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Players looking for a writing partner (or group) may place their ad here. If you have a story planned and need help this is the place. Please use the format below. The more information you give the better, be specific about what you're looking for.

Please be sure to update your ad often. To do so simply post your ad again. Someone will remove your old ad. Every 30 days the classifieds will be and posts from dead or inactive (not active in the last 90 days) will be removed. Ads that have not been updated in 90 days will also be removed.

If you have an alt please be sure to place separate ads for each character.

Character Name:

Short Character Description:

What Are You Looking For: (Be sure to include if you prefer first or third person)

How Often Will You Reply:

If you have any questions please contact Castiel.
January 13, 2018 05:26 pm


Character Name: 
Shawn Davidson


Short Character Description

Shawn's birth name is Samson Anderson, very few know this unless they are extremely close to him. He has pure white hair, icy blue hues, and light tan skin complexion standing 6'1 ft tall. He weighs about 182 lbs and has a cool demeanor upon first meeting with him. Does he intimidate all who approaches him? That isn't always his intentions to do so and tries to be as civilized as he can be towards those who get the chance to be in his presence for once.


What are you looking for: I am seeking angel partners who will protect earth and patrol alongside Shawn who has been doing his job continuously. One is male and the other a female angel who are committed together to fight against crime, protecting the realm from evil, that kind of thing. The groups' name is roleplayed out in character as an idea among the three. Players who write in the third person please, thanks.


How often will you reply: Regularly

January 13, 2018 10:15 pm

Haven McKinley

Character Name: Haven McKinley

Short Character Description: Haven is a previous vampire turned angel. As a vampire she was not a nice but as an angel her feelings have become conflicted and are becoming more so as time progresses on.

What Are You Looking For: Third person, don't do first person and it's rather confusing to have one person rping in third and one in first. Paragraph role play, doesn't have to be a book but three decent paragraphs at the very least. No particular plot line that I'm looking for, just to find new people to write with.

How often will you reply: I expect that 3 - 4 times in a week will be my norm, I'm just getting back into writing so sometimes it may take a little longer. I do work a lot of hours so sometimes that can hinder my time.
January 14, 2018 08:44 pm


Character Name: Annelise Luddington

Short Character Description:

What I'm Looking for:

The details of the RP I'm searching for can be found in the thread link posted below (it's in Paris, so you may have to travel there). The basic gist of it as well as rules are as follows:


I’m searching for a partner to write out this story with me. While I’m open to it going any direction, the premise is simply that your character is being hunted by my Slayer, Annelise. For this reason, I need a player who understands what powerplaying/god modding is and how not to do it. Annelise is an inexperienced Slayer and will very likely not manage to defeat your character.


Despite the fighting premise, I’m hoping to write a story that goes from two enemies to two friends or even lovers. You can message me for more plot details if you’re not sure where to start.


*Character must be a Vampire, Demon, or Witch

*Player must have great grammar and syntax

*Player must respond with more than one paragraph

*Player must be willing to engage in written out combat

March 18, 2018 08:06 pm

Naoto Nishida

Character Name: Naoto Nishida

Short Character Description: Naoto is a smug and plucky young man. He likes to flirt with danger even though it often bites him in the arse. Naoto is a thrill seeker but at the end of the night he is a big teddy bear. He isn't a bad person and even if he tries to act like he doesn't care about much he does in the end.

What I'm looking for:

*Third person, paragraph form, and proper grammar( No action stars or text talk)

*Someone who would want to brainstorm a plot or go with the flow

*Someone who wont godmod

*A steady roleplay partner

*In the bloodletting mailbox not forums.

How often will I reply: Regularly

April 16, 2018 10:59 pm

The Orange She Wolf

Character Name: The Orange She Wolf (Though she goes by Orange or Vitamin C)

Short Character Description: Orange (Or Vitamin C) is an Orange Werewolf that smells like Oranges. She is Weird and might freak you out at first, but you will probably like her. She can be of any alignment. shes pretty much looking for anyone and anything. She is generally a very friendly person.

What I'm Looking for:

*People that will stay with me and work out things

*Any Type of RP

*Any Person Point of View (Third Person, First Person, etc...)

*Any Lengths (It can be One-Liners, Paragraphs, etc...)

*Any Race

*Work at your own Pace (Whatever works for you, etc...)

*Anywhere in Bloodletting (Mailbox, Forums, etc...)

*Someone that can Help me and help my RP and RP'ing.

*Help with fleshing out my character and help playing a Wrewolf.

(Yes sometimes I may be Slow, but I'll get there! :))

How ofter will I reply: ASAP (As Soon as Possible)
April 26, 2018 12:57 pm

Jessica Lorraine

Character Name: Jessica Lorraine

Short Character Description: Jessica is 6ft tall with an average build. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She likes to wear a T-short and pants usually unless the setting is casual or the setting calls for a different outfit. She isnít a big fan of makeup except for eye shadow and her attitude over all in human form is awkward. Where her werewolf form takes control she has a more b*tchy attitude and a more smarta** way of doing or saying things. Overall she is loyal to her commitments and anyone she makes friends with.

What Are You Looking For: Any race, Any sentence length (just give me enough to work with), practically I have no high bar standards.

How Often Will You Reply: ASAP
June 11, 2018 09:44 pm
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