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Reid Funeral Home


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Tucker Reid

Reid Funeral Home is as ordinary as one might assume. Outside the building is white, and could easily do with a coat of paint. But it's uniform, and it matches the pale wrap around porch and the sign that hangs out on posts on the front lawn. Gold leafed letters read 'Reid Funeral Home in a plain type of font. An explanation of it's services are not necessary, but the short list is a follows;

•Funeral Services
•Graveside Services
•Memorial Service
•Embalming Services

Along with the members of the Realm who have been employed at Reid Funeral Home, there are several other employees who visitors might see both on the clock and off. Staff services include Elyse, Lucy, and Mathew.

Elyse is closer to Tucker's age, and came on board right around the time that Tucker took over, when the business came out of escrow and was declared his own. She, like Mathew, is a funeral director. She speaks mostly during graveside services and memorials.
Lucy is a young woman who applied to RFH before Tucker's father passed away and he took over. The girl knows more than even Tucker, easily. When any of the other staff have trouble, they generally look to her for guidance. Lucy is the business manager.
Mathew is the eldest and more religous of the group. He has been employed for longer than anyone else currently on the payroll, and sermons mostly on Sunday's for families who want a personalized, deeply spiritual service for their loved one.

There's an under crust to the way that Reid Funeral Home operates, too. Lesser known services that they provide only for the superhuman and un-dead members of the Realm. At Reid funeral home we understand that accidents happen. We promise that there is no better choice for your call when you're in a bind. When you need an out, give Reid Funeral Home a shout.
February 08, 2018 04:27 pm

Tucker Reid

[Reid Funeral Home is officially open for business.] April 04, 2018 07:10 pm

Gideon Abernathy

A proposal finds him standing outside the somewhat dilapidated building, finishing the cigarette between his lips. He’d been on the lam when someone by the name of Dovima reached out to welcome them to LA, so he hadn’t received it until mere days ago, when he’d gotten himself a new phone.

And now, a proposed alliance. Strange, considering they’d never even laid eyes on each other. Some say he is very off-putting, after all.

Flicking the butt away, he ascends the stairs with a somewhat weary gait. A distrustful man by nature, he’s sure he’s not walking into a trap. All the same, he’s experienced enough to keep him always on his guard, and Dovima did warn him that Tucker Reid is a grumpy man.

Perhaps they’d get along.

An unassuming woman stands behind the counter, offering a warm smile as he makes sure the door doesn’t slam behind him. He returns the expression easily, black eyes even going so far as to crinkle at the corners. There is a quiet air about the place, exactly what one would expect in a funeral home, so Gideon won’t speak until he’s standing across from her.

“Hello, I’m actually here to see Mr. Reid, I’m sure he’ll be expecting me.”

Ever the confident one, he waits until her form has retreated to cast a scrutinizing gaze over the front room. A funeral home, of all things.

But how convenient.
July 14, 2018 11:56 am

Tucker Reid

"You've been a delight, Mrs. Mueller. It's been a pleasure." Lengthy legs spin him 'round the other side of his chair and he disposes the latex gloves he'd been wearing into a bright red bin. Mrs. Mueller had been in great shape for an eighty four year old woman, and it made Tucker's job much easier. The jewelry pieces and clothes her family sent over for her to be buried in left little detective work for him. They'd shipped her on over less than twenty four hours after her death. Evidently she left behind a sizable estate. The sooner she was in the ground, the better for her relatives.

A stray moment of consideration had him hoping they'd treated her better in life than in death.

After he untied the plastic apron from behind his back, he slipped it off quietly and tossed it into the sanitation bucket (the one that was sat snugly next to the medical waste bin that he'd tossed his gloves in before). He would have Rhiannon or Logan come down to help him secure Mrs. Mueller for viewing, but not until she'd had time to rest.

+Tucker?+ Lucy descended the staircase very quickly. He had often wondered how she'd never managed to trip and fall on the way down. +There's a man upstairs asking for you. No appointments today, but says you're expecting him?+

He nodded in confirmation and gave a very deceased Mrs. Mueller a quick pat on the shoulder before he followed Lucy back up the stairs and out to the foyer. His stride carried him quickly, but Tucker was in no hurry. He hardly ever hurried anywhere, unless it was dinner time, and was quite the leisurely sort even though it didn't always seem that way.

"Hey there," Tucker appeared from behind a corner that spat him out from a long hallway, "I'm Tucker." He introduced himself with an extended hand and a smile. He didn't recognize the man who stood before him, but if he'd insisted that Tucker was expecting him, then he must have known who he was.

As someone who'd sent out numerous posts over the course of a day or even a week, he was usually prone to forgetting. Logan was right. Maybe he really did need an assistant.
July 14, 2018 05:10 pm

Gideon Abernathy

As someone who’s been surrounded by death on a pretty regular basis, Gideon can honestly say he’s never stepped foot inside a funeral home. That’s neither here nor there, as there’s plenty of buildings he’s never been in; hospitals, airports, any kind of federal building. But the scent of this particular place is… unsettling, and he’s forced to wonder what kind of people took up residency in such an abode.

Occasionally, from somewhere in it’s depths, he could hear noises. Be it people bumping to and fro, or footsteps overhead, the structure seems to carry every sound through it’s bones, and it only adds to the man’s uneasiness. He has no idea what to expect; this meeting could go well… or not.

And then what?

He hears someone approaching, so he dons his forced air of pleasantry. As Tucker rounds the corner, he would be greeted with a winning smile, though delicate in it’s delivery. “Gideon Abernathy,” he answers, taking the proffered hand and giving it a firm shake, “it’s a pleasure to finally put a face to the name.” Dark eyes rove over the man’s form, committing every minute detail to a frayed memory as he contemplates. Tucker is not what he was expecting. Then again, he wasn’t expecting anything, right?

“I’m sure you know why I’m here,” he continues, not wanting to waste time. “I thought it prudent to discuss your proposal in person. No sense in making friends with a stranger, right?” There’s humor in his tone, though it’s hard to find in his eyes.
July 14, 2018 07:07 pm
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