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Bree Ravencroft

Stepping under the overhang, Moss Teenen wiped the rain from his face. He knew it was just a matter of time before she would appear from the building across the street. Damn witches, never knew when they should be staying home instead of going out into the elements. It made life more difficult, and for that alone she deserved everything coming her way.

"Any signs yet?"

Without turning, Moss shook his head.

"Not yet. I hope she decide to stay home."

"Fat chance. Water is supposed to be one of her attractors. She will not be able to resist."

With a further grunt, Mr. Whitt turned and watched the house in silence.

"Please remind me again why we are interested in this one? She is just a witch like the rest of them."

Without turning his attention from the house Whitt let the bark of laughter roll through his body.

"If you think she is just a witch like the rest of them, you have not done proper research Moss. She is one of the rare ones who manage to move through the cities undetected by everyone but those she want to see her. Her skills continue to grow, seemingly without going to level. Highly impractical. If I was trying to be any less of a gentleman, I'd say she's an abomination."

Turning, Moss looked at Whitt in surprise. Mr. Whitt had always preached about politeness, even towards those who could be considered direct enemies.

"Why is this a problem now? Was is not predicted how she would develop?"

"Of course it was predicted. The old lines of Tuath De were perfectly content keeping her below level. In the long run it didn't help them... much, but it kept us from having to deal with that particular headache."

"What went wrong?"

"Do you really have to ask Moss? The old fates reminded her about free will. Now she is running wild, and... the younger ones are claiming she is restricting their personal growth and development."

Turning his full attention back to the building across the street, Moss watched as the lights on the top floor got switched off and those on the ground floor got turned on. He had heard that complaint before. Not about her in particular, but from those still in basic training about the perceived lack of training aids or wheels as he liked to call them.

"Ahh that. I have heard some of that before. A shame we cannot take them on a trip through time. I think many would find it educational."

"Please don't. It has been suggested before. My ears are still ringing."

Across the street, the lights were lowered until the building went completely dark. The streetlights reflected in the rain hitting the windows, gave the illusion lights were still on.


Pulling the door closed behind her, Bree turned her face to the rain. Nicely refreshing and cooling. The first cold spells of the season were not far away. And neither was the first snow.

Without looking up, she knew she was being watched. Throughout the evening she had felt their presence. Someone was always there. Trying to watch, figuring out what she was doing or would do. Some days it almost felt like a game of chicken. Who would say Boo first? Or like tonight when she put the natural elements to good use. They had to be wet and cold, and maybe a little bit annoyed with her for making them watch in a less than ideal environment.


There she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.
October 06, 2017 06:09 pm
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