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The Sins of the Father


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Eden McCarthy

She could have been the girl next door, that girl everyone loved but she wasn’t. Eden McCarthy had never been anything but trouble for those she knew - especially those who loved her. A life full of broken friendships and toxic relationships were what she’d accomplished with her life. When things got tough she ran, that’s just what she did and what she’d always done.

This time she’d told herself she wouldn’t go back, but there she was on a red eye from New York to Paris. It was the last place she wanted be. Once again she’d walked away without a word, she didn’t want to relive the moments that had led to that decision. How could she face that again? Easy, she wouldn’t that wasn’t the reason she was going back.

There had only been two people in her life that could draw her out like this. Jackson, who she’d left in Paris and then the one person even more important than him, her brother. Of course Adam was dead. Eden knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was by her own hand he met his demise. She couldn’t ever forget the moment that she’d fought for her life.

The single shot still rang in her ears. Adam couldn’t be reasoned with, he was crazed. It was him or her, she chose herself. That night on the streets of London had been the worst of her life, that was the night she lost everything.

The phone call came at nine in the evening on New Year’s Eve. There was evidence that Adam, the brother she’d spent most of her life searching for was alive. She knew it was impossible but here she was Paris bound. Her life was in a downward spiral, the truth she’d sought had been clouded by more deception. All of her questions were left unanswered. Now, however brief she had hope.
January 13, 2018 04:50 pm

Eden McCarthy

New Orleans - 2012

Adam had quit searching for his little sister years ago. He cared only about following any lead that might lead him to their parents murderers, his heart was set on revenge. For Eden the search wasn’t over. Ever since she’d aged out of the system this had been her life. She was constantly chasing him from one city to the next. Dorian called him a lost cause, but she wouldn’t give up on Adam. If he knew that she was looking for him maybe that would change things and that hope made her try harder.

Dorian was her brother’s long time confidante, he’d pulled Adam out of a dark place a few years back. It was Dorian who had found Eden hoping to help set Adam back on the right path but before she could be reunited with her brother he had disappeared again. Recently Dorian had spoken with Adam for the first time in months and he’d confided that he thought a vampire had killed their parents and that he was tracking them in New Orleans. Such a thing was impossible, vampires didn’t exist. This obsession with revenge was going to get him killed.

Eden couldn’t, wouldn’t lose the one person she had left in the world, someone she’d been searching for most of her life. She was so close to finding him now. Eden hoped that she would be enough to get her brother to abandon this pointless quest, but she was prepared to do what she had to do to get him back.

It had been close to a month since he’d come to New Orleans, no one had heard from since. Tracking Adam down might prove difficult. The city was vast and he could be anywhere. Thanks to Dorian she was in luck, she knew his scene and even though he’d cleaned up his act old habits die hard. She knew just where to start looking for her brother, only every bar in New Orleans.

Weeks of searching and she’d found nothing. ”Just come home.” Dorian had pleaded with her over the phone but Eden refused. Adam had given up on himself already and she wouldn’t the same. They shared blood. That meant everything to her and there was nothing that she wouldn’t sacrifice for that. ”He probably isn’t in New Orleans anymore.” Those words stung, that made all of this pointless. She knew that Dorian was wrong. As hopeless as she felt something told her Adam was still here.
January 14, 2018 03:01 pm

Eden McCarthy

New Orleans - 2012

Three days later…

The search for her brother wasn’t proving to be as simple as she had hoped. Eden had visited no less than ten bars in the past few days. There hadn’t been any sign of her brother. She was beginning to wonder if Dorian wasn’t right and perhaps she should give up on New Orleans. The one problem with that was she didn’t have any other leads. Where would she search? Giving up wasn’t something Eden did well, she was not going back to Chicago without her brother.

Vampires. Eden still couldn’t grasp the idea that her brother was here searching for some mythical creature that had supposedly killed their parents. To be sure the person who’d done it was a monster but still human nonetheless. Their killer had never been caught, this must be Adam’s way with coping. Making the culprit someone that would be impossible to catch. She wished it could be so easy. The sad truth was the murder of their parents had been vicious and premeditated, there were at least three other cases in other states linked to the same killer. No leads in any of the cases, closure was something all the families would have to do without.

Though there were no leads in her parents’ case, her brother’s new obsession had given her a one on where to find him. In New Orleans there were a few establishments that were rumored to cater to a “supernatural” clientele. The idea was ridiculous but if her brother believed it then she would follow. Eden had learned of a popular place downtown from one of Dorian’s contacts and that was where she would start her search tonight.

Appearance wise it didn’t seem much different from any other bar, it smelled of sweat and booze. Same rough looking crowds that could be found anywhere her brother could. Her blue eyes scanned over the crowd several times, Adam wasn’t here. She couldn’t have been so lucky. Eden made her way over to the bartender and slipped a picture of Adam on the bar. ”Have you seen this man?” She asked, with barely a glance he shook his head and continued to mix drinks. This wasn’t lost on her and a deep frown crossed her features. Her brother was far more important than a few drinks. ”Hey!” when the he still ignored her Eden began to become frustrated.

”HEY!” This time her tone was more forceful and accompanied by a small glare. ”All you have to do is look at the picture and tell me if you’ve seen this man. It will take thirty seconds. His name is Adam Kennedy.” This time the bartender took a long, hard look at the photo of Adam. Granted her was younger in this picture, it was the only one she could get her hands on but he should still be able to recognize Adam. The bartender shook his head again, she signed. ”Okay…

Her attention turned from the bartender and that was the first time she noticed a brunette woman with unusual golden eyes watching them too intently. Maybe she knew something . Before Eden had the chance to approach her the woman was came to her instead. ”Good evening, I think I can help you, I know a man named Adam Kennedy” the woman paused. “I’m Belle Noire.”
January 17, 2018 09:49 pm
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