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Past Perception


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It was funny how something like a memory can sneak up on you, like a shadow slipping unnoticed as the sun slides down over the horizon, so too can memories encroach upon the mind. Slipping softly forward until you find yourself swaddled in inky darkness, if only the things we remembered were as comforting as the night. Tonight seemed to be the perfect night to lose oneself to the past, so that is just what Aurelia did. Though this trip down memory lane was anything but voluntary.

It had started around 6 o'clock, that familiar fluttering in her chest. It was as though someone had shoved a bird into a much too small cage and it made her restless. Calling a trusted friend to watch her child, Aurelia pulled on the old bomber jacket she so loved, relishing the comfort it brought and once her friend had arrived she stepped out into the night. Frigid air struck her face, momentarily calming the shaking that had begun in her hands but it didn't last long.

"It's in the past. It can't hurt you now." Even she couldn't believe that, voice cracking as the soft snick of metal through flesh sounded in her ears.

"It's in the past. It can't hurt you now!" A soft voice begging through the sobs to let her go.

"It's in the past! It can't hurt you now!" The deep voice giving her praise that, even now, made her skin crawl and a sick shiver of happiness twitch down her spine. "No!" It was a ragged gasp, her feet moving from slow amble, to brisk run, to flat out sprint. Unfortunately one can't outrun a hallucination. No matter how hard they try.

Panic brought her to a small park, the brief warm weather having coaxed a few of the more hardy blooms forward to fill the greenery with small spots of color. How lovely, she might have enjoyed it, had she not been wretching into the dew slick grass. Still the sounds played in her head and she staggered away to a small fountain. After splashing her face with the ice cold water she kept her eyes closed till she caught her breath and the sense of spinning had stopped. When they opened how she wished she had kept them closed, but what does hope ever get you?

The eyes that met hers were wide, too wide, with manic glee. Lips stretched over teeth in something that couldn't even be called a smile anymore, her fair skin spattered with red, already drying to sticky brown. The water rippled and slowly he was there, black hair and blacker eyes and that same slow smile. He always wore it when she had done something that pleased him and as his hand touched her reflections shoulder she could hear him clear as day.

"You've done so well, Aurelia. You've done so very well."

The sound that tore from her could barely be described as human as she skittered back away from the fountain and its reflections. Slipping on the grass several times Aurelia finally collapsed onto her side, panting as the sobs tore their way free. She hated nights like these, when she couldn't outrun the past. She was ashamed of the things she had done, even if they had earned her immense power, they still haunted every step she took.

Her hands shook so violently she could barely text as she sent the message to all of her contacts.

"Please. Anyone. Help me."

Resting her temple against the wet grass she made no attempt to control her rapid breathing as she was lost to a time long in her past.
February 25, 2018 01:49 am

Asher Noble

"You know we really have to do something about your dramatics" a familiar calm half tired voice coaxed. The virgin haired male hadn't been far off when the woman was having her scene of sorts at the fountain he himself had been checking the night blooms he nurtured in the park. He couldn't help but follow his friend when she had taken off of course with her acting so strange at such a late hour it would only end poorly on her own. "Lia, I need you to open your eyes." the voice came out sweet and gentle as he placed one of the night blooms into her hair taking her hand.

Past demons, past nightmares forever to haunt like spirits in the shadows of night or day, these were things Asher was all to familiar with and fending them off often left him with less energy but a better understanding of those who also fell victim to such traps." Placing her shivering, clammy hand against his sweatered chest he he took slow deep breath in, "I need you to breathe with me alright, can you mimic it?" then again out in the same slow sort of way.
February 25, 2018 03:13 am


That familiar voice drew a soft sob from her, "A-asher. Oh gods." Of course it had to be him, the one that called her dramatic at every turn. Did he think she wanted to react like this? Who in their right mind would voluntarily act like this? Brown eyes met his own and her fingers curled around his. Why did he have to be the one who found her? Anyone else she could have just them a potion or spell backfired. It had to be the one who actually knew something about her past, even if it was only a little.

Attempting to mimic his breathing was harder than she thought, especially when she could see him standing over Asher's shoulder with that smile. "Go a-away. You're not real." The plea was so pathetic as she looked up at the man no one else could see. "I'm not y-yours anymore." The figure leaned down, his nonexistent shoulder fading through her friend's head.

"You will always be mine, Elly. Always."

The phantom seemed to flip a switch in her mind and she retreated from him. "No. No. No. No." Grass stained her jeans as she backed away from Asher, real fear in her eyes. She had never let someone see this happen to her but she was scared she would lose control in the house and with Alice there she couldn't take that risk.

It followed her, always smiling the same awful smile as it spoke.

"You were my best Pupil, Elly." A sob in reply.

"Always so talented in extracting the very essence of life." Please stop!

The face seemed to grow more demonic, twisting with rage as it loomed over her making her cower away from it.

"You will never wash the innocent blood from your hands! Elly you will always be as fetid on the inside as I am!"

The pulse of magic from her would likely knock most off their feet as she cast a ward around herself. She couldn't stop the sobs, broken by cries of "It won't come off", as she scrubbed her hands against the grass trying to remove the blood only she could see.
February 25, 2018 03:48 am

Asher Noble

"Well here I thought anyone would do, sorry if my presence was the last one you wanted to see" he muttered, feelings hurt a bit as he watched her wiggle and run about.

"So just accept it" Asher wasn't going to get up from his spot on the ground and chase the woman who was in obvious upset. "Lia you know me, you know I don't sit and deal with the flares of emotional outbursts, I'm always far to tired for that." He pointed out as he stood wiping dew and dead grass from his jeans. "I can't see what you see, that makes it hard to help  I know but one thing remains the same. They happened in the past, it can't be undone so it has to be moved on from. YOu can't change what you did back then so forget it and become someone better in the now." Half of him didn't know wh he bothered to talk when he knew exactly how this whole scene was going toplay out anyway.

"Lia you can focus on what falsities your brain has produced, or you can focus on the rfeal right now, you can tell that thing to suck it and burn in hell or let it continue to hold its grip inside your mind. Personally I thought you were smart enough todistinguish the realities from those brain creatures." He walked over to where she was staring, whatever she was staring at was right there he knew her eyes wouldn't focu on anything else.

"Look, I can walk right through this mirage, because that's all it is, it can't hurt you" stepping through it offering a hand to her, "Why don't we gp get coffee instead. I know a place that makes thingsd out of the foam ontop."

February 25, 2018 11:39 am


She panted, digging shaking hands into the grass before she looked up at him. She was slowly managing to force back The fear, to lock it back into its little box in her mind. The fear was still there but now it was joined by something else. Anger.

The ward faded around her as her eyes focused more solidly on him. Yes, she was quite angry at the moment. Her hand reached up slowly, passing his own and she was suddenly pushing him as she stood. Tears glistened in her eyes, she pushed him again.

"You thought I was smart enough? What does that have to do with anything? Do you think I don't know it's in my mind? Of course I know it!" She was sick of him calling her dramatic. Sick of him blaming her for losing control of her emotions sometimes. She was human and she was tired of it.

"I'm sorry I'm can't be as perfect as you Asher. I'm sorry that I can't keep my emotions under a tight rein. But God's be Damned I apologize for reacting to the man that made my life hell. Even catching a whiff of the Cologne he wore makes me want sprint in the opposite direction. I'm so tired. I'm tired of the mental wards. I'm tired OF the potions to sleep. I'm tired of the irrational fear that he is going to claw his way out of his grave to drag me and my daughter away. Don't tell me to accept it!" Her voice had been steadily rising and she shouted the last words at him.

"I know it's not real to you. It's not real to others. But it is to me Asher. I don't get to block it out. My mental wards only work for so long, that's how strong my fear of him is. But you know what's worse? One of my closest friends telling me that I must be stupid because my fears won." She took a step away from him.

February 25, 2018 08:24 pm

Asher Noble

He recognized it in her eyes before her palms even made contact; taking a small breath in as every nerve in him wavered in fear of what this outcome was going to be. Yet he was not wrong in his assumption of how it ended. Swallowing past the lump in his throat as he felt the palms against his chest.

The second hit knocked the air out of his slim frame. W-when did I ever insult your IQ Lia! He states firmly, he shook just slightly, true, confrontation often left him with anxieties but he wouldnt let her take that away from his statements. His answer stern, hands balling into fists not in anger but in a way to will him to keep forcing himself to talk.

I get your ptsd, I get you have triggers. He offered her a stern look as he kept his distance to not be hit to hard, she could always get angrier with more of her misconceptions of what he was trying to say. I have my own....they are far different and every word Ive said is what keeps me in check when faced with the visions.

He bit his cheek rubbing his arm, how could she get mad about his beliefs in her dramatics when she was showing it, when she wanted to yell about his lack of such things, did she not understand it was from past scenes like this with same people he cared about that caused him to brake, to rebuild and lock himself up and hold himself in certain demeanors. You wanted help...I knew how this would end but I was know.. an extreme sadness crossed his face for a moment.

Rubbing his arm he shook his head, I wont try to help anymore, Ill leave you alone....Ill make sure you wont be able to accidentally alert me to when you need help. Turning he headed down the path out of the park.
February 25, 2018 09:36 pm

Barney Stinson

I hauled myself out of bed and stretched for my phone. The tone of course was a familiar one and one that I made sure I replied to. Reading the message I was heading into the shower faster than I thought and getting dressed even quicker. Opening a portal I ran through it and soon appeared in front of her door. I was about to knock but realized she wasn't there. "Good thing you can't hide." I said as I turned and ran off in the opposite direction.

I found her but she wasn't alone. The conversation that I caught told me they were close. Good I thought he's not going to harm her. I got closer but stayed a few steps away because I had no clue what was going on. "Aurelia, what's wrong?" I asked after the young man had left.
February 26, 2018 09:37 am

Circe De Pont

Cici, had been tied up and it took longer than expected to reach her closest friend.  Finally honing in on Aurelia's location she shook her head at the scene before her. Asher, a male who to say the least didn't care much for the angel,  her dearest friend and then Barney. Well wasn't that just the icing on the cake. 


Swallowing the lump in her throat she shook her head. She would take the wrath of Autelia's powers if it came down to it, though she deeply hoped it wouldn't. Not given another glance at any of the males, Cici's strides were long and calculated as she approached. Placing a hand on the shoulder of the woman in question she kept her voice soft. "Its alright, love. Just breathe for me. Look at me. "

February 26, 2018 06:53 pm


His words were like a calculated blow. Pain bloomed in her chest as her eyes widened and she reached out after his retreating back. What had she just done? The world splintering around her was practically visible as the figure loomed back over her, it smile lazy and slow.

Barry's voice shocked her, making her jump visibly. The gentle hand on her shoulder and the soft touch of Circe drew out the emotions she'd been bottling up. Tears filled her eyes and with a sob she turned into her friend's embrace.

The lack of sleep, the stress, the fear. It had all gotten to her and in reaction she'd done something so stupid. Snapping at her friend, he had decided to cut ties completely and she felt the loss in her very core. Some part of her was embarrassed that Barney was seeing her like this but she was nearly swept of her feet by the sadness engulfing her.

"I couldn't control it Circe. It just hit me and I had to get away. God's I'm such an idiot!" Her knees buckled and she knelt there, letting the shame sink into her even as her phantom friend whispered in her ear.
February 26, 2018 08:27 pm

Circe De Pont

 Cici lowered to a crouch holding onto her friend, her own troubles forgotten for the moment. She never raised het voice in despair or frustration as she spoke. "Hush now. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over. Doesn't make us any less of who we are. Just means we feel. "  She soothed softly as she stroked her friends hair. 

"Doesn't mean it's not real or can't control us. However hard things are sometimes we just can't cope.  Doesn't make us weak or stupid. But i will say this and i will say it only once, if you don't learn to fight it it will consume you and Alice.  We can only help so much. "

February 26, 2018 08:35 pm


*It took Lilly a minute to see the message. once she did, she made her way to Aurelia's*

Aurelia....dear.... You ok?
February 27, 2018 06:27 pm


Her body was shaking, rejecting the effort she was making to force her breathing into a normal pattern. She hated that her friend's were seeing this but she knew they might be able to help her defeat this monster her mind so loved to torture her with.

The mention of it consuming Alice was enough to make a cold sensation lance through her body. "I won't let it hurt her. I won't let anything hurt her ever." The declaration was barely a whisper but the conviction on her face was obvious as she stood on trembling knees, leaning on her friend as she faced her ghost.

His expression curled into a cruel sneer as he watched her steel herself. "Oh, Elly what can you possibly do? I'll always reside in your darkest nightmares." For a flickering moment Circe could see him as Aurelia barked back at him.

"You're dead you old bstard! You took in a young girl who had just lost her family and twisted her into a monster. I've abandoned the things you've taught me. So just go back to hell where you belong!" Her words preempted the burst of white energy that struck him, a purifying spell. His sneer stayed even as he faded and Aurelia hid her face against Circe's shoulder.

"Oh God's.. I've Never had the courage to do that. I know he's not gone for good but.." Her voice subside into soft sobs as she realized she is managed to face her biggest fear, even if only in a small way.
February 28, 2018 08:34 pm

Circe De Pont

"No but this was a big step in the right direction. You now know you have the courage to face it again." She continued to hold her friend as she soothed and spoke. February 28, 2018 09:30 pm
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