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Mackenzie is hurting. Anyone would be able to figure this much out upon seeing Solomon King's name in the Obituaries. The two are close, and she loves him dearly. There is nothing she would not do for him, and while she knows that sentiment might not be true in the reverse - she does not care. Solomon is everything pure in the world, and she would always protect him.

That said, it would come as no surprise to the citizens of the Realm when they saw the poster plastered about. Once upon a time, Mackenzie had been known for her rash and outspoken ways. As the years went by, she became quiet and subdued.

But not this time.

Someone had shattered a piece of her heart, and for a woman that has very little left to give - that is a big deal.

March 24, 2018 02:14 pm


Seven days.

Two hours.

36 minutes.

12 seconds.

And counting.

Mackenzie's greatest flaw is her persistance. Time and time again, this is what happens. She meets, she loves fiercely, she loses, she waits. The amount of time during her unlife spent doing just that is alarming, and still she does not falter in her ways.

Mackenzie had been with Victor, bloodied and up to no good when it started. A date, much like their very first outing. They tortured a household, made a spectacular mess of everything and themselves, and had their way in the home of their victims. She almost didn't pick up the phone, but something in her gut told her to get it. It hadn't gone over well at first, but within minutes she was clean and dressed, on her way to the hospital. Later, she would marvel at Victor's patience in the situation. Much, much later.

They asked her to identify her friend's remains, it is not lost on her that she had been had been listed as an emergency contact. It causes her to wonder who else might be, but the pickings are slim. The child found help, they told her, but it was too late. She didn't see anything, instead finding him when she came back from using the bathroom. Mackenzie shut down. They acted as though Lucy were hers, and she did not bother to correct it. The truth would only make matters worse.

As she stared down at the figure she would always recognize, she can only shake her head. A huge part of persistance, many would find, is denial. No tears were shed inside the cold room, nor once she reached her vehicle with a weepy child in tow. All would return to Sonder, and Lucy put to bed. Repeatedly, she would ask about Solomon, and every time Mackenzie would assure her that he was just fine.

Mackenzie would not declare Solomon King dead.

There would be no announcement to Sonder, nor a true eulogy upon a painfully marked grave. She would not contact the fire department he'd worked at, or visit the graves of his wife and daughter. Instead, she would insist he get up and return to her life. She would tell him that he owes her this much, for how many times has she turned her life upside down just to make him happy, and safe.

She would, however, reach every corner of the Realm. Mackenzie Brooks had put out an offer that surely would not be refused. A large sum of money in exchange for information that would lead to the person that harmed her best friend. It was only a matter of hours before she received a call directly from the culprit.

It had been blessedly brief, though the tension in the air around her is high. There are no apologies from the man, no reassurances of a lack of suffering, or acknowledgments to the great pain in her heart. If there were air to breath, it would surely cease to fill her lungs as time slows down. Mackenzie stood in the kitchen screaming at the man on the phone through angry tears, her voice growing hoarser by the second, and there was nothing. It was as if it were all simply a business transaction, and she the unlucky sucker at the sh-t end of the stick. She would tell Victor everything after this call, and finally admit to only him that the man is gone.

Home in the cabin, she would be reclusive, giving time sparingly. To interact with others is to be forced to face the truth, and Mackenzie isn't quite ready for that. More than once, she is faced with a dilemma. A stockpile of booze left before her door with a note. Lingering glances from other residents, as if just waiting for her to explode. Victor's hard stare, silently reminding her that her behavoir is not acceptable. In the midst of everything, Victor would be her escape just as much as her reminder.

And then there's Lucy.

"When's Sol'min comin' home?"

The tiny voice gives her no reason to believe that anything is suspect. It pulls her from her thoughts as she observes the clean coffee mug where it sits upside down on a towel. The girl truly is adorable, and it is clear how Solomon came to love her. Yet despite that, there had to be a great deal of pain in that love, for those marks he left upon her are healed though obvious. While Solomon gave his heart to the child, Mackenzie stilled her own, having none to give.

" a bit."

Mackenzie can only mutter her response, electric blues shifting to pierce the girl's gaze as she holds onto her own lies. "Time for bed, little girl."

It's early. But there is something in her flat tone that tells the girl not to argue this time, and Mackenzie is grateful to skip the debate tonight. Instead, Lucy would take her leave after stepping up to Mackenzie and hugging her around the middle. Grubby little hands would tug at her to meet her level, and when she does, the vampiress is gifted a kiss upon her cheek. "Goodnight, Kenzie."

She watches as the usually stubborn child toddles her way to the stairs, up, and away. Several moments of silence would follow before she speaks again.

"I know, Victor."

His name escapes her in a sigh, and Mackenzie carries herself to the loveseat upon which he has been perched. Sitting heavily beside him, she folds into his side easily. What feels like eons ago, he had once told her that her affinity for her unusual friendship was her own way of asking him to share her. Not just the friendship, but the way she molded her life around it.

Placing her head upon his shoulder, she knows his patience is wearing thin. Mackenzie is pushing Victor to his limits.

"I will figure it out. I promise."
March 30, 2018 02:35 pm
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