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Circe De Pont

She would give it a couple days before contacting Isis. Though six pots of coffee and a night of research gave her the information she needed she wasn't quite ready to share her findings. She needed a shower, a meal and a change of clothes first.

Whistling to her boys, she turned the sign to closed and locked up. Watching over head to make sure her boys were okay she headed down the path to her small cottage. She loved the wooded areas. She didn't have to see people unless she chose to go in to the city which was rare. She preferred her solitude and birds to the rush of the city and people.
January 13, 2018 10:39 am

Circe De Pont

She steps outside whistling loudly. Three of her four boys glide above her. "Lets go for a hunt. I could use the distraction. You boys ready?" She was answered with three beckoning calls before they took flight ahead of her. January 14, 2018 07:24 pm

Circe De Pont

-So much had happened in such a short time and she still couldn't wrap her mind around half of it. She had almost made a grave mistake. Pulling components from the shelf she brought them to the counter. Searching she found the purple candles she needed. Whistling in three short bursts she calls Mako to her side. Petting his wings she sighs- Okay boy, I need a pheasant. Alive. Take Sadie with you. I'll wait here.

-With a light squawk he takes off, his beloved mate behind him. As she waits for 'her children' she mixes the rest of the components she needed for her reverse time spell. It was time, she thought, to forget the pain and heart ache of loving someone who only wished you to be the first in a harem.Well she had learned her lesson this time. Never would she allow a male to entice her or touch her again. No she would stick to her birds and be content.-

-Smiling, she hears the pair return. With a flourish Mako drops the pheasant on her counter and stalks off. As she twists the birds head from its neck and adds it into the bowl with the components- Go hunt. I will be fine here.
January 19, 2018 12:46 pm

Circe De Pont

- It had been a couple days since she had al.ost drained herself completely. She knew a spell of that caliber should never be done alone and yet she had done so anyway. It was worth it to her. Finally starting to feel more like herself again she began whistling as she cleaned up her shop. She knew it would take time yet until she was fully herself but she was moving in the right direction at least.-

-Pulling the books she had gotten from Cas, out of her bag she brewed herself some coffee and began the long road of researching. So far she had learned about the pixie heritage and though she still had not attempted any of the spells they were capable of she continued to read about them. They fascinated her. Their innocence,playfulness,and deep loving heart made them by far her favorite so far. Of course she still needed to learn of the angels and Phoenix but she was sure she favored the pixie side most.-
January 21, 2018 06:53 pm
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