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The devil's going to set me free


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Autumn Summers

Prepared to wait however long it takes for Gray to answer, Autumn picks the fresh drink up and this time savors Johnnie the way it’s meant to be. She also takes a moment to simply admire her companion. He’s an attractive man. She’s a woman. Sue her. They could hate each other to the marrow of their bones and he’d still be physically attractive. That will never change.


Interesting, though vague. She refrains from an immediate reply. The redhead can be patient if needed, and she suspects he will elaborate further, which he does.

And damn near makes Autumn snort alcohol out her nose, a round of coughing right on its heels. She’d been in the middle of another sip when Gray awkwardly made clear his stance on siring children. Poor timing, that.

“Oh, I never…” Another hack, caught between a laugh and a cough. The glass clanks down onto the table, lest she dump its contents out while attempting to learn how to breathe again. “Death by alcohol, never thought-” she clears her throat, eyes watering, “I’d go that way.”

A few more snickering laughs bubble up as she daubs at her eyes, wicked amusement shining in them. “Pardon me. I’m sorry. You should’ve seen your face. Rest assured, that was not and never will be an option for me, even with your handsome self.” Autumn is absolutely tickled. She can’t help it.

With supreme effort, she pushes forward. “To answer your question: for now, there isn’t anything I want or need that I can’t get for myself. I am loathe to depend on anyone for anything, if you’ll recall.” A sardonic smile. Stubborn and independent to the bitter end. “But…” Autumn purses her lips, amusement fading. “Have you ever had a feeling you can’t shake? It’s like when you barely catch sight of something in the corner of your eye but when you look directly, whatever it was is no longer there.”

She shakes her head, frustrated. “I can’t explain any better than that. This may be business as usual to you, but a certain amount of trust is required on my part, and oddly enough, I still trust you.” To a point. “It may be nothing. If anything changes, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, the only thing I want from you is friendship.” Truth.
September 20, 2018 12:39 pm
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