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Dempsey Kasdeya

Dempsey watched from outside the window of the apartment that Thomas currently resided. He was still unsuspecting that he was being followed, he wasn’t very aware of his surroundings. Especially, when his space was being overtaken but the bimbo red head that had been visiting him every night for the past three weeks. Tonight, was the first evening Dempsey had been outside the window and the redhead wasn’t present, which meant tonight was the night to confront Thomas on his scoundrel behaviors. It wasn’t very nice of him to be seeing another woman when Dempsey cared so deeply about him. She would show him her worth, and show him just how much she cared about him, but first she needed to enter the house undetected.

It wasn’t a difficult task, she had done many times while Thomas was away at work, or while he was sleeping next to the hideous red headed girl. She had snuck into the darkness of his house on multiple occasions, but tonight he was fully conscious, and she needed to make it inside without alarming Thomas. She didn’t want him to notice her sulking inside his apartment, giving him time to alert the police of a possible presence.

The soft rain that cascaded around her made, her dark curls and clothes cling to her face and body. She didn’t look very dangerous, and perhaps that was what made her more terrifying. She was a lion hidden inside a lamb’s body. Light brown fingers reached into the satchel draped across her body. The first thing she removed was a pair of latex gloves, she slipped them first over her hands before pulling out the show coverings, they were like hairnets made specifically for shoes. They were a godsend when Dempsey discovered them, something more to help her identity remain a mystery. The final item she removed from the bag was a beanie, which she placed on her head and tucked the damp strands of hair under.

Another precaution.

This was how she always dressed when she entered Thomas’s home, she wanted to be a surprise to him. He liked surprises.  

Dempsey did a quick supplies check, before pulling the stolen house key copy from the cool chain that rested between her breasts. When Dempsey had stalked her first victim she hadn’t been as cleaver. She used a lock pick kit, but as people grew wearier, locks become more difficult. It wasn’t till her fifth victim that she started making copies of the keys. She had stolen the key the first time she had snuck into Thomas house when he slept. Her copy had been made that night and his original returned to the keyring before the sun even rose above the horizon.

Inhaling a breath of damp air Dempsey tossed a quick look over her shoulder before slipping the key into the lock. She twisted till she hear the tumbler click, and the metal lock slipped open. With a hesitant smile she slipped into the dim apartment, locking the door behind her, before returning the key between her cleavage.

“No, no, no. Maria isn’t coming over tonight. She’s getting to clingy. I needed a break otherwise she would’ve packed a bag and moved in.”  A laugh followed the deep voice that belonged to Thomas. He had answered the phone sometime between Dempsey shifting away from her perch at his window and her journey to the front door.

“Yeah, she’s good but I don’t want to lead her on.”

“Thomas.” Dempsey’s voice came out as a whisper, barely audible to Thomas as he rattled on about the red head.

“Yeah. Come on over. About an hour should do. I need a shower. Yeah I’ll leave the door unlocked. Bring some booze and we’ll put the game on. See ya in a bit.” The handsome man hung up the phone and slipped the cell into his pocket before Dempsey tempted to speak again.

“Thomas.” This time her voice rang out around the apartment, and Thomas jumped before turning towards Dempsey’s direction.

“What the fu-“

“Shush, don’t say anything. I’m here now.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“The only person that really cares about. I know what you need Thomas to be happy. I’m here to give it to you.” Dempsey took a step forward, her voice was soft a façade to alleviate alarm. 

“Look I don’t know how you got in here and you’re pretty and all but I’ve got a girlfriend.”

“She doesn’t deserve you, Thomas. She can’t have you. You belong to me.”

“You need to leave.” He made a move towards the door, passing by Dempsey in a swift movement. He was trying to usher her out of the apartment but it set Dempsey up for the perfect kill.

“She doesn’t love you. I love you. I know you, and soon you’ll love me too.” The truth was, Dempsey wasn’t capable of love, or feelings, but it was easier to explain her obsession in terms of love. People didn’t understand the real reasons, it was a simpler explanation.

“Listen lady you need to go or I’m calling the cops.” His back was still turned to her as his fingers fiddled with the lock.

“If I can’t have you. No one can have you. I’m sorry it has to be this way.” With a swift hand Dempsey reached into her bag, pulling the twine from the pocket. She smiled for just a split second, watching her Thomas stand there unsuspecting. It was a millisecond of time that she would cherish for years to come. The moment she would dream about. It was the moment of purest joy, the moment where she was in power and he was completely at her whim, unsuspecting that he would take his last breath due to her hands.

“I’m sorry Thomas.”

“How do you know my name?” He was beyond irritation, he was bordering anger which meant now was the time to act. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

Dempsey slinked up behind him, but he felt her presence and quickly turned. It was always the moment of hesitation that led to a man or woman’s demise. He wanted to defend himself, but all he saw was a weak girl in his presence. He wanted to protect himself, but he didn’t want to harm this stranger. It was that hesitation that told Dempsey Kasdeya it was time to kill.

In a flash she had the twine around his neck, pulling tight to cut off his oxygen supply. He was fighting, reaching for her, trying to knock her away, but she held firm, pulling tighter. Even when he knocked a heavy fist against her head. She pulled tighter, and tighter till his face turned blue and a small trickle of blood leaked from the sharp splinters of twine digging into his neck. It was a matter of moments till Thomas lost all of his fight and Dempsey let the body dropped heavily to the floor.

“I’m sorry Thomas. Now we can be together forever in the afterworld.” Dempsey leaned back against the wall, pulling a camera from her bag. She snapped a picture before replacing the camera with her journal. She usually spent hours in her victim’s house. Reminiscing, spending time with the body before saying her final farewells. Today would be no different.

Leaning over the dead body, she pulled the phone from his before opening to see who the last contact was.


With a smile Dempsey sent out a text.


Change of plans.

Maria is coming over. Talk later.

DUDE. Not cool. Bros over man.

You’d pick her over you too if you saw the knockers on her.

Man it better be worth it. We’ll chill tomorrow.


Dempsey sent the last text before powering off the phone, slipping it back into Thomas’ pocket.


Today I lost Thomas…


Dempsey began to scribble along the thick pages of her journal, detailing the events of the day, leading up to the moment she killed Thomas. 

January 22, 2018 08:02 pm
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