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Tribble-con INVASION!


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It seemed as if everyone that Goku knew was busy doing their own thing. He was tired of just sitting at the house drinking all day,and dealing with his hynes shredding everything in the house. He wanted to get out and do something fun today, no worries in the world kinda thing. While he was getting dressed he heard on the radio that Comic-Con was doing some stuff today. Hell why not he thought, he has never been to one of those before sounded like fun.

Even though most in the realm know about his habits and personality to a point. He rarely ever told anyone about being a Star Trek fan, or that he was also a nerd at times. He gives slight chuckles here and there "WOW" he thought, some of these people and costumes. It was all good at less everyone seemed as if they were having fun. That is all that counted, he was not going to let nothing mess this day up for him.

Ignoring everything on his way to see the one thing he truly came here to see. But side note for some reason or another, people kept trying to get in his way. Asking for a autograph, yelling out some guys name James Marsters??? Who was that?? Anyway just to get one person out of his way he singed it. ~Goku~ The so called fan seemed very confused. Finally!! He sees it a replica of the starship enterprise bridge, one really could sit in the captions chair! He was so excited. Rushing over there he gives a blissful sigh as he sits down, and plays as if he was in a space battle.

"Bang bang!! Boom Boom! Hahah!"
December 05, 2017 04:21 pm


Finally about a hour of playing in the captions chair, Goku wanted to see the rest of the ship. It looked just like it did on the show every detail, he was acting like a little school that just got her first car. But best that he calmed down he did have to keep up his bad butt image, just in case anyone else was here from the realm. Making his way to sickbay some fuzzy little ball rolled into his foot. Looking a little confused he bends down to pick it up, his eyes widen along with his lips showing his full set of fangs.

"NO WAY! Is this really what I think it is?! A TRIBBLE! Hell yea!"

He was unable to hear the noises coming his way with all his excitement over the furry ball. Until he felt something bite his fingers. "OUCH! What the!? You little, why did you do that for!? Hey wait you're not suppose to be real, nor this mean." Goku removes the furry from the things face, it had razor sharp-teeth bloodshot eyes and was foaming at the mouth. He quickly throws it down the hallway just in time to see about hundreds more coming his way. "Ooh Hell no!"

He runs out of the ship screaming at the top of his lungs towards the front door.
"THE TRIBBLES ARE ATTACKING! It's an invasion, everyone run!"

Most that he ran by looked at him as if he was an escaped nut case. Until the words finally sunk into their heads of what he was saying. Some even fall on the floor laughing so hard their sides were hurting. Others just shaking their heads, the others he did not have a chance to look at HE WAS RUNNING!
December 05, 2017 05:03 pm
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