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God only knows


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Gideon Abernathy

Carefully, he watches as she straightens herself and wipes her face. She is attempting to hide any weakness from him, but they both know he’s already seen too much. His green eyes are that of a hawk as she goes through her thought process, written plainly across her face. Quinn doesn’t hide much; it makes her the most genuine person he’s honestly ever encountered.

She finally cedes to his bidding, and he smiles widely in return. But her last sentiment sends him reeling…

You raised him, and he is a great man.

She’s either very naive, or very stupid, and he can’t pinpoint which it is. Gideon is a serial killer, a narcissist, a psychopath; those characteristics do not a great man make. And while it’s true, he did raise him, he’s not willing to take responsibility for the monster that was created. Not yet.

Instead, he clears his throat and turns to go, just as she offers her thanks. “No need to thank me, Quinn. I’ve got a lot to make up for, and we all deserve happiness and peace of mind…”


Gideon hoped a walk would be just what he needed, but no such luck. The commune is suffocating, even in the bright morning light, and try as he might, he can’t avoid all the members of the Flock. As soon as they approach, though, they almost seem to shrink back, which only makes him all the madder. It’s not him that’s at fault, it’s fvcking them.

His teeth are clenched painfully when he finally returns home. It’s hard to say how long he was gone, but he breathes a little easier when he realizes John is gone. His father is unsettling, to say the least, and the way he seems to manipulate Quinn with such ease is alarming. She’s too innocent for such a poisonous place, and the effects have been cause for much worry.

There is no doubt in his mind: they have to get out of here.

He trudges up the stairs with a heavier gait than usual, pausing outside their bedroom door before pushing it open. What greets him is Quinn packing some things into a bag. His first thought is that she’s finally leaving him, and the conflicting emotions are enough to almost send him back into his downward spiral. But when he sees that she’s also packing some of his things, his confusion only intensifies.

“What are you doing?”
January 15, 2018 06:49 pm

Quinn Abernathy

His last words echo in her mind, and Quinn watches as he leaves. There is no empty feeling this time, not like when Gideon goes. This time, she feels as though she can breathe. She made it. She did it. Another encounter to say she lived through, all by herself. If the stakes were not so high, she might even be proud. But with that absence, and that need to be strong, her weakness returns.

Steps forward are taken, and she sets to work immediately. Her face is splashed with cold water, and she takes care to set things right before taking the short walk to see Evelyn.

The old woman sees right through that smile Quinn wears, and she knows it, but they both ignore the elephant in the room: misery, and lost confidence. Only once they've settled their short conversation does she return to the Abernathy house, going straight upstairs. It takes a lot to keep her emotions in check as she grabs a small bag and begins to neatly pack within enough to get them through a few days away.

She doesn't even hear Gideon enter, or realize he's there, until he speaks.

Her focus doesn't move. She's terrified of looking at him, knowing he will see every thought in her mind as clear as day. Quinn doesn't want him to feel guilt where there is none for him to feel, or worry, or concern. Instead, she stays silent just a moment before answering.


The word escapes her easily, though she knows it is unsatisfactory. Clearing her throat, she smooths out the shirt she's just laid at the top of the pile. "You and I are going away for a few days. Evelyn is going to watch over the Flock for us. I already spoke with her. I took care of everything."

'...we all deserve happiness and peace of mind.'

Quinn has never wanted to believe something so badly in her entire life. She zips the bag closed, the sound near deafening. "Now. We're going now."
January 15, 2018 07:04 pm
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