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Circe De Pont

January 03, 2018 10:16 pm

Circe De Pont

-It had been a long day. Between ending up hurting a dear friend without meaning or even trying to the encounter with another who annoys her to no end. Unlocking the door to her shop, she sighs lightly. She loved this place and everything she had worked for to get here. Closing the door, she switched on the lights and turned the sign to open. Perhaps someone would come along and take her mind off things.

She headed towards the counter, pulling out an old and thick book. Pretending to be interested in it she slowly thumbed through it even as her mind wandered elsewhere. If her grandma were still around she'd tell the young witch to suck it up and forget them both. Circe, didn't think that would be possible but who really knew?-
January 04, 2018 07:40 pm

Circe De Pont

- She had been neglecting her work. No other words for it. Rolling her shoulders she turned to a page in her book. Ahh yes here it was. To ease soreness. She wanted it to work as quickly as possible and opted to make it in potion form instead of as a topical application.

Reading through the necessary ingredients she began to pull jar and vial from the shelves that lined the shop. It was a slow process as her muscles were excruciatingly sore when she walked. After what seemed like hours she had the ingredients lined on the counter. Grabbing a breaker and her portable burner she began mixing together what she needed. Setting flame to burner she grabbed a glass stirring stick and stirred the conte rd slowly and deliberately.

She had never used these particular ingredients in a potion form and could only hope that they would have the same effect. After several long moments, she removed the beaker and waited for it to cool. It called for the user to drink it all at once. Taking a deep breath she grabbed the cooled liquid and downed it. Now to let it set in.
January 06, 2018 11:05 am

Circe De Pont

She was in a foul mood. Normally she would have no issues with her social skills, or lack of. Today that was not the case. Twice she had failed at making a good impression on people and it bothered her more than it should.

Heading to the back, she whistles softly. Her falcon appears and rests on her arm. "How about we go spend time with your brothers, huh boy?" Opening the door to a large room, her face lights up. Birds she could deal with so much better than purple. They didn't care how awkward you were or how bad you make yourself look.
January 11, 2018 06:25 pm

Isis Dracul

After 3 grande mugs of coffee Isis felt ready to face the world. After showering she dressed in her hiking gear. Jeans, black flannel top with khaki vest with plenty of pockets. One she kept her foldable binoculars in. And of course her steel toed hiking boots. She put her hair in a ponytail and pulled it through the ballcaps hole. She was ready for an adventure.


She had thought she had seen a peregrine falcon flying close to the city in the passed day or two. She hated to admit but it was a guilty pleasure for her to watch the bird while it hunted. This one had been just floating on a thermal. Soaring through the sky observing it's surroundings. Isis couldn’t help but think how similar to the bird she was. Hunting wasn't a sport. It was a necessity. The bird only killed what it could consume for energy just as she did. Today she planned on getting a closer look.


She grabbed the keys from the hook beside her door as she exited her apartment. As she locked the door she heard a faint ringing. Ugh probably a telemarketer. They had perfect timing like that. Besides no one had her landline number.

She tapped the door with her hand and then twisted the knob to be sure it was secure. No OCD there.

After a short ride to the edge of the city, she pulled to an alcove she had seen, and shut down her beast. She grabbed a bottle of water she had picked up on the way at a convenience store and stuffed it into one of the many pockets on her vest. She got out and looked around. She heard and saw nothing but the forest. She chuckled at herself as she repeated the ritual of double checking to ensure she locked her car securely then began her track into the woods.

Isis had almost turned herself around several times before realizing she had gotten close to the city again just not where she had parked. That's when she saw it. The peregrine. It appeared to be again just floating on a thermal when suddenly it became a bullet. Yarak. That's what a friend and master falconer had called it. The peregrine struck its prey in a magnificent ariel attack. Striking the flock of pigeons, raking the victim with it's hind talons as it passed and swooped ahead in the descent of the now falling bird. Isis was enthralled.  As the bird hit the ground the peregrine tore its head from the body finishing its life. The sound of the bones breaking echoed in Isis' ears


Isis was jazzed having watched nature in it's element. The adreline from the kill mixed with her caffeine high would keep her going all day. It was then she noticed the bird had been hunting near a newer shop housed in an older building. Curiosity won out as Isis moved closer to check it out.

Peering through the windows she saw books, vials, and potions. An eclectic collections of materials to say the least. Spying movement she stood and watched a bit longer. A small woman seemed to busy herself with creating some sort of experiment. A new perfume? Isis couldn't blame her. The area did have a musty scent to it. The peregrine then appeared it seemed out of no where. This intrigued the vampire. Female falconers were rare. Approaching the door Isis saw the open sign and pushed  it open entering as quietly as possible to not disturb the bond between the bird and its partner.

She stood by the door and softly said "Hello"

January 12, 2018 12:25 pm

Circe De Pont

Mako, as well his brothers had been out on a hunt. Hearing his normal call she opened the back door to the shop allowing them to come home. She didn't worry too much about visitors to her shop and allowed her falcons their freedom. Making sure to pull her beaker from the flames she turned to check on them.

Mako, her ever trusted friend and the only thing the witch considered as such moved to roost on her shoulder, seemingly whispering in her ear. Circe, nodded and stroked the wing she had doctored when had she had found the group as eyeasses.

At the sound of the low hello both bird and handler turned to face Isis. A soft smile rested on the witch's features. Walking towards the counter once more she spoke.

"Hello. Welcome to Cici's Apothecary. What can I do for you today?"
January 12, 2018 12:32 pm

Isis Dracul

Isis stood in awe at the communication that seemed to be taking place between the bird and woman. Nate had been right. Falcons chose not the handlers.  The birds wished to enhance the flights and kills and we were a means to the end. Isis took a cautious step forward her eyes never leaving the bird. Hell she had barely even noticed the woman. Until she spoke.

"I...I'm sorry. I have seen your friend and curiousity overtook me."

January 12, 2018 01:56 pm

Circe De Pont

She shook her head lightly. "It's fine. Mako usually gets most of the attention anyway. They are beautiful aren't they?" She nods lightly to Mako before watching him move from her shoulder.

With a glance at Circe and a nod from her, Mako made his way towards Isis. He circles her once before moving to land on her shoulder. He nudges her in greeting before flying back to Circe.

"I've had Mako and his brothers for about 5 years now. I'm still fascinated with them."
January 12, 2018 02:02 pm

Isis Dracul

As if she had just noticed she was in a store, Isis looked around the apothecary with interest.  She stepped toward a shelfing unit filled with herbs and oddities. She pointed at it as she looked back at the woman.

"What can you possibly make from this?"

She pulled what appeared to be a fish scale from a box and showed it to the woman.

January 12, 2018 02:07 pm

Circe De Pont

Circe looks at the fish scale running her fingers over it for texture and smoothness. "Depends on what form you wish made. Most of the time fish scales are used in potions for languages. They are often found in potion s used to heighten ones senses and give courage." She hands the scale back to Isis. January 12, 2018 02:14 pm

Isis Dracul

Isis put the scale back where she found it. She shook her head. No ,she didn't need to heighten her senses or learn languages. She didn't know what she did need from the store.

"Do you hunt with the raptors or do you let them be?"
Nate had taught her some of falconry but she still had lots to learn. 

January 12, 2018 02:39 pm

Circe De Pont

"It all depends. If I'm in the middle of experimenting with things I let them hunt alone. Otherwise I hunt with them. Hunting too much with them will make them more dependent on you." She shrugged lightly.

"If you give me a couple days I could do more research on the fish scale. I believe it could be made into different kinds of poisons as well."
January 12, 2018 03:01 pm

Isis Dracul

Isis  listened as the woman informed her of her skill of falconry. Nate had also not wanted his raptors dependant.  The woman then offered her service as alchemist. This interested her. What could she come with? Would she  be willing to part with her craft if she knew the true motive to Isis wanting a poison?

Nodding her asscent  Isis pulled a card from her vest.

Call me if you come up with anything?

She turned toward the door and turned back to the woman.

"If you want company on your next hunt I'd also be interested in call."

She let her lips curl slightly. 

January 12, 2018 06:57 pm

Circe De Pont

Circe, nodded softly as Isis headed to the door. "Any particular poison?" Circe, had served the darker creatures before coming here. She couldn't remember how many deaths were.considered on her hands for one of her creations.

Slipping the card in her pocket she pulled a few books out from under the counter. She blew the dust from them before opening one. Well at least the research would keep her busy and she wouldn't have to socialize for a while.
January 12, 2018 07:00 pm

Isis Dracul

Isis smiled at the girl.

"Well take in to consideration I just watched as your falcon stalked its prey and made it a meal. I enjoyed the sight. It thrilled me. Set every nerve I have on fire.

Smiling at the thoughts Isis shook her head to remove the visions from her mind.

Surprise me.

With that Isis left. She had no doubt the woman would call

January 12, 2018 07:10 pm
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