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The Lycan's Den


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Travis Faulkner

While Tiber moved towards the bar Travis had begun to sit on all the seats strung about the bar. With each new seat he would mumble to himself. Sometimes too hard. Sometimes too soft. Sometimes just right, but he still wanted to try the other seats. Finally he found himself sat next to Tiber looking jubilant as ever.

"Uh...I will... take what he's having?"

Travis was not a beer drinker by any means. Typically, he went for the hard liquor and only ended up with beer when there was nothing else readily at hand. Alas, he would give it a try.

It only took moments for his order to be fulfilled and, unlike Tiber, he gave a vibrant thanks to the woman. For a moment he stared at the liquid and tilted his head. What really was this kind of beer? His knowledge of the assorted brews were rather limited to Bud Light and Corona.

Tiber's words snapped him back to reality with grey hues darting over to him. "Is that a rule? Gotta drink before you are officially shown around? That sound suspicious."

The mug is lifted up to his lips before stopping, narrowed eyes gazing at Tiber. "Is this drugged? Are you gonna harvest my organs?"

After a few moments of intense staring, his bright smile returned with a rhythmic laughter. Clearly, he was teasing.
September 28, 2018 05:15 pm

Tiber Loche

"No, it's not a rule." Tiber spoke back. If one didn't know any better, they might detect a hint of sass in his dialect. "Sometimes it's easier to handle the hike when you're not sober." He grinned, knowing full well that the length of the Den's property was extensive. Tiber would show him where the cabins were and subsequently who lived inside of them. There might even have been a detour planned along the way.

It was hard to carry a bunch of Halloween decorations on his own. Travis was an extra set of hands. He could totally pass it off as necessary.

"I personally have no interest in your organs, but..." He lowered his tone, making a show of the way his eyes darted around and carefully considered who may have been listening, "Just be thankful that Derek isn't here."

Derek. Bro senior. The broski of all bro's. Tiber isn't sure that Travis has had the chance to meet him yet, but... That would provide it's own entertainment in time.

He cleared his throat.

"I mean, just enjoy it, yeah? Tab' has all sorts of stuff behind the bar. Anything you could imagine, really. Go crazy. We'll hang out here for a short while, if you don't mind. Been a long day."
September 29, 2018 03:11 pm

Travis Faulkner

A look of amusement overcame the male's visage at the unexpected sass from Tiber. Little did his companion know but Travis used to go on hikes with his father's hunting group playing the part of the perfect, masculine son who just loved to hunt. It was exhausting playing the part some times, but the hikes were worth it.

Although he was a city boy, he had always been a hippie at heart.

For now, he would tuck that aspect of himself into the back of his mind. Tiber didn't need to hear about his past life. Nobody did.

A brow arched upwards at the man's sudden, suspicious behavior. Travis leaned closer and also looked around, even though he had no clue what to look for. He replied in a low tone, "Who is Derek? Does he want my organs?"

The sound of the man clearing his throat had Travis return to his original position but his eyes still looked around.

With Tiber content at the bar, Travis departed but didn't move far. He looked up towards the ceiling as he spoke. "What, am I tiring you out? Gotta work on your stamina, Tiber." A devious chuckle fluttered from his lips as his grey hues fell to the man.

"For once, I'm content taking my time. It's weird. Must be something in the air. Or the beer."His mug was lifted to emphasis it before the beverage was brought to his lips for a sip. It really wasn't so bad for a beer.
September 30, 2018 08:41 pm
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