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To Be Human (Open - please mail)


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Jocelyn Fairchild

After being on earth a grand total of three days, Jocelyn struggled to understand humans. With a very few exceptions, when she divulged the truth about her origins or home, they laughed at her or stared as if she'd grown a second head. Why did they not take her word as truth? It was not in her nature to lie or use subterfuge. Granted, she didn't parade about with wings and other heavenly accoutrements on display, but was it so far fetched to believe angels walked among them?

Not only angels, but other beings as well. Did the humans not know they weren't alone?

She found the lack of faith to be disturbing. ‘I'm from out of town,’ became the default answer when asked where she was from, because she grew tired of the odd stares. They usually followed ‘Heaven’ up by asking what city. What did they mean, what city?

Heaven. The Heaven. God above. Choirs of angels. Paradise.

Instead of letting their disbelief get her down, she chose to spread faith when and where she could.

Jocelyn later discovered, thanks to the handy dandy magic box Sorin labelled a cell phone, New Orleans, where she landed, was in fact the name of the city located in the state of Louisiana, one of many pieces of land which made up the United States of America. That search, of course, yielded more information about more countries on earth. It was much, much larger than she imagined! Did humans inhabit all of the earth? How was it even possible? Her mind boggled at the scale.

Inevitably, Jocelyn fell into the trap everyone eventually falls into, supernatural or not: YouTube. All the kittens! And puppies. And adorable babies making faces. She spent more time watching videos than anything else. It took a firm mental shake to tear her attention away from that treasure trove… but she would go back later.

Back to the cell phone. Procuring it to begin with was another adventure altogether.

The salespeople were helpful, if a little puzzled when they discovered Jocelyn knew exactly nothing about cell phones. Technology in general, actually.

“Amish?” The man, whose name tag pinned to the blue shirt read Michael, asked.

“What’s Amish?” Jocelyn countered, garnering one of those she was becoming accustomed to.

She stifled a sigh and it must have shown on her face, because he didn’t press the matter further. He straightened began to patiently explain the basics of the cell phone’s different functions; how to make calls, send text messages, the internet, how to use the camera - what a marvelous creation! Jocelyn’s childlike delight at the camera in particular seemed to please and entertain Michael. He took the time to show her different features and filters, even went as far as to introduce her to Instagram and help her setup an account so she could share pictures she took in the future, and view others.

When she finally left the store, armed with a working knowledge of her brand new cell phone, Jocelyn felt ready to take on the world. She could do this.
January 16, 2018 12:16 pm
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