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Enchanted Little Things


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Elliot Weiss

As long standing tradition went, Magic's purpose was to help. To fix things. To make things better. Healing was a luxury that took most magicians a considerable amount of time to master. The unsuspecting world assumed that healing magic came instinctively to those who were blessed with the gift of wizardry, but that wasn't always the case. Elliot's discipline had manifested in the form of illusion and simple enchantments. While he was rather inept at his skill, there was still so much to learn. The difference was that Elliot could be lazy and thoughtless. Thus lacking the drive to seek knowledge because he'd considered as much to be an extracurricular activity.

So he relied on what came natural to him. Elliot was a talented legerdemain, able to conjure things quickly with the use of his hands and fingers. Today, at an small, simple coffee shop, he'd managed his coffee and scone for free, as he often did; The illusion of paper bills formed in the palm of his hand when he had slipped it into his pocket like was fishing for cash.

By the time he'd made it down the street and around the corner, the money in the cash register would be gone, and the barista would be none-the-wiser.

Elliot nibbled contently on his scone and sipped at his coffee. He was perched quietly on a stone step that he would likely have been shoo'd from should it's owner have caught him there. Gently, he placed his cardboard coffee cup down on the stair while his scone stuck out between where it was trapped between his teeth. When he brought his hands together, a cool sort of sensation sprouted between his palms. It was cool like menthol, but nipped at his skin like frostbite. He was wholly used to it by now, though. It wasn't as much of a shock as it used to be.

From between his hands a shape began to form. It was shiny, and seemed to reflect the light around it as it twisted and churned. It soon took on the general shape of an animal, with a torso and a head. From the torso long arms sprouted, and they seemed to match the length and general structure of of the legs that also formed. After a few moments, it would be come clear that the reflective animal in his hand was a gorilla. Once it was completed, it began to tumble around freely on his palm.

Elliot grinned and his lips peeled free from around his scone. As they did so, the gorilla had managed to climb it's way from the plane of his palm, up his arm and to his shoulder - Effectively lunging to grab at the scone. The little shiny animal swung freely for only a moment before it was pulling itself up, and then it perched in a still silence on the breakfast treat as it stared Elliot directly in the eye.

Those little temporary friends kept Elliot company on many days when he had found himself alone. Though they couldn't talk, he found them vastly entertaining. They were little pieces of himself taking form in spurts of bent light. The fire animals were far more entertaining, but also more dangerous. Tiny, flaming animals dancing around his loft was not the most wise of ideas.

"Come, little buddy." Elliot mumbled around the scone. The gorilla responded with a little sputter of vapor before it evaporated into thin air. "We have places to be now."
January 14, 2018 04:54 pm
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