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The End of some, The beginning of others


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*Topside. Not at all what she had thought it to be. So bloody cold and yet the thoughts that ran their course through her tortured mind, thoroughly seemed to warm her. That was until her first encounter. An 'angel' or one that gave themselves the title. Either way their day was coming.*

*She shuddered as she thought of the encounter, the contents of her stomach promising to revolt and come up. The image seared within her mind. Her saving grace? She wouldn't be alone this time.*

*This time she'd called upon one she had admired from afar to join in the destruction and death of this so called angel. First there was work to do, training, plotting, and then they would see it through. One day at a time.*
February 03, 2018 09:02 pm


*Stalk her. Gain Intel. Train. Slow process and yet extremely vital to complete what must be done. Good thing, Lyl was patient for the most part. Though it was tedious and honestly quite boring she would see it through to the end*

*She didn't give up easily nor did she quit something once she started it. Regardless if she performed the actions alone or with others, she always finished what she started. Most would say it was her pride but she believed it to be her stubborn determination.*
February 04, 2018 02:13 pm


*First order of business, finding a place to stay. If they were going to stay any length of time they would need a place to rest. Spotting a newspaper stand she made her way towards it. Grabbing several she set the money down and went to sit on one of the many benches.*

*She was looking for specifics. She wanted a place that had plenty of space and two bedrooms. They would kill each other if they were always on top or under foot of each other. Looking through the paper she found several possibilities.*

*A grin formed on her lips as she went to physically choose the one she thought appropriate for the two. Settling on a semi nice area she looked to the manager. She hoped she wasn't rusty in some of her more charming attributes. Smiling she leaned closer to the male as she whispered in his ear. Within moments she had keys in hand and was heading to scrub his touch from her skin. How she had ever liked the touch of a mortal was beyond her. Now it revolted her and made her want to vomit.*
February 05, 2018 04:37 pm


*She went shopping next to furnish their apartment before he arrived. She wanted to make sure they were set for the duration. Of course she had made a side trip back to hell in order to make sure he was well supplied.* February 06, 2018 10:16 am


*Things changed constantly, here in the realm. At least she had found it to be so thus far. One thing though remained constant in her life. Azazel. He was her constant. The one thing she could turn to in time of need, the one thing that never strayed or changed in anyway. It had only taken her milleniums to realize it. *

*As he was away on business she kept busy. She continued to find any and all information out on their current target, she trained daily. Not just her body but her mind as well. She wanted to be the best there was and that took diligence and discipline. Something she had plenty of. *
March 02, 2018 08:50 pm
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