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This Is Why I Don't Socialize (open)


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Tucker Reid

There is a long silence, and his eyelids flutter shut for the briefest of moments - not long enough for it to be a demonstrative act of annoyance (even though God, is it tempting) - but just enough to suppress either a stream of irritated curses or a yawn. Both seem fitting. 

Eyes gliding over a mess of a room, Tucker turns his head away from the sunlight, and sighs at the sight of crimson red that seems to have painted the entirety of the wooden floors, splattered excessively on the walls. Even the ceiling? Well, t would be impressive, be it not so disturbingly dumb.

Everything is unnecessarily bright, unnecessarily messy. Just. Unnecessary, like everything in this place. The person in front of him is no exception.

"And you thought this," he waves a vague hand, not entirely sure why he's even bothering, "would be a good idea, because...?"

January 08, 2018 02:00 am


Avianna shrunk into the shadows of the upturned room, blinking the light from her eyes and trying desperatly to ignore the aching crawling through her skin.

"Who said anything about good?"  She mused, silently catching her breath and staring at the blood staining nearly every surface.  "Besides. You have anything better to do, wolf?"

January 08, 2018 02:19 am
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