. But try RP'ing with them...that's what they are.

September 27, 2017 05:55 am
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