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A Rainbow Debut (All are Welcome)


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The Rainbow Angel

The Rainbow Angel just entered the Realm looking to start her Journey, she was Neither Good nor Evil, She loves all races and all walks of Life as she sought out Friends, Allies, Help, Husband or Wife, etc...

She scanned the area looking for People to meet and to get around and about, she knows that no one is perfect but that i okay with her as she prefers keeping The Balance as she sought to make friends.

She spots a playground at the park out of the corner of her rainbow eye as she smiles brightly awaiting people....

Mind you, she just entered these lands and is completely brand new.

October 13, 2017 12:45 pm

The Rainbow Angel

The Skies begin to rain down on the land, thus getting everyone and everything wet, The Rainbow Angel unprepared went to hide under a Tree just watching squirrels and other animals passing by....

"Oh Dear?" she states as she was resting and had to wait until the rain went away...

October 15, 2017 10:40 am

The Rainbow Angel

One day she woke up in the real, the sounds of music can be heard playing as she skips to the beat of the drum, so far she has had no luck in her short stay in this realm as she surfs around the town, looking for allies, friends, help and a sanctuary in the realm to help her learn and understand as she searches and scans


October 16, 2017 04:46 pm

The Rainbow Angel

The Rainbow Angel was walking one day searching across the realm for friends, allies and things, she had absolutely no lucking in finding the appropriate things or people, so her journey was sadly a slow one indeed....

So she sat on a dirty ground....

However a lying little imp came snickering and sneaking upon her shoulder....

The lying little imp told The Rainbow Angel You know, no one likes you, no sanctuary wants you, nobody can't stand your stupid rainbow butt, they all think you are a piece of rainbow trash hehehehe... This mad her cry as the lying imp left for now....

The Rainbow Angel was left in disbelief and crying in tears.....

Of course The Rainbow Angel does not know that Little Imp was lying to her....
October 16, 2017 09:11 pm
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