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As Fate Would Have It


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Haven McKinley




All of the sudden her cerulean orbs snapped open. A brief moment of panic overtook her. No, she still had more time, she needed more time. ”No! No! No!” This wasn’t right, she wasn’t supposed to be here. She had to get back, but back to where? A confused and dazed Haven took in her surroundings the first time.

Immediately she scrambled to her feet. She was a sight standing amid the trash and debris in the alley. She recognized where she was, New York. It couldn’t be. Hadn’t she just been in Paris? Something wasn’t right. Haven for the first time in a very long time was frightened.

Only when she stumbled out the alley did her face turn upwards and she realized the sun was up. She braced herself for what would follow… nothing. Impossible. For a brief moment she enjoyed the touch of the sun’s rays before coming back to reality. This was not how it was supposed to work, no pain. Something was wrong.

”Are you alright?” The voice belonged to a passerby, she paid them no mind. All she could think about was getting back, she hadn’t had enough time. Back to where? Enough time for what? Haven't felt a hand on her shoulder, she twisted around. ”Leave me alone!” She spat at the stranger who just gave a shrug and continued on. She felt bad. Wait why did she feel bad?

Daphne. Suddenly it hit her. She needed more time with Daphne, she had to get back to her. That couldn’t be, Daphne was dead. ”You don’t belong here.” Her sister’s voice echoed in her mind. ”I’m sorry Haven, you have to go.” There was more she needed to say, she opened her mouth to plead for her to wait. Then the darkness had overtaken her. As she remembered those brief moments her confusion began to clear.

Damn it. She was dead… again.
January 14, 2018 07:30 pm

Haven McKinley

Dead. For a moment Haven stood there and let that sink in. She struggled to remember the events that had led to her demise but she was drawing a blank. How did someone forget how they died or even that they had died to begin with? That was a pretty life changing event. Something occurred to her, if she was dead but still here that could mean just one thing. No, no! So when vampires died they truly did come back as what they hated the most. Damn Daphne! This was all her fault.

This explained everything, that aggravating goodwill towards others and even her semi-amnesia. When Daphne had returned to life Haven recalled that her sister couldn’t remember a single detail of her previous life. Even now what Daphne knew about her past life was minor. Maybe it was a coping mechanism so that they didn’t tarnish their pretty halos. Why her she sure as Hell didn’t need help coping with her past. Haven had been a monster and she was okay with that. She wasn’t even sure how she ended up in this position but she didn’t like it at all.

The breeze shifted and she caught a foul smell. Her blue gaze twisted around seeking the culprit, they had to be close to her because it was very strong. There wasn’t anyone near her. Suddenly her eyes snapped back to the trash pile she had just pulled herself from. Oh.. God.. that smell was her. Disgusting. She needed a shower or multiple showers. There was just one problem… she had no money, credit cards, identification or anything. ”This is just great.” She couldn’t rent a room by the hour much less the four star hotel she typically had to settle for. A pond, a mud puddle, a bowl of water or just about anything would have done at this point.

Yes, oh yes. She did have things left that she wanted to say to her sister. They were less and less becoming with each passing moment. ”How are you going to drop me here? Yo--” Haven looked up and noticed people were starting to stare. She didn’t blame them, she was a sight. Anyone would have assumed her to be a homeless crazy lady or worse the way she appeared. ”Go.” She hissed at a woman holding a small child. She would not be a spectacle for them to gawk at.

Who did she know that lived in New York? A cousin… yes that sounded right but where? She shot the woman a snarky glare before mustering as much dignity as she could and sauntering off. She was determined to remember where this cousin of hers lived, that wouldn't be easy since she barely remembered her own name. This was going to be a long night.
January 19, 2018 06:54 pm

Haven McKinley

That night she spent seeking shelter in the doorway of one building until she was chased off and then she sought shelter in yet another. This was ridiculous, this entire coming back thing should be easier than this. There had to be others out there like her, how were they coping. Finding her cousin had been a great plan in theory but having nothing to go on simply left her out in the cold. Why, oh why wouldn’t her mind quit playing these tricks on her.

Haven wasn’t sure what was worse still smelling like garbage or not remembering the events leading up to how she came here. That morning she was shooed away from the doorway she’d slept in the night before and forced to wander even deeper into the city. As she walked the streets a sadness began to sneak up on her. It took a mere matter of minutes before she was seated on a nearby step bawling her eyes out. No! No! No! This could not happen, she would not let it! Despite every nerve in her body demanding that the tears stop she couldn’t stop bawling. These pesky emotions were not okay!

After a few minutes Haven managed to choke back her sobs and dry most of her tears, aside from the occasional involuntary sniffle she seemed to have herself under control again. The entire time two names kept coming to mind -- Daphne and Eden. Daphne, was her conniving angel of a sister but who was Eden? The name seemed familiar to her and along with it came a sense of hatred and love at once. Ew, this new life thing was screwing with her emotions too much. It was as though she was struggling against her very nature. Haven was actually ready to make a bargain with the Devil himself if to make it stop. Eden must be the cousin she couldn’t remember, there was no other possible explanation for the mixed emotions.

There were so many things to remember. Why did she hate her cousin? Why had her sister chosen New York? How did she end up dead to begin with? She could start seeking the answers to any of those questions if she could just get past her own stench. She couldn’t think like this. The time for drastic measures was long past. She needed only two things, soap and water. A long hot soak was what she craved but the sink in the gas station bathroom with no hot water and antibacterial soap would have to do.

The banging on the door was ridiculous, every five minutes someone was demanding she come out the bathroom. She would not! It was thirty minutes before she emerged. Her blonde locks were a tangled mess, clothes slightly damp, and her skin was red from scrubbing. She no longer smelled of garbage, in fact she smelled rather sanitary. It wasn’t desired but at least now her mind was clear.

Food. The first thing she needed was food but in order to that she needed money. Did that mean she would have to find a job? Well, this would be interesting...
January 20, 2018 10:03 pm
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