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The Crow: Requiem of Madness


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Brandy Borne

*Every October 30 or Devil's Night I take a trip to the world of The Crow. By that I mean visit Eric Draven, Ashe Corven, Alex Corvis, and Jimmy Cuervo. And by that I mean stalk them from a safe distance; along with making a thing of avoiding interaction with them unless circumstances say otherwise. I slipped on my knee-high boots, a Rob Zombie t-shirt, and my own trenchcoat.* October 30, 2017 05:41 pm

Brandy Borne

*I went through all of their worlds And watched them kill their marks; at the end of the day I was getting ready to head back home through my portal when a tall figure stops me.* October 31, 2017 03:03 pm

Brandy Borne

*It was Eric Craven demanding who I was and what I was. I just chuckled.*

How about I take a rain check?

*The tentacles of my left arm go around his waist and tossed him aside. Before jumping into the portal I looked at him.*

Isn't your girlfriend waiting for you?

*I leapt into the portal back to my lair only to see footprints that weren't mine. I sighed before shouting.*

No uninvited guests allowed!

*Alex Corvis revealed himself from around the corner.*

Sorry, the door was open.

*He examines me from afar.*

Somebody needs to tell the mad scientist his experiment is on the loose.

*I do a mocking laugh.*

So funny.
November 07, 2017 05:13 pm

Brandy Borne

*Ashe and Jimmy revealed themselves along with Eric popping out of the portal. I sighed.*

I'll let y'all introduce yourselves.

*I was walking away until Ashe grabbed my tail.*

You first...

*He replied and I hung my head.*

Borne... Brandy Borne...
November 08, 2017 10:57 pm
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