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Saito Eiji

A tiny oval was all he had to admire his home from, the silouhette of Sendai appearing framed by the encroaching dawn. It was a more than welcome sight to the sallow man sagged against the cold plastic surrounding the porthole. Dark bags hung under his eyes, their hollow expression filling with whatever energy he had left to muster. The past week had taken a gluttonous toll on him, both spiritually and physically... He could still feel it, his parasite, lurking where the light didn't touch. The fiend bode its time for when sleep claimed the priest again, when it could freely burrow into the most delicate parts of his psyche and whisper foul nothings of contempt and doubt.

It was an insidious gift that came along with his latest task, the latter half of which had been entirely self-imposed. His thoughts drifted to the empty seat he had purchased next to him, his hand absentmindedly lifting to reach towards it. Aching, he gently stroked the companion that no-one else could see. More for the dog than for himself, it was a token of reassurance. Crimson red scratches crawled up from his splintered fingernails, gifts from last night's nightmare... No part of him blamed the beast for the entity that had chosen to latch onto him, and he hoped it could understand that through such a mundane gesture. It was only natural for all things to seek serenity, and this suffering would be a small price to pay to give it rest.

"Almost there, Inugami." Eiji whispered, unkempt tendrils of coal-hued hair obscuring his eyes. Vacancy died to a dim warmth as he tilted to glance at her, cracked lips splitting into a smile. "Excuse my friend, he's not as sociable as I am. Ota's his name."

Their eyes would disconnect then, as he thought to his handler of the past twenty years. It was Ota that helped him process his connection to the unknown, and convinced him to steer away from who he was when he was younger. His fingers lifted for a moment, as he reminded himself how close he had been to the edge; his two smallest fingers lacked fingerprints, and beared formidable scars... That close, he thought, to being Yakuza.

"I'll have to tell you more about him sometime. After we see him."
March 08, 2018 02:57 pm


Admittedly, saying goodbye to Father Davies - and the church that had been hers for centuries - was harder than expected. Eiji and the Priest had dug up her bones without incident, and the unveiling of her skeleton had taken a visible toll on the man. Gyldi never thought leaving that place would have been difficult, but seeing Davies’ warm eyes brim touched her still heart. He made his farewell short and to the point, thanking them both for their services to the church, and her for her companionship. But as they set off on their way, the beast couldn’t help but to turn back for one last glimpse of her makeshift home and the man that had been good to her...only to see the tears finally fall as her incorporeal form faded from his sight.

She couldn’t help but feel excited, though. There had been no real future for Gyldi; she was doomed to spend eternity on the sacred grounds of the church, each day blending with the last. Now, while there was still no real chance for her, it was at least different.

For once, she was glad to be dead; to say she was overstimulated was an understatement. Time stood still in that quiet church, but everywhere else, it droned on, bringing change and technology that she had no idea how to fathom. And so many people. She’d thought Eiji’s eyes so strange, having never encountered an Asian before, but there were so many like him. There was such variety in people now, and that was just the beginning of everything to take in.

He took her into a wheeled carriage made of metal that went faster than anything she’d ever seen. Then they got into a tubular carriage that was impossibly long and held an impossible amount of people, and she thought to herself, how strange that the world could simultaneously feel much larger and much smaller. Everything was bright, even during the night, as they’d learned how to harness lightning and put it into small glass balls. The only reason she knew of the light’s nature was because, when she reached out to harness her electric abilities - dampened as they were - the bulbs pulsed and dimmed.

Gyldi wanted to take everything in, she wanted to explore and discover and understand. But her freedom came with a price that was paid by her savior, and it took its toll. She was careful to not leave his side, for as much as she wanted to see everything, she was also terrified of it all. He would attempt to sleep wherever he could find a spot, but it was fitful and restless. Something was plaguing him, and she could do nothing but watch. Her warding abilities had waned considerably with the instability that came with digging her up, and the guilt that racked her was enough to send her into a panic as she watched him tear his fingertips apart with his vice grip on whatever he could get his hands on. Occasionally, he would seize violently, and she’d taken to laying her head on his chest to attempt to ease his rest.

It was when he reached out and absently tangled his fingers in her fur that she pulled back in shock. He could...he could touch her? Even in life, there weren’t many that would touch her freely; either they were afraid of her fragility, or they were afraid she was contagious. So, naturally, she’d always been touch-starved. But was as if she had a connection to the waking world that she’d never been offered, and as she laid her head back on his chest and felt that muted touch - muffled, much like a child covering their ears to ignore what they don’t want to hear, only with the sense of touch - she wondered just how special this man was.

A week later, and they were aboard a plane (don’t get her started, she’d always wondered what it was like to be a bird). She was staring out the circular portal to the sky when Eiji’s hand reached out to stroke her fur, and she automatically leaned into it. There was an undeniable comfort in his touch, one that she hadn’t felt since her mother-- no, she had to force her thoughts away from that, at least for now. He spoke, and her ears perked at the strange word he used. Being in an English church for so long, she had picked up on the language fairly early on, and even adapted to the changes in the dialect as time passed. This word, she’d never heard before. However, her keen hearing picked up on the voices around the plane, and the strange sounds were very similar, so she could only deduce that English wasn’t his first language.

Something she found very endearing about her new companion was that he didn’t hesitate to speak to her. He talked to her with full knowledge that she could understand him, and she guessed that he’d been lonely for quite some time. Eiji spoke of another man, Ota, and she committed his name to memory as well. Gyldi would never forget anything he told her. Absently, she even thought about how content she’d be to remain his companion, for as long as her strange existence afforded her.

As if to remind her of Eiji’s looming fatality, the plane suddenly began to rumble violently. Instinctually, she stiffened, moving just that much closer to him as a soft whimper emanated from her chest. Was this how he died?
March 08, 2018 08:08 pm

Saito Eiji

"Don't worry, we're just landing."


Despite the dull glow that the menagerie of monitors that surrounded his desk bathed him in, a faint sliver of golden light that leaked through the perimeter of the curtains irritated him. Pale fingers drew away from the well-worn keyboard that had been carefully positioned on his lap to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Another long night putting together leads, and browsing some obscure imageboard... He felt the compulsion to get up from his plush deskchair, walk into his bathroom and take a shower, but he wouldn't. Or rather, he couldn't. No matter how hard he willed it, his legs simply would not respond. Putting forth the effort to travel the thirty feet seemed too high a price to pay for hygeine, at the moment. He'd wait an hour, or a week, and then he'd get around to it. It's not like a hikikomori, a hermit, had anything like company to look forward to.

"Oh, right." He thought aloud, pushing shaggy tendrils of black hair from his bagged eyes. It had been a couple months since he had been home, thought they spoke over the phone most days... Except for this past week. Ota'd only received a short text announcing his friend's homecoming. Eiji was probably the only person he would willingly be in the presence of, so he'd have to muster the energy to atleast be presentable.

Handling an executor of Ordo Umbra was lucrative enough to afford him some small luxuries, like a built in shower chair... Which he might have used, if Eiji hadn't installed it so poorly. It seemed too much of a hassle to call a professional, so he opted to run a bath instead. The steam might soothe his eyestrain, he mused, as he discarded his clothing. Just above his navel rested a permanent reminder of the bullet that shattered his spine, and forever cut his lower half off from control. With an empty glare he'd glance at his atrophied legs. At one point, he might have manually exercised them, but nowadays he simply couldn't see the point.

Bathing was always a struggle, but he'd become adept enough to ease himself into the steaming water with little consequence. His head would fall back against the rim, letting his lungs fill with the warm precipitation. There were already more jobs for him to issue Eiji, but he wouldn't tell him right off. He could stay for a while.


Sendai was a city filled with lush foliage that balanced itself against the industry of modern society; every skyscraper in the distance was sure to be surrounded by tall sakura trees that canopied the sidewalks. In Spring, the entire city would be bathed in their pale pink hue. Eiji's gait was a bit unsteady, but his expression was far more relaxed than it had been recently. Unnerved pedestrians would walk a few extra steps around him, probably assuming he was plagued by a more mundane type of illness. This didn't seem to bother the exorcist much, he'd been avoided for far less reasonable rationale.

"I'll have to take you to Rinnoji Temple after this. It's beautiful, and the god there is an inugami, like you." A small chuckle rumbled from him, as he recalled the first time he met Date. "But he might just rattle on about the Masamune family, and preserving their legacy or something. But you'd like the gardens. They're peaceful."

The climb up to Ota's apartment was an arduous three flights of stairs... Something that, when he was more lucid, wouldn't have been a hassle. Bedraggled and breathless, he'd push the door open and step past the threshold. His best friend of the past two decades would be found behind his desk, staring down his digital hydra of screens, hair still damp.

"Took you long enough, boke."
March 11, 2018 11:21 pm


Eiji’s homeland was bright and colorful. Subconsciously, she hoped they'd stay until spring; Eiji had talked of pink leaves on the trees and the stories that were passed among campfires didn’t even seem quite so fantastic. There were so many people, rushing to and fro, yet it was bizarrely quiet. Everyone seemed reclusive, expertly weaving in and out of each others’ paths and keeping to themselves.

As the initial shock began to wear off, she noticed that everyone - everyone - seemed to be giving Eiji an especially wide girth. Glancing up at his face, she wondered what it was about him that was so off putting, yet he didn’t seem to mind. Really, if she had to guess, she would say he preferred it that way.

Or maybe he’d just convinced himself he did.

As he spoke, Gyldi picked up on that word again. ...inugami, like you. Her ears instantly perked; like her? There were others like her! She leapt about him for a moment, showcasing her excitement to meet this kindred spirit. Perhaps this inugami could pass along some information about her existence that she was unaware of.

They came to their destination, and she followed behind him on the stairs, keeping his pace. It wasn’t lost on her that he wasn’t handling the ascent well, and a soft sigh escaped her as she nuzzled his hand apologetically.

However, her focus was garnered elsewhere as he let them into the apartment. Stopping in the threshold, it was all she could do to take everything in. The place was admittedly small, but the space was filled with so many glowing squares that mimicked the flashing signs outside in everything but size. Before them sat a man in a strange, wheeled chair, and she could only guess this was Ota. As they exchanged words in their strange language, Gyldi took it upon herself to bound inside and prop herself up on the desk that held all the main sources of light.

Displayed across them were strange images and symbols, some moving and some not. She canted her head to the side as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing. If she thought hard enough, a memory of Father Davies chastising a teenager for interrupting the sermon with what could only be described as a handheld version of this came to mind.

Unable to fully understand, she soon lost interest and turned her attention elsewhere once more. Primarily, Ota. She walked around his odd, wheeled chair a moment, wondering why he sat in such a contraption. But, as she looked more closely at his legs, she noticed how weak they were, and her heart sank a bit. He was frail and sick, just as she had been; so illness was still prominent in this new age. There was no denying the disappointment in her earthen hues, and she could kick herself for thinking that sickness would have been eradicated.

Gyldi doesn’t have time to dwell as she all of a sudden catches the gaze of the man before her. Still, she wasn’t exactly sure he’d been looking at her, so she twitched her tail from side to side to see if it caught his attention. Sure enough, his eyes fell to her again, meeting her gaze, and she recognized that yes, he was seeing her and not just an empty space where she stood.

She wondered if Eiji knew.
March 15, 2018 10:24 pm

Saito Eiji

"Sorry I've been so absent. I was lost in Jotunheimen for about two weeks alone, Norwegian trolls like to make camp where there's no cell service... And that emergency call to England had some baggage." Eiji glanced at the Black Dog, as it sated its curiosity on the marvels of Ota's apartment. Not that he could blame her; some of the things in here baffled him, even. "Baggage I'm still dealing with, unfortunately. I can't stay long."

Ota's expression fell, though he had expected as much... It was a rarity that Eiji was home for more than a few weeks at a time, which usually wasn't much of an obstacle for their friendship. "How soon?" He asked flatly, stuffing away his disappointment.

"Soon. I'm sick of field rations and river water, and I assume you've eaten nothing but cup ramen..." Eiji continued, reaching over to tip over a short stack of empty styrofoam cups. He caught Ota's fleeting dismay, but letting himself stick around too long would just endanger him as well... He'd done his best to keep his parasite at bay, but it was undoubtedly dwelling in some dim place nearby. "How's hotpot sound?"

"Fine. No cabbage, though." Ota turned his chair away then, setting his fingers back to the keyboard. Ever since they were kids, that had always been the way Ota'd show his irritation. Back then, Eiji would have sat across the room and pelted him with tiny paper airplanes until he drew enough ire to be shouted at, and then they'd both have a laugh. This time, he'd just get to work. A stomach full of sukiyaki would have to suffice as his apology.

Ota reclined in his chair, breathing a sigh of contentedness as Eiji picked the last few pieces of steak from the bottom of the pot and shoveled them into his mouth. If Eiji had any particular talents outside of his disposition for the preternatural, they were most certainly culinary. His mother had done a thorough job of ensuring he wouldn't end up like so many other kids once they left home, subsisting on convenience store food and poorly steamed rice. Ultimately her teaching didn't stop him from living like a vagrant whenever his work demanded it of him, which was often. But a warm meal with a familiar face was good for the soul, all the more so if it's well prepared.

"I'll be back before long, and I'll spend a few weeks at home." Eiji expounded as he scrubbed the hotpot and put it atop Ota's fridge, where it would wait until Eiji needed to apologize for something else. "I just need to work something out. Nothing serious, I promise."

Ota gave him a questioning look before nodding, accepting that it was something he probably didn't want to know anyway. He shifted towards his computer once Eiji started to leave, only pausing long enough to look after him with a sinking expression. "We should go see Dad when you get back. Don't take long."

Eiji nudged his companion with his foot, giving Ota a final nod as he left the apartment. A weight had already started to come off of his chest; he'd almost forgotten what it was like to feel so at ease.

"I'm going to need your help, my friend. Do you mind?"
March 18, 2018 05:08 pm
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