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Tucker Reid

The moon followed Tucker everywhere he went. In every aspect of his life it had affected him in one way or another. There were (at the very least) three days every month where the man would remove himself from his societal responsibilities and hide away from the world. His own safety was important, but not so as the safety of others. To this day Tucker had managed to keep his kill count at zero. He intended to keep it that way.

Tonight Tucker filled the back seat of his truck with down and fleece blankets, and fluffy pillows with freshly laundered cases. Moon be damned-- they'd soon fill up the bed of it where him and Dovima would enjoy the cool air and clear sky. This before he locked himself away for the remainder of the week.

On his way to pick her up there would be multiple stops along a line of fast and favorite dinner joints. Because thai noodles were his life, but a steak burrito also sounded like it might just hit the spot.

Vee, of course, shares his hearty appetite and would partake in the pigging out accordingly. Something he wholly appreciated about the woman. There were no facades or ill-kept appearances to keep up with-- A genuine concern he'd struggled with during his move to the city.

But now? A concern he had no more.

Tucker jammed his truck into park after it slowly rolled to a stop on the block outside of her apartment. Vee knew he was on his way, but Tucker couldn't remember if he had told her an exact time. It was no matter, because he'd already hopped out of old faithful and started along the sidewalk and into the direction of her door. Of course there would be a buzzer box that he'd use to beg entrance.

But do you think he could remember which apartment she was in?

"Ugh." The man deflated and muttered something rash beneath his breath. His phone slipped out of his back pocket effortlessly and without pause he shot off a text to the girl from her doorstep.

I'm downstairs. Forgot your apt#.
March 29, 2018 11:58 pm

Dovima Bastet

Another day. A new adventure.

Vee, more than most members of her immediate and extended family, possessed a wild spirit. She lived for spur of the moment trips to anywhere. Bonus if they included Soleil Whitaker, or Tucker Reid. Those two became integral pieces of her life before she realized it happened. Now Vee couldnít imagine it without them.

So, when Tucker sent her a text about running off for a few days, she accepted in an instant. The offer for símores had absolutely nothing to do with her decision. None at all.

Letís be real, thatís a dirty lie. Vee had a notorious sweet tooth to accompany her love of meat and spicy foods. This penchant for spice, sweets, and meat was likely a driving force behind the friendship the pair forged. Itís all about maintaining a balanced diet, right? From there, the mutual fondness grew.

She appreciated it more than he knew.

The worn backpack waited next to her entry door, filled with a couple changes of clothes and other necessities. Vee was not a stranger to roughing it. She loved being outdoors, more if the location allowed her to shift and stretch her legs. To be her in truest form, without restraints.

Soleil knew her secret. She wondered - would she ever tell Tucker?

No time to consider it further, as her phone chimed. Well, a chime wasnít an accurate description. Her notification sound was the first few notes of the music for underground worlds in Mario Bros. On top of the rest, Vee loved games, old and new.

Reading the text message, she had to laugh. Typical luck for the man. He rarely caught a break. Perhaps this very fact was one thing that made him so endearing.

Text to: Tucker
Thatís gonna cost you a símore. Iíll be down in a sec.

Vee stuffed the phone into the right rear pocket of her jeans, did one last check of her home and backpack inventory, and headed out the door after slinging the backpack over her shoulders. She took the stairs down two at a time. The building was equipped with an elevator but she liked the activity the stairs provided.

Lucky for Tucker, Vee made sure he was out of the doorís proximity, lest she crack him on the noggin when she swung it open. No blood noses today, thank you.

ďHey! All set to go. Fair warning - I am one of those dreaded people who sing along to the radio. If you donít have one, or turn it off, Iíll sing anyway,Ē she grinned and draped a familiar arm around Tuckerís shoulders. ďYou never did tell me where weíre going, except your secret place. Do you plan to or is it a surprise?Ē
April 05, 2018 01:22 pm

Tucker Reid

Vee arrived in a hurry, but Tucker didn't expect anything different. In some ways she reminded him of a hurricane, as her presence was impossible to ignore. She had yet to bring as much destruction, and hoped that it stayed that way.

"Unfortunately for you, I don't have a radio." Tucker claimed, both his tone and his face completely straight and somber. But the seconds felt like hours, and his composure cracked before hardly any time had passed. "Kidding. But if my ears start to bleed, I'm turning it off." He teased.

A thin arm draped around his shoulder and Tucker had to resist the urge to grab her bag and carry it to his truck. It would have been the gentlemanly thing to do, sure. But he'd gotten himself in so much trouble already trying to be polite that it seemed to make more sense to wait on people to decide for themselves if they wanted any help. Of course, he risked coming off as rude on occasion, but it was a choice that he'd surmised to live with.

"It's not a surprise technically." He mused, leading way to the truck which was just steps away (luckily for them), "But it'll be more fun if you don't know where we're going." He grinned. "For me, anyway."

Tucker's fingers slipped beneath the passengers side door handle, popping it open for Vee. He'd wait until she slipped inside before jamming it shut and making his way to the drivers side. Once in, he'd flip the key and bring the engine roaring, leaving the radio navigation to the girl at his side.

"It's all yours." He laughed lightly, his hand finding the manual shift on the floor somewhere in between them. "The drive isn't too long. You'll only get a few songs in. For now."

Releasing his foot from the clutch brought the truck to life, it's engine roaring louder than most vehicles in the area. Driving through the city usually earned him dirty glares and off-hand comments. He didn't intend to buy a truck that burned so much oil. It just happened that way. It got him from A to B, and with little money to spare, he made due with what he had.

"Hopefully the weather holds." He quipped, offering a sideways smirk.
April 25, 2018 08:44 pm
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