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Rebirth. The Black Reaper Reborn


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Li Kuroda

For those looking to be apart of this forum please understand this. The Spirit Realm is off limits to everyone as only a Shaman can navigate through its realms. Your powers won't work once inside those walls and nobody can just appear in their realm. Unless you are a shaman but only certain shamans like Li can venture freely. The spirits won't hesitate on killing trespassers. Immortality is nullified once inside so once again death will reach you if the spirits wish to. Enjoy and I hope we have fun :D November 24, 2017 08:47 am

Li Kuroda

Li sat in an open field grinding his teeth. Phantoms words still ringing in his ears but he wasn't one to start drinking the blood of a virgin. He needed to speak with Shiro as a means of winning this fight. He was getting closer to killing those labeled as innocent and he didn't want to do that. Worse what if the blood he spilled belonged to his friends and family. He'd surely die if that were to happen and the thought bothered him immensely. He bit his cheek and stood up placing his left thumb into his mouth and biting it. He drew blood before running his thumb across his right palm, a few hand signs and slamming it into the ground. "Gates of Life." He cried as the earth rumbled. A beautiful, intricately designed with gate appeared. It had tribal markings decorated along the top and the sides. It was so different from the Gates of Death.

Li stood there admiring the gates as his body soon got affected. His clothes melted away leaving him in only a white leather kilt with black tribal guarantees decorating it. It also a had a fur pouch resting on the front for some reason.  His tribal tattoos covered his arms, torso and peaked through his kilt that rested a little above his knees. There were waves, flames and lightning above other markings on his body. His eyes now a bright glowing blue and humming with power. Taking a deep breath he stepped through the gates forgetting to close them once inside. He hoped who ever followed would just ask for him and shut up.

Li walked through a forest that seemed to go on before he came into a clearing. He stood a top a mountain as he dazed at the realm he had to protect The sight took his breath away with his beauty. Large spheres floated by as each housed a different home for the most powerful and dangerous spirits. But his eyes locked on one that sat a top a mountain that made Mt everest look small. That was the young shamans destination.
November 24, 2017 08:48 am

Ryuugo Mikoto

I sat inside the lab staring at the monitor. I had managed to get a sample of Franks blood and had been trying to secure a cure for him. I had found the incubus DNA and had been trying to ride it but so far no luck. I sighed and ran my fingers through the mass of red hair that belonged to the sleeping figure in my lap. Rae accompanied me here every now and then. I had fallen asleep when the computer woke me up and Rae. I rubbed her back and until she fell asleep again. I looked at the monitor and grinned.

I stepped out my car followed by Rae as we headed into the house Frank and Sky shared. Frank was cleaning up while the twins slept in their cots. I was surprised to see LJ sitting watching TV. Rae forgot I was there and ran over to where he sat. Frank smiled as I followed him into the kitchen. I slipped my hand into my pocket and wrapped my fingers around the syringe. I had worked over the sermon ensuring that it was a hundred percent. "Frank do you trust me?"
November 27, 2017 11:23 am

Franklin Jackson

Frank went about cleaning the house. Sky was asleep upstairs and Li had dropped off LJ before going out on his quest. He had made the kids lunch and was cleaning up when Ryuugo arrived with Rae. He smiled at the two as he headed into the kitchen. The question Ryuugo asked surprised him as he turned around to face his brother. "Of course I trust you why do you ask?" Before he could reply he stabbed in the neck with a syringe.

He looked at Ryuugo in shock as pain soon erupted through his body as he crumpled to his feet. Blood trailing from his lips. "What did you do?" He asked as he hunched over on his hands. He felt a hand on his back. "Don't fight it Frank. If you do it'll only hurt more if you resist." Ryuugo said before everything went black.
November 27, 2017 03:43 pm

Ryuugo Mikoto

I sighed as I knelt down and picked Frank up. I knew he'd be in pain but not this much. Nor did I see so much blood lost coming. He was practically soaked in his own blood. I quickly headed through the door and upstairs to their room. I saw Sky asleep as I steered into the bathroom and placed him in the tub. I went back into their room and nudged Sky awake. "Don't freak out or castrate me but you need to clean Frank up." I said as I ran out the room. November 29, 2017 08:41 am


*standing amongst a group of trees, Lilly had half way followed Li. She knew something was up. Quietly she spoke*

Didn't like what he told you, did you Li?
November 29, 2017 08:58 pm

Sky Frost

Feeling herself become nudged awake she let a demonic growl rumble from her throat as she glared in his direction before scrambling to her feet. "I am going to kill you." She snapped as she ran into the bathroom, cupping her finances face. "It's okay my love, it's okay." She whispered as she turned on the water beginning to wash him up, blood soaked her white shorts and tank top. Her hands running over his face gently as she helped clean him. "It'll be okay." She whispered. Her fingers curled around the cloth as she helped undress him, her eyes flickering back to see if her ex best friend was out there, he was lucky that he was gone, murder resided in her eyes as she quickly yelled to her phone to call Taylor. As the phone rang she sniffled until her big sister picked up. "I need you to come to house, immediately Taylor it's important!" She screamed. November 29, 2017 09:20 pm

Taylor Ainsworth

Taylor's eyes opened wide as she heard the phone go off, the normal blues were a bright yellow, waking a pregnant werewolf was not a good idea. Answering the phone with an attitude ready at hand she didn't get a word out when she heard Sky's distress call, her sister was never one for help. She nodded. "Be there in 10." She said softly, hanging up she changed from pajama shorts into a pair of jeans and pulled on her shoes. She grabbed the crackers from the beside table, even though it was an emergency, the baby didn't care and would still make her sick.

She rushed down to the living room and grabbed the keys to the car before running outside and climbing in, she didn't care about traffic or speeding, she cared about her sister. Within minutes she pulled up to the house, leaving the door open she sprinted inside, ignoring everything as she slid into the bathroom, staring at her sister and her fiance. "Okay, I'm here." She said softly to her baby sister as she helped her clean up Frank. "What happened?" She asked, her eyes brighter yellow than she had ever seen, the anger in her blood scared her. 

November 29, 2017 09:29 pm

Ryuugo Mikoto

"Well remind me not to piss her off." I said as I headed downstairs. The kids looking at me as I was covered in their uncles blood. I smiled at them as I headed into the kitchen and removed my jacket an vest. Finding a bag I placed the bloody clothes inside before I went about cleaning up. It took longer than I thought as I heard the front door and the familiar footsteps of Taylor running up the steps. I immediately face palmed. I'm screwed. November 29, 2017 09:45 pm

Sky Frost

"Downstairs your idiot boyfriend did something to him." She finished cleaning up his blood as she looked at her big sister. "I think he's okay." She checked for a pulse and nodded, pulling him up to sit in the tub. "He's okay." She sighed as she sat back onto the cold tile ground, her hands quickly went to her stomach as she felt a sharp pain. After a moment she regained herself and shook her head. "I'm going to kill him." She whispered, seeing the yellow of her sisters eyes she looked down quickly, knowing the deep dark blackness of her own eyes freaked her sister out sometimes. November 29, 2017 09:52 pm

Taylor Ainsworth

Taylor's eyes darted to her sisters as she heard her words, before her sister could finish she was on her feet, her sneakers smacking against the ground as she headed down the stairs, angrily. Seeing Rae she walked over and kissed her head gently. "Hey Princess. Just want TV with LJ, don't worry about Daddy." She ruffled her hair gently, rubbing her cheek before she stormed towards the kitchen. "Ryuugo Mikoto." She spoke calmly, but deep down anger resided. 

November 29, 2017 10:00 pm

Ryuugo Mikoto

I was on my knees after going over my cleaning of the kitchen a second time. I was in my shorts and tank top. As I was finished I heard Taylor step in and said my name. I wasn't afraid of my girlfriend but the stories of powerful men whimpering at the sight of their angry girlfriends or wives, well that part is true. I eventually looked up at her a bit scared. Alright I was afraid of her when she got mad. November 29, 2017 10:17 pm

Taylor Ainsworth

Taylor's eyes narrowed as she bent down, getting on her knees she took the cleaning supplies from him. "I'm going to finish up, you are going to check on Frank, and I swear to god you will be living in the guest bedroom until the baby is born." she growled, staring him dead in the eyes, her nose only an inch from his. "What did you do to your brother, Miko?" Her bright yellow eyes stared into his, the wold in her practically begging to be let loose. 

November 29, 2017 10:20 pm

Ryuugo Mikoto

"No I'll finish up." I said taking it from her. "I've been working on a serum for a month now. It was designed to attack an get rid of the incubus DNA in him." I frowned. "I didn't tell him when I took his blood but a few days ago it worked. Every sample I tested it on saw a 100% success rate you know." I sighed as I sat crosslegged in front of her. "I expected pain and a little blood loss as it was purged from his system. I didn't expect this much blood loss." I said staring at the ground. November 29, 2017 10:38 pm

Taylor Ainsworth

Taylor felt bad for getting angry at her boyfriend, she crawled over to him and kissed his cheek softly. "IT's okay." She said softly. "I'm sorry I was angry, I know you're only trying to help." She gently took the rag from him and sighed, rubbing her stomach, the stress was causing stomach pains again, she knew she needed to calm down but it was hard. "It's okay, It'll be okay babe. Maybe you should go upstairs... go see Sky, explain what you did.."

November 29, 2017 10:41 pm
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