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Bloodletting addict!


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Lucifer Morning Star

*Hand up in the air.*  Hello my name is Lucifier Morning Star.....and I am a Bloodletting Addict!

It all started in 2008, and has spiraled uphill since. To the point in the real world, my daughter was born in 2010 and she was named after Mackenzie here......only cuase the other half didnt like the name Danni,  Baset or Bennie for our daughter. And  quite litterly smacked me for saying Loralei.

Feel free to jump in with your addiction.

February 06, 2018 01:51 pm


Happy to be your fifth choice! 😂 February 06, 2018 06:13 pm

Tanvir Buckley

Poor kid 😉 February 06, 2018 06:37 pm

The Orange She Wolf

I just started few days ago so far so good, now get you some orange juice! April 26, 2018 10:01 pm
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