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Cole Ward


Cole braced himself as he leaned forward to tighten the lace on the combat boot. Crystal blues lift to gaze out of the window in front of him. Inspecting the snow on the ground and the overcast in the sky. He leaned over the bed and started to check each firearm with prestige quickness. Doing a silent inventory albeit his mind. He sets the guns on the bed, and sets out on foot to find a couple of flashlights and under miscellaneous tools. He’s in soldier mode, and though he has his doubts about venturing into the nest. He hadn’t verbalized them to Noura.

Patience was with him, he would wait and then bring it up after the preparations are complete. Steadily he puts his dog tags with a diamond ring into his left boot. A habit from his earlier days in the militia. Except for the ring, if they made it out of Warsaw alive, Cole had already decided he would ask Noura to marry him. The extent of their relationship had been kept under wraps, especially from her brother, Jameson.

They even had a secret rendezvous spot where they met up. It was easy to persuade Jameson and tell him that Cole needed a place in a hotel to sleep. Sometimes he needed somewhere to lay his head, where he didn’t hear the tortured scream of a supernatural being under interrogation. Unless he was the one on the other end with Jameson playing a game of mortal good cop, bad cop. It normally ended with him shooting whatever it was in the head.

A quick glance at his phone and he knew the time was ticking when Noura would meet him here in the average hotel room.  He furrows his brows and sits himself into a chair loading the cylinder bullets with mercury vapor. Some he loads with melted metal halide, and others with regular ammunition.  Cole patiently hums a Czech folk song, as he polished the last round. They should be all set now, his chest heaves with each deep breath he takes to try to calm his unsettled nerves of the situation.

Cole groans as he makes a few calculated steps to the window. The wet ice that feel from the sky on the ground made him sigh dejected at the thought of going out there. But if they were able it overthrow the nest, take them, kill them, then it would be worth it. He leans forward and watched his breath cloud over the glass, his hands slowly combing through his golden mane in pensive thought. They should wait.

They should wait until tomorrow when Jameson will know the location of the nest, but he knew that when he faced Noura he wouldn’t be able to tell her no. That was something the siblings shared that he noticed, an overabundance of stubbornness not even a bull could combat.

There's footsteps in the hallway and they near his room. Being in a public hotel this isn't shocking. However, he turns his head the minute he hears the card reader beep to his room. A hand already curled around the trigger of a loaded gun just in case it wasn’t Noura that walked through the door.


November 13, 2017 12:49 am

Noura Orlav

"Handsome," Noura answers easily as she slips into the room, Cole's training in the forefront of her mind as she works her way through the barely cracked door with one last look from the direction in which she came. That is how it all started: training. Jameson told her no, she decided to go to Cole, and the two worked together until ultimately she found herself ridiculously in love with the stubborn, trigger-happy man.

The door clicks closed behind her, and she locks the bolt before turning to him with a small smile. He's already in the zone, and she can appreciate that. But Noura, despite his guidance, could never seem to lose her spirit. That is what carries her across the room to him, and what brings her to press a kiss to his lips before looking him over.

Always ready.

As always, it is impossible to stop that little grin from making it's appearance as her mind shifts from the task at hand to the man before her. She loves him, that much is beyond certain. His sense of honor, his moral code, and the respect he harbors for those around him are more than she believes she could ever hope to deserve. She isn't a nice person, and never has been. He sees beyond that, and brings out the very best in her.

She hadn't told Cole of her true thoughts. Not really, at least. Noura had grown to feel sorry for those her brother would hunt, maim, and kill. In her mind, they are like animals, nothing more than something closer to a carnivorous beast that feeds to survive. The difference, of course, is their ability to multiply. And, being humanoid, she recognizes that they have histories just as rich as their own. They had families, and friends.

They had lives.

Either way, Cole is looking for something different than she is, and that much is immediately obvious as she fails to present any sort of weapons at all. Where a gun would normally sit at the front of her hip, there is an empty space. There is no hilt of a blade sitting atop boot, nor those telltale gloves upon her hands. Outside of her tactical gear, she is completely unprepared. This is an exploratory mission, not a combative one.

It isn't dishonesty. Who wants to talk about the lab when they're trying to forget about it? What sort of pillow talk is that? Shameful, and totally unnecessary. They already lack the gift of romance; shop talk would just kill the mood entirely.

"Jameson has some new subject that is apparently very exciting, so he's locked in the lab with the twins." This is just how she wanted it, as it makes her less likely to get caught. There is no way her brother would answer the phone while elbow deep in the bowels of someone who never did anything to him.

Outside of the lab, Noura has never been allowed into a nest of any sort before. Instead, it had always been pieces of the nest brought to her, and even then, her exposure was highly limited. It would be a lie if she were to tell Cole that Jameson had given his blessing for this trip, so she simply has not brought it up at all. Plausible dependability, when Jameson no doubt finds out and tries to get on Cole's case. It's her own way of protecting the man she loves, and taking the heat.

"We should leave sooner, use the last of the light," she presses, "Are you ready?"
November 13, 2017 07:57 pm
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