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Improv RP ~ Into the Past


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1) A post most consist of at least two paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of no less than five sentences.

2) Posts should remain on topic (part of the role play). If random posts are made they will be removed.

3) Players should interact with each other and the enviroment as that is the purpose of the contest. Characters must work together to overcome the obstacle.

4) All standard rules of rp apply to this contest. Please follow them.

5) In order to be eligible for a prize an player must make at least four posts to the thread. There will be a bonus for all players who finish the entire story line


Grand Prize: 1000 BM

1st Prize: 600 BM

2nd Prize: 300 BM

Participation: 100 BM

Bonus: 100 BM if a character completes the entire Improv RP for that month.
January 06, 2018 03:35 pm



You receive an anonymous invitation to a party on New Year's Eve. You decide to attend. Why? Well your reasons are you own -- maybe you want to find out who the mysterious host is or perhaps your life has become so dull you need something, anything to spice it up. Whatever the reason you find yourself at the party among many faces you've never seen and perhaps some you recognize. Then everything goes dark.

When you awaken, you find yourself in the same place but the Realm is a very different place. A war rages withing the Realm and you are now caught in the middle You are one thousand years in the past and now must find your way back.

(Players be sure to describe the world in which you now find yourself, there is no limit the setting, the people, the creatures that exist, etc etc.)
January 06, 2018 03:44 pm
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