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2017 Winter Bloodies Awards


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Cersei Lannister

Best Coven
The Basement
Runner Up: The Faceless

Best Sanctuary
Runner Up: Sonder

Best Overall Crew
Runner Up: Azhi Dahaka

Most Missed Crew
After Dark
Runner Up: The Lycanís Den

Most Missed Character
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Adara Doe

Best Angel
Quinn Abernathy
Runner Up: Camille Hammond

Best Slayer
Gideon Abernathy, Ella Donovan
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Best Werewolf
Tiber Loche
Runner Up: Caitlyn Darrow

Best Vampire
Victor Lockheed
Runner Up: Jameson Orlav, Mordred

Best Witch
Theodora Hawthorne
Runner Up: Lucius Dalca

Best Demon
That Girl
Runner Up: Lucifer Morningstar

Best Overall Character
Jameson Orlav
Runner Up: Gideon Abernathy, Summer

Best New Character
Atticus Hammond
Runner Up: Isis Dracul

Most Promising Character
Isis Dracul
Runner Up: Theodora Hawthorne

Most Original Name
Tiber Loche
Runner Up: Belinda Arch

Most Original Character
Gideon Abernathy
Runner Up: Jameson Orlav, Atticus Hammond

Most Terrifying Character
Spring Taylor
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Friendliest Character
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Quinn Abernathy

Most Helpful
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Saddest Death
Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Daniel Mowbry

Best Baddie
Spring Taylor
Runner Up: Isis Dracul

Best Writer
Camille Hammond
Runner Up: Caitlyn Darrow, Gideon Abernathy

Most Improved Writer
Gideon Abernathy
Runner Up: Isis Dracul, Summer

Best Character Background
Quinn Abernathy
Runner Up: Ronan Boru, Camille Hammond, Gideon Abernathy

Best Bio
Dessa Chambers
Runner Up: Miryam, Gideon Abernathy

Best Roleplay
The Sound of Letting Go - Tiber Loche
Runner Up: The Forge metal working & gunsmithing

Most Envied
Mackenzie & Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Caitlyn Darrow

Most Adored
Caitlyn Darrow
Runner Up: Quinn Abernathy

Best Moment
Tiber Loche delivering 3 heads
Runner Up: Spring declares war on EVERYONE

Saddest Moment
Gray dies for Spring/Grayís death
Runner Up: Fall of Requiem

Best Couple
Gideon and Quinn Abernathy
Runner Up: LillyEmperium and Ronan Boru

Catchiest Profile Quote
Katherine Murray
Runner Up: Sprew

Biggest Addict
Runner Up: Elouise Orlav

Sexiest Man
Tiber Loche
Runner Up: Zarek

Sexiest Woman
Mona Marie
Runner Up: Camille Hammond

Best 70s Pornstache
Lloyd R Darrow
Runner Up: Camille Hammond

Realm Robin Hood
Taylor Ainsworth
Runner Up: Mackenzie, Camille Hammond

Realm Batman
Mackenzie, Jameson Orlav
Runner Up: Ronan Boru

Best Beard
Solomon King
Runner Up: Tiber Loche

Biggest Kahuna
Runner Up: Jameson Orlav

Realm Lush
Katherine Murray
Runner Up: Tucker Reid

Realm Houdini
Runner Up: Victor Lockheed

Best Suit
Tiber Loche
Runner Up: Zarek

Most Eligible Bachelor
Jameson Orlav
Runner Up: Sprew

Most Eligible Bachelorette
Katherine Murray
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Realm Longbottom (Best Glow-up)
Atticus Hammond
Runner Up: Dragon Shade, Dimitri

Best Elder
Dr Van Helsing
Runner Up: Smith

January 20, 2018 11:34 am

Shannon Taylor

Congrats to all the winners and runner ups - especially those being nominated / winning for the first time!

January 20, 2018 10:55 pm


Well done everyone. Though I think you spelt Tanvir Buckley wrong under 'Most Missed Character', but that's cool, I get it. Tanvir isn't a common name so it's easy to forget. You can all make it up to me later. January 26, 2018 06:00 pm

Quietus W

Wait, Dragon Shade is not playing anymore.
It is another character?

Anyway, good job everyone.
February 05, 2018 01:27 pm
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