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Here comes Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail. OH NO! *Crunch*


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*I was jogging down a forest trail wearing nothing but a tank top and hoodie, my hooves making soft thumping noises along the forest floor. I was listening to Jesus Frankenstein by Rob Zombie, blissfully unaware that a rabbit crossed my path and I had accidently crushed its skull with one of my hooves. I stopped and sighed as I looked down. I lifted my hoof up and removed the bunny.*

Welp. looks like Easter got canceled.

*I went to my black house that resided in Transylvania holding the dead rabbit and getting ready to cook it. My tail went to work on relieving the rabbit of its jammies and guts before I hung it to drain it of its fluids.*

April 01, 2018 01:45 pm


*I received a phone call from a friend letting me they were on their to visit.*

Hey Mercy! Glad to know you're coming by. Oh, um I hope you like rabbit cuz that's what we're having for dinner.

*Mercy wasn't pleased.*

Rabbit?! Why?

*I shrugged.*

Well it was an accident. I was jogging and I wasn't paying attention and there it was... Beneath my hoof.

*Mercy groaned.*

You got Easter canceled! Oh look, here's Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail. Oh no, here comes Shelly! Splat!

*I replied.*

Eeehhhh, it was more of a crunch.... I stepped on its skull.

*Mercy gave me another tongue lashing.*

You're awful! You know that?

*I rolled my eyes.*

Do you want rabbit or not?

*She sighed.*

Fine, I'll give it a try.
April 01, 2018 06:40 pm


*Mercy was a tiny woman of Arabic orgin wearing boots, jeans, and a red hoodie. The rabbit was boiled into a stew and aroma was intoxicating. Mercy inhales the scent.*

Wow, ok that actually smells really good.

*I made a bowl for her.*

I used some herbs and cooked with moscato wine.

*She gets a taste.*


*I pulled a bottle of root beer that had a bit of alcohol in it.*

Want a bottle?

*Mercy shakes her head as she takes another bite.*

No thanks, got any vodka?

*I shrugged.*

I have Smirnoff but that's about it.

*She nods at me.*

If you got the peach flavored one I'll take it.

*I got myself a bowl, her bootle, and mine the settled in the living room which basically looked it was decorated by the Addams Family. The hours went by as we conversed and joked around. Just before Mercy left she turns to me.*

Better pray that other rabbits don't come after you for revenge.

*I waved my hands in the air and my reply was heavy with sarcasm.*

Oh no... Revenge of the bunnies.... Death by fluffiness...

*She smirks at me.*

They can bite you know!

*I nodded.*

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....

*Mercy leaves then I go back to the kitchen to clean up. I imitated Elmer Fudd while chuckling.*

Be vewy vewy qwuiet I'm being hunted by wabbits...

April 02, 2018 02:00 pm


*The night went by quickly and without any event, I made myself a cappucino to start my day before I began to scare the tourist wanting to go to the haunted forest. Just seeing them run off in terror always makes me smile, even though I'm tagged as an a$$hole.  After teasing and terrifying the tourists I laid down by a river to rest.*

April 04, 2018 06:57 pm
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