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The new name than the old one was just what the doctor ordered! It was a brand new year after all, so why not go about replenishing a new look to an already established vineyard that he had once run, but had to leave under unknown reasons he keeps to himself. Brushing his vinyl, white gloves in appreciation of so much hard work he had been putting in. There was a closed sign which he now turned around to the front that read "Opened" making sure it's neon light green colors flickered to whoever came this way to purchase or get a good, decent career with the vineyard would need to come see the proprietor. 

January 09, 2018 12:01 am


Avyanna stepped through the door and looked around, blinking the snow from her long black eyelashes, her silver eyes sweeping from one end of the room to the other.  Her wounds had not yet healed entirely and she was weak and hungry.  It was a long shot, she knew, but she had to try.  Weakly she approached the propietor.

"Do you know what I am? "  She asked, keeping her eyes to the floor.  "Do you have anything that would satisfy the cravings of my...particular..."  her eyes began to swim and she found her way to a seat.

January 09, 2018 02:06 am


Does he know what she is? What kind of inquiry was that exactly? The emotions she was showing was what he sensed from her thanks to the training he been putting in the day he came to plant himself on this planet known as Earth, an area for sentient beings to roam and commit their sweet sins in peace. He canted his head slightly, this female was in dire need of something from the looks of it, some people can conceal what they were feeling so deep that his beacon gets a little confusing by that point. He finally turned to meet her face to face, his palms resting on the edges of his hips. 

"Do I know you?"

He couldn't explain it out in the open so easily or quickly to a complete stranger he only met just now. 

It hit him so swiftly, she didn't pose a threat. 

Removing his left hip, he slightly moved the tips of his fingers up and down like some sort of detective in hopes to understand the meaning behind what she is trying to tell him, despite the fact he knew exactly from sensing her aura along with those emotions was like he was with her than standing right in front of her.

"I do." 

In the past, he's watched over many as their guardian, the thought of guarding a new specimen was opened in case there is someone who'd want to register his services while customers come they would think from his human disguised figure he was an ordinary being living on this dreadful universe man calls their green world.

January 11, 2018 01:04 am


She blinked hard.  Gods how she wished the room would stop spinning.  "I beg pardon, I realize it is a strange inquiry." 

She looked up for the first time and immediately tensed up.  How could she have been so stupid?  So careless?  This man before her was no man at all but an ethereal being.  A heavenly host.  An Angel.  Guardians of light did not cater to shadow creatures such as herself.

She quickly looked away and inched as far from him as her seat would allow.  "I..."  She began, silently cursing the fear she was unable to hide in her cracking of her voice.  "Forgive me, Spirit...I didn't realize....I'll be on my way."  She moved to stand but the pain in her side swelled to blinding as she did so and she fell to the floor in a heap.     

January 11, 2018 12:03 pm


Resting his fingers under his chin contemplating what he ought to do with this girl, she needed help, and he wasn't going to stand there for too long expecting something to occur when she was in a daze. It had nothing to do with drug use that was for sure as Shawn has been around much longer to distinguish the differences between the two in a heartbeat. 

Damn it! Damn it! He despised the reactions people got whenever they saw him standing inches before them. 

"Look at me. I want to aid you."

Sure, they were two different creatures in very different worlds, if only she knew he wasn't all angel himself as the dark half was unseen by the naked eye. How the hell he got accepted to the choir of all things was beyond him, but here he is, saving the universe in the way he operates is anyone's guess. Few knew him or feared the name as many have come face to face with a man who they would never understand he was a man like them long, long, very long time ago. He was glad that she didn't know him from talks on the streets in this realm. 

He wasn't backing down now, the other angels in heaven can do what they will with him, he wasn't going to turn around and leave the damsel hanging on a nail, that wasn't Shawn Davidson as he was his own man. Part of him was still a good little boy, little was an understatement in contrast to his actual age. He was immortal, a being that can fix a broken clock or chair that has shattered to millions of pieces, but he knew better than to make every situation a perfect one, he practically did a lot of things manually to protect his true identity unless it was extremely necessary. 

Once upon a time, he was prejudice with this girl's species a long time ago. Times do change to make him see a different view. 

Running over, he reached down to grab her, it was the least he can do about her condition. If he did not help, she was a goner for sure. True, they were yin and yang, but nothing stood in the way of his duties. He carried her to his office where there was a vinyl, red sofa, it was an expensive furniture, he paid for it cause he wasn't going to abuse all that energy when he could simply do that. Laying her down on her back, allowing her to rest. He was going to find a way to save her life, hopefully, it was the only possible conclusion.

January 12, 2018 03:06 am


She allowed herself to be lifted up and carried to the back office.  She didn't have much of a choice after all as she could barely move, and his kindness was a warmth she could not resist.  How long had it been since she had last fed?  She must have weighed next to nothing as he lifted her with such ease...although given his nature that shouldn't have come as a surprise.  

The sofa he lowered her onto was soft and beautifuly crafted and she silently cursed herself once more for bleeding on it.  

Wonderful.  A servant of light takes pity on you and grunge up his lovely couch.  You're disgusting.

Avyanna tried hard to push these thoughts aside as she looked up at her generous host.  The concern behind his eyes was so...genuine....She was suddenly very aware of her own darkness...her thirsts...and the edge of her teeth.

"Thank you..."  She whispered, trying hard to look away.  There was something in those eyes that made it difficult.  As if they somehow had the power to hold her gaze.  "I...forgive me...I have not fed in so long...and I'm...we don't do well when we lose blood, you see."

January 12, 2018 03:27 am


His nature? His nature would be to obliterate her on the spot, that would have been the first thing in his mind as any of his type might have considered what needs to be done without question and he nonetheless could easily have gotten rid of her HAD he wanted to, but he wasn't going to do her any harm. Other vampires in her position may give him a distant look his way without a second thought, he was prepared for the latter if that was how she viewed the man.

At least, that would have been the outcome since both are not on the same ground. She should be with her own people who may be looking for her at this very minute.

As for the blood, he has seen so much of that from his own hands, and thankfully, no one knew of his plight when it came to demolishing someone in the blink of an eye and not feel any remorse towards his deeds that the list was full enough that the page was running out of room to put any more. Didn't know whether vampires needed a blanket or not, his father was a full-fledged vampire himself who lived somewhere in Los Angeles, running his coven. 

The blanket was a pale blue, cotton and wool material he retrieved from the closet in his office, it was all he can do to keep the girl warm. He was no physician and had no clue about how to treat her race whatsoever. There was someone he knew that could be of service in such a situation that he reached out by closing his eyes hoping to get a certified physician who knew what he was doing. Shawn was a winemaker, an artisan, and counselor who also taught a combat school for those wishing to partake in defending themselves.

"Dr. There is someone here needing your services, please come and attend to her if you will"

His mind called, waiting. Then there was a return signal, a sign they will be there shortly.

A distortion, then a pure white light shone through the room, almost blinding whoever was in view. He hoped that he did not cause vision problems. The doctor was indeed licensed and certified to handle all ailments, but a vampire that was to be an enemy was another story, however, since Shawn did contact him in such tone that he got right to work, laying a black bag filled with medical tools that every doctor needed. "I will get you fixed up miss." He had a mustache, blonde hair, looking to be in his early or mid-fifties. 

This is Dr. Walters, he is skilled in the ways of medicine. You don't look like you up to do anything and I don't have any clue what to do since a medicine is out of my league you see.

Shawn had stated the facts to the lady in which, he didn't know who she by identification. His arms and hands draped behind him watching the doctor operate on the vampiress. 

"You are most welcome madam, I could not stand there and let you rot" 

Enough said as he smiled slightly.

January 12, 2018 01:41 pm

Raven Black

Being at home was something she was getting more and more stuck with since the kids are getting older. She couldn't believe they were 10 and 5 years old but same time she was proud of them. They were getting not only getting stronger and getting a handle of their powers but she could see more and more of Shawn in them everyday, especially Landon. Landon reminded her of Shawn so much that she misses him every day but she does know how busy he is with his duties and what they entail. She is happy none the less. Later on she noticed something was different, a familiar scent was around the realm again. While the kids were playing around she got up and noticed it was Shawn. She gave a small smile and decided to at least go see him. She sighed knowing she wouldn't be able to stay very long since no one was around to watch the kids but let her eldest daughter watch things.At times, especially now Raven was starting to become more and more of an independent woman who is taking care of everything, she didn't mind since it's for the kids but other things were put on hold which in a way puts her in a bind.

She vanished from the house, not caring what she was wearing at this point which was black baggy sweats and dark blue sweater with black tennis. Her long chocolate brown hair was down where it stopped at her lower back. She appeared in the neighborhood on the outskirts of the forest as her bright ruby eyes scanned the area seeing everyone was out today. Her small smile appeared on her face seeing everyone was having a good time then let her senses take over focusing on Shawn's presence, which happened to be nearby when she arrived. She followed it and she ended up at the same place where she was the first time it was opened, the vineyard. It was a long time since the place was opened. She smiled looking around seeing it was good to see this place open once again.

She did notice Shawn’s scent wasn’t the only presence here; there was someone else as well. From her senses she noticed the person was a vampire since herself was half so she was able to distinguish between different races. But she didn’t pay attention to them aside from the fact that no one was at the front, which she didn’t mind as her focus was still scanning around the vineyard remembering her first time being here “it’s been a good while since I’ve been here” mostly whispering to herself as she let the memories come back watching the snow. But sighed lightly knowing she never really came out to the neighborhood very much aside from taking care of the kids.
January 13, 2018 01:55 pm
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