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Café Number Six


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The name of the establishment was a joke on the owner's nickname, and while it looked unassuming from the front, the interior was a very different story. Rich oak tables and plush purple velvet chairs were the main decor, and the main serving bar was a long, ebony wood centerpiece, carved as an entire unit.

Upon entering, patrons were immediately greeted by a server opposite their gender, and each server was spectacular. Few were under six feet, and all bore many scars, a silent warning to any that would dare cause trouble.

The menu itself was a treat. Several pages listed numerous coffees and sweets that never seemed to end. Behind the bar itself was the man who ran the whole show, Sixeriosix 'Sixes' Lakshan himself. Even at seven feet tall and cutting an imposing figure, he still managed to make one feel not only welcome, but as if they had finally returned home from a long journey.
September 22, 2017 11:31 am


  Six had found time to finally show up to work again, and immediately stepped behind the large bar in the back of the room. He took careful note of the workers, making sure that each were performing to his strict standards. Casting a sharp eye around, he was satisfied with the way they moved around, the way they represented his reputation.


  Turning to the wall in the back, behind the bar, he looked over the large selection of fresh coffee beans and grabbed a handful of some of the darker ones. He carefully ground the beans down with the same image as one crafting a work of art before a crowd, not too fine and not too coarse. He grabbed some boiling water and a French Press, and started making his own cup of coffee. He didn't mind coffee pots when he was in a hurry, but most often he preferred the perfect cup over the great cup. 

September 26, 2017 06:12 pm

Uriel G Emperium

Italian shoes hit the side walk silently as the young man slipped out of the car. He slips the keys into his arimani suit pocket then does up the bottom button. Pulling out the card he looks it over and slips it back into his pocket as brown eyes scan the sign. Pulling free a cig he places it between his lips then lights it before wolking up the stepps and opening the door.

A eye brow raises as he glances around with a slight chuckle escaping his lips..While waiting to be seated he cant help but think."Damn this place reminded him of a corperate confrence with all the suits.

September 26, 2017 09:56 pm


The man was immediately greeted by a very large maid that looked like she should have been in full combat kit instead of a long dressed maid outfit. All the same, she executed a perfect bow and guided the man to a table in the back, and asked what he would like, setting a menu on the table.


  Six himself was still behind the large ebony bar, sipping at his fresh cup of coffee before he officially started working. While everyone else was at least six feet tall, men and women both, the man in the back stood head and shoulders above the rest.

  Stepping from the bar, he strode over and offered a bow even more precisely than the maid had.  "I'll take this one. Go ahead and take a break, you haven't stopped since opening time" he told the woman, looking over to the newcomer.  "I am Sixeriosix, Sir. Owner an operator. Is there anything I can do for you?" he questioned waving a gloved hand at the menu. 

September 26, 2017 10:08 pm

Uriel G Emperium

He followed the young women to his seat then removed his suit jacket. Taking a seat he looks up at the women and smiles, just as a rather large man appeared.

Removing the cig from his lips to flick the ash he watches realizing he was now going to be looked after by the male. And that guy was big. Placing the cig in the ash tray, he pulls out the card that the large man had given him.

“Yes, Looks like I found the right place.” He hands him the card back. “Your best coffee, and possibly some lunch.” His mind was now wandering as he thought about the meet with the gokudō.
September 26, 2017 11:10 pm


Six walked back to the bar and quickly went to work making the same cup of coffee that he himself was enjoying. He moved quickly and deliberately, with all the grace of a butler and the precision of a soldier. Upon even a cursory glance, every person in the Cafe was moving the same way.

After getting the grind perfect and pressing it through, he returned with the cup on a silver plate and served it to the gentleman with a smile. With another bow he set down a lunch, menu and waved a hand at it. "Fresh sushi, sashimi, and I even serve freshly sliced puffer fish for those bold enough to try it." 

September 26, 2017 11:29 pm

Uriel G Emperium

Placing the cup between his two hands the young man, places the hot coffee to his lips and sips from the black goodness. He listened while looking over the menu as well and smiled. “Ahh yes sounds wonderful Sashimi and fugu.”

He nods and picks up his cig taking a long hall off it before exhaling and placing it back down. “And some information as well, if your willing.” He did hope the man with owning the cafe would likeily know about the weapons trade with Yakuza also known as gokudō
September 26, 2017 11:45 pm


  Six nodded and went straight to work. Leaving for the kitchen he grabbed a large plate laden with fresh salmon and puffer fish, knives, and fresh rice. He had no trouble at all with the platter, and returned, setting it on the table before starting the preperations right there.

"That depends entirely on the information, Sir. As long as the information does not pertain to any employer of mine, I'm willing to share what I know. Not like any would be foolish enough to retaliate against me here."  Pausing to take a sip of his own coffee, he set the prepared food down and bowed again. 

September 26, 2017 11:55 pm

Uriel G Emperium

He straightened him self up in the chair, fixing his possture. Two hands folded in front of him neatly on the table as he watched the man slice and dice.He nods while picking up his cup. Not much fased Uriel when it came to business, running a company and fighting. But something was off, that meeting went way to well. He cell beeped making him wake back up, to notice the large man done and bowing.

Glancing at the text he shakes his head and pockets the cell. Letting out a deep breath glancing up at the man. "Question for you.If you have delt with a group of people for years, and you know how the system goes. Would you put your self on high alert, when they took your deal way to fast, or without thought?"

September 27, 2017 07:14 am


 Six pondered the question for a moment, taking a sip of his coffee again before answering. "A bit of business advice. Running a company is much like running a military."  Waving a hand about the Cafe, he smiled. "Every demon here is trained by myself. Every demon here has served under my command in the field. They aren't scared of anything save one tiny thing. Me" he said, sipping from his mug again.


 "Not my strike, nor my wrath. What they fear is my disappointment. That I expect more, and they fear to let that standard fall. That is because that is how I have trained them. They know it, and I know it. Everyone is on the same page. If you've trained your business partners in a certain way, held them to a certain path, and they change their behavior, then the answer is obvious. " With a small nod, he drained his coffee." The answer is that they are no longer partners, nor reliable assets, and are therefore of no further use. A smart man cuts dead weight from his business. A successful man makes sure that it won't be an asset for anyone else either. Ever."

 For all his trim and proper, Six was clearly used to combat and business, and it was clear that he did very little to make any sort of line between the two. 

September 27, 2017 07:37 am

Uriel G Emperium

While the extremely large butler spoke Uriel ate, it was what he did well, so yeah. He smirked and then chuckled to himself. This guy shouldn't be a butler" He totally understood what he was saying. Placing a piece into his mouth he continued to listen.

Resting his elbow on the table, his finger held the bottom of his chin. He was busy pondering over what the man was saying.Problem was Uriel was still new to this as well. Emperium enterprises was older than dirt. Ceph and Kane built the business from the ground up. But they were long gone. Lilly and him where the last. Maybe he was just overthinking things. Ceph and Kane had brought the japanese mob into the company. Maybe they just actually feared the company itself. Placing Another piece into his mouth he looked up at the butler.The guy could be right though, bad feelings normally meant something. He scans his brain from the moment of his arrival till now. Faces, places, things out of place. The butler would hear him counting to himself and then glanced back up it him with a smirk. “Okay, that's all well and good, but I don't have an army.” He was now tempted to call his mother and at least make sure she was okay.
September 27, 2017 08:23 am


Six laughed quietly at that and shook his head. "You have quite a bit to learn about business. Find out who runs the show. Every person has a price, a limit, and a fear. Find out those, and remove the head" he noted, sipping from his mug if coffee again.

"Always remember that in business, you must appear to have all the cards, everyone must believe that you can make or break any deal with impunity, and without repercussions. You must hold the illusion that everyone works for you, and if you're very good, and very lucky, illusion becomes more powerful than reality" he explained, draining his mug.

September 27, 2017 04:16 pm



September 27, 2017 04:27 pm

Uriel G Emperium

"Na business wise I am good, trust issues and people skills not so much. I walked in Like I owned the world and got that deal. But Why did they give so easy? Is just my Name or did that deal come from me working it. But Then agian The group I delt with what are they truly after. You know these peopl." September 27, 2017 05:22 pm


  Six nodded again, inhaling deeply from his mug, rather enjoying the deeply bitter aroma that curled from the edge of the mug. "Yes, I know them very well. I own them. They are my people. To be exact, I manage them. Keep them from slaughtering one another. How they conduct their own business is their choice, as long as they follow the rules" he explained.

"Like I said, Sir, make them believe that you are untouchable. That's how I succeed so very well. They know that I leave them to their business so long as they pay their dues. The consequences are, by extension, their own as well. These people don't cave. They calculate. What they are after isn't any business of mine. I don't like to micromanage. They make money, and that makes me money. If you off and kill them for being stupid, I'll just replace them with someone better "he explained with a shrug. " However, I never trust them. Here, in this game, it's like playing chess, and your opponents have twice as many pieces, and get three moves to your one. Play smart, and play knowing that you already won. All you need to do is to figure out how you won." 

September 27, 2017 07:55 pm
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