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Flashing Lights


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Marcie Mitchell

The blue and red flickered in the corner of Marcie's eyes. Booming sirens tore into her head, pounding into her mind. Shouts swirled around her, slowly morphing into screams. There was a strange familiarity to this place. Neon signs, men in black coats, girls with makeup plastered on their faces like clowns. No one seemed to notice her wandering through the mess. Not even the solemn police officers who seemed to put silver cuffs around the entire crowd. She traced her fingers on the bloodstained brick walls, feeling the rough ragged edges. Only then did she realize that her slender fingers were dripping with blood, trickling onto the cold concrete. Turning another corner, she looked into an old storefront and through the glass reflection, she saw Satan staring back.

Hands shaking, Marce lifted the camera away from her eyes. That was all in the past. The words seemed to repeat themselves over and over again as if they were reassuring that the devil was long gone from her body. The sun shone brightly that day, not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day to take some pictures. The grass-covered fields were only the perfect place to capture the little moments in life. When dog walkers past her, Marcie put on a happy exterior, hiding the darkness inside.

She graced the plastic button as she brought the lens up to her eyes. This scene was meant to be kept forever. Looking at the far away woods, the sun began to set, pastel pinks hovering over the spot. A burst of light flickered from the machine as she pressed down. Shortly after, a digital image appeared on the screen. The trees danced in the breeze leaves tinted with red. Autumn was by far her favourite season. It was the peace before Winter's storm.

Looking closer at the image, there was a dark blur amidst the forest. The more she gazed at the figure, the more daunting it appeared. She looked up from the camera and into the thicket. Nothing. It was only her mind playing tricks on her. Right? In a split-second, the trees rustled with movement. Could it? As if in a trance, she stumbled towards the woods, leaving all her worries behind.

October 08, 2017 12:37 pm
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