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Into Hiding


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Circe De Pont

Cici paced the small cabin she had sought shelter in. Her scent masked to high heaven. It would be no easy task to find her. Of course that was what she was hoping for. Not to be found. Squatting down she touched the top of Mako's head. "Looks like it's just you and me boy. We are used to that though. Stop worrying. I'll eventually be okay."

Question is would she really be alright or was she just trying to convince her companion? Truth was she had no idea if she would even survive past a week on her own but she had to try. Eventually the others would stop looking for her and then she would just be a distant memory.

Though it was mostly what the small angel wanted a small part of her couldn't help but hope at least one person wouldn't give up. She'd messed things up greatly but somewhere deep on the recesses of her heart she hoped one could be forgiven.

Perhaps to understand what caused the angel to go into hiding one should start from the beginning. She herself wasn't sure just where the beginning was. She sighed as she allowed trouble thoughts to run through her fragile mind.

She started life, a child of a *****. A witch but a ***** nonetheless. For years she questioned where she belonged and what exactly she was. Born to a witch she learned later in life, she was part Phoenix, angel and pixie. A combination she would grow to hate eventually.

Since arriving in the realm, she had a made a mess of her life. First as a witch she got involved with a vampire. Bad combination for her. Freeing herself from him she swore she would stay to herself but loneliness is a killer and that was the last thing she ended up doing.

It was then he came to the realm. Dark, handsome, dangerous. The first man The Father ever created and yet Cici couldn't seem to walk away from him. Adam, the one who wanted to protect her and yet the one she didn't turn to. It was an instant connection for her with him and yet the one thing Cici had never been was brave. She brushed it aside as one sided and didn't look back until yesterday.

Hearing Mako, Cici breaks free of her thoughts and moves to the window. "If you're going to be out take a message to Sera. Tell her I'm okay. But watch out for Adam. He still wants to eat you." She opens the window allowing Mako to go free.
February 16, 2018 06:43 pm

Circe De Pont

Having set her only companion free, Cici's mind begins to cloud over with her thoughts again. How had she managed to get herself into this mess? That was a question only she could answer once her thoughts weren't so scrambled.

Her eyes closed lightly. Not in sleep as she figured it would be a long while for that but in deep thought. She thought she had figured it all out and that she was doing good. Boy was she wrong. Adam had been right about most things. One major thing was her inability to be by herself.

Though, she had seen plenty of evil in her life she still only tended to see the good in others. Where there was none, she tended to place in her own mind good of a person. Most of it was her own hope for people and immortal creatures alike. She held hope of a brighter tomorrow. It was also her major downfall.

She sighs softly shaking her head. If she continued with such thoughts there wouldn't be much left of an already fragile mind worth saving. Her only hope was that stuff would work itself out so she could at least pretend to lead a normal life.
February 18, 2018 07:53 pm

Circe De Pont

I should have just stayed, i thought to myself in the darkness of my mind boggled by my captors. I never should have come out of hiding. I never should have tried or allowed myself to feel. I knew better than to make any kind of movement at the moment least i take another blow to the temple. Had i just thrown everything away for a moment of feeling wanted? For a moment of feeling like someone cared?

As i laid in the darkness of my own mind i made a vow. Should i live through this i was checking into nunnery. No room for temptation there or for a moments weakness that could destroy everything.
March 12, 2018 09:24 pm

Circe De Pont

Opening her eyes Cici blinks several times. When had she fallen asleep? Shivering against the cold she took several steadying breaths. Running her hands over her body she sighs. It was just a dream. A horrible, terrifying dream. They couldn't find her. No one could. 

Standing she moved to grab another blanket her mind turning back to him. Her mind was always on him. She could say one thing for sure, never had she felt this way about anyone. Her time here only strengthened her feelings for Adam and she was prepared to do what was needed to make it known to him. 

If by some chance he didn't feel the same for her she would learn to move on even if it killed her. She held out hope that even a small part of him did feel for her. Though she wad getting better handling her emotions she wasn't ready to face the world just yet. 

March 15, 2018 10:30 pm
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