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Dessa Chambers

She’d been here so many times. And each time she swore would be her last time. William didn’t care about her. He only cared about his work and who she reminded him of. Her great-great-great...whatever grandmother. It came out a long time ago that she appeared to look just like her and she was the one responsible for his vampircay. He had loved her and all she did was use him as a guinea pig. So Dessa was just a constant reminder for him of something he loved and hated at the same time. Yet here she was. Playing his sweet serial killer.

Being here wasn’t purely for him. In some sick way, she enjoyed the back and forth. And perhaps, at this stage in her life, she also enjoyed the attention. There had been a few people who held her attention and could have been enough to keep her from continuously going back to William. But they all left. Or she did something to drive them away. She wasn’t an inherently needy person. No, she could survive on her own, but she always felt like she was missing something. And she had been. She knew what that missing piece was. Jackson. Yet, ever since she confronted him, let him know she remembered...that she was sorry. It was all too late.

There had been a fondness in his eyes once he finally got over the shock. They both remembered their short time together with happiness, but it had been over ten years. They’d both grown up and changed. Her both literally and figuratively. He was a wolf and she was a vampire. It could never work. No longer were they young teenagers experiencing puppy love, for lack of a better term.

So instead, Dessa threw herself into what she was good at. Killing and torturing people for William. She was settling into herself as a vampire more and more. Sometimes she hated herself for allowing her situation to be acceptable. She hated vampires and yet, the perks were just too good sometimes. Hearing a target’s heart beat, being able to sense the undead better than she ever could as a human, and sensing their emotion just by smelling the air around them was so beneficial to her work. It didn’t necessarily make things easier, but one could never turn up having more tools to get the job done.

This time was no different to any of the other times she’d walked into William’s office. He handed her a file folder with a target. Dessa flipped through it. A few surveillance pictures, some notes on the target - strengths, weaknesses...anything she needed to know, he always had a way of finding things out. He even noted that her target might be susceptible to her powers. William must have known she had been working on getting them back. It was hard to use them while being a vampire. Mostly she had to feed before being able to use them at full power. Her body no longer allowed to draw energy naturally.

He’s killed a few of my men and has escaped a few others.” William spoke before she had the chance to ask. "All because he thought he could do business better than me."

At first, he would never tell her why she was doing what she did. She usually got a Because you do as you’re told. Most times she just got a look and utter silence. However, as she grew older, he started confiding in her more.

Dessa sighed, her tone apathetic, “And so you have to send a woman get done what a handful of men can’t.” How typical it was for her to clean up the messes of his ‘men’. Sometimes she wondered if he even sent any of his men after his targets at all. She’d seen most of them in action. They were almost as good as she was. Certainly not useless.

She frowned a little when she saw the location. Yellowknife wasn’t exactly a place she wanted to be. She was just kind of hoping for a warmer climate. New York was freezing. Boots, pants, long sleeves...hats. All to fit in. She never minded before, but that was because she needed those things. Now she didn’t and it was such a massive inconvenience.

I don’t need your attitude today, Dessa.” William was in an exceptionally bad mood. She knew she hadn’t exactly been present lately, but he didn’t usually shut her out like that. He preferred torturing her. At this point, she didn’t care. Dessa needed something to occupy her mind., otherwise she was going to end up murdering William’s men herself.

They’ve been following her again. She’s told William a million times that she doesn’t need chaperones. “Fine, but I’m doing this one alone. You do remember what alone means, right? Or are you too old and the definition has slipped your mind?

Her snide remark granted her a low snarl and he moved from behind his desk in a blink. Luckily, she was no feeble human anymore. William reached for her throat but she stepped aside to let him grasp at air. She laughed...well, more like giggled. He’d wanted her to be like him for so long and now that she was, she believed he regretted his decision sometimes. Especially in moments like this. Dessa wasn’t so easily bullied now.

Hm...You’re getting slow.” There was a smirk teasing her lips. It was a dangerous game to play, she knew that, but it was fun. She brushed a kiss against his cheek and pushed past, “If I see anyone following me, I’ll add them to my list.


When she landed in Yellowknife, she did a thorough check that she was truly alone. She wasn’t lying when she said she would kill them. Being watched while she worked was one of the single most annoying things to deal with. Once she was satisfied that she wasn’t being trailed, she slipped into the bathroom. Dessa dug out her boots and replaced them with her heels. Then, she pulled out a floor length coat with a large hood and fur trim. At least she could still look good while looking like the cold bothered her.

She flipped through the file folder again, though she had had it memorized when she was on the plane. Her target frequented a bar The Cellar Bar and Grill. There were pictures of her target, Jordan MacDonald, inside the ‘bar’. It certainly wasn’t like the bars in New York. Dessa was going to stick out like a sore thumb if she went there looking like she currently did and, according to the cab she called, it was only a six minute drive, in good traffic, to the bar from the airport.

Discreteness had always been her thing. In and out without a soul knowing. Dressed like this, people would notice her, so she would have to wait. She wanted to get things done quickly, so she could go home and enjoy weather that was above freezing. Light jackets were a lot more manageable than multiple layers. She should have taken a better look at the pictures before she packed, but William usually sent her after high class targets. Not some...backwater hillbillies. Yes, she was a snob. No, she didn’t care.

The man she was keeping an eye out for was tall, a bit bulky, with sandy blonde hair. It was going to be a bit of a challenge. Everyone looked bulky around here with all the layers they had to wear. And he was likely going to be wearing a hat, so she couldn’t rule people out by their hair, she’d have to get a good look at his face. So, she stood across the street, propped herself up against a lamp post and watched.

And listened.

She heard him being addressed, so she knew he was in there, but Dessa was getting a little impatient. Waiting was sort of her weak point. She people watched in the meantime, not that that occupied her mind any better. There were more people than she expected for the cold weather, but not nearly enough to keep her attention. She tried to remember to move every now and then, not wanting to draw any attention to herself by being an unmoving creep.

Finally she heard him pulling out his wallet and clearing up his tab. A little shuffle and some goodbyes were said. When he left, she took a good look at his face to make sure she wasn’t being played. Identity was confirmed and she began to follow him.

Not only did William control most of the underground, he also ran a business in the human world. Run mostly by his collection of supernatural beings, of course. Unfortunately, some thought they could run stuff behind William’s back. But he always had a way of finding out. This particular vamp, Jordan, decided that he could use one of William’s factories for his own work. Unfortunately for him, he was going to be an example for others who thought they could do the same and get away with it.

Now it was time for a little fun...
April 02, 2018 10:07 pm

Valentin Metzger

“Herr MacDonald..” Cool tone questions the man at the other end of the line.

“Yeah, I'm here.” An eyeroll, a shot taken, a middle finger given to the phone. The man is displeased being questioned. A woman, brunette and pale, approaches the pair of men. She looks as if she has been awake for a week.

“Do you have anything to say regarding the transaction?” A thick thumb wipes residual lipstick from his glass. The bar he sits in is careless it seems. A half turn of the glass finds a clean edge and he takes a sip of vodka.

“Look man, maybe your guy didn't understand what I was saying. I told him ten not twenty. He agreed to the terms.” The man is flirting with the brunette now while his right hand scrawls his number on a napkin.

“While English isn't our native tongue, Herr MacDonald, we understand and speak it proficiently. You were paid for twenty.” Another sip of the clear liquor, Valentin waits for a rebuttal.

“Then your guy is just dumb. I don't know. Look man, I'm busy. I don't have time for this sh*t. The price was for ten, not twenty. Next time maybe -you- should handle your business instead of letting your b*tch boy take care of it..” The scum slaps the all too thin woman on her posterior as she walks away. “If it's so important.”

“Ja.. it was very important..” Pale optics stare at the back of Jordan MacDonald’s head. Unbeknownst to the man, the Butcher is watching him from the back of the bar. “I will be expecting a refund for the missing product or the product itself. You have twenty four hours.”

“Or what, douche?” The man points to his phone then high fives his friend, laughing.

“I take what you owe me in pounds of flesh.” There is no emotion present in his tone. Nothing to show the absolute rage that courses through him. “From the looks of you Herr MacDonald, I do not think you will be able to cover your debt.” Irides of ice study a photograph of the man and a blonde woman. “Maybe your girlfriend will be able to assist in settling your debt. ” A smile presents itself, inflects itself in his tone as the giant makes his way to the rear exit. “And the all too thin brunette.”

The call ends.

There have been many changes, challenges, in the last year. Things out of the Colossus's control. It displeases Valentin greatly; the situations he has found himself in. Outside influences have affected the bubble of comfort, the bubble of safety, he has created for his 'family’. To top it off, Livia has lost her knapsack.. the one that holds a particular substance necessary for the safety of others and the young woman.. along with multiple passports, cash and a few firearms.

To Mossad.

His jaw visibly clenches at the thought. Not because he is angry at her or the situation she found herself in being married to Jacob. Or the amount of money and time it will take to replace all that is lost. He is angry that he has to now deal with people in the Americas because his previous connections are under watch due to rising tensions in his part of the world.

And Mossad.

So here Valentin is.. in Canada of all places.. because no one would suspect in a million years that the Butcher would be buying twenty kilos of pure heroin.. in Yellowknife. He almost laughs at the thought. Almost.

His phone buzzes in his hand.

“Da..” It is one of his men, Sergei. The newest recruit. The one that met with Herr MacDonald.

“She is sick..” Sergei is nervous, the situation isn't something he has dealt with before.

“Infection or.. ?” Large frame redirects its course to the main road, Valentin’s hotel is close and he needs to prepare for his meeting the following day.

“No.. just.. ” Sergei clears his throat. “Sick.”

“Morphine drip.. ” Pale optics regard a figure ahead of him through narrowed eyes. “Until I return home.”

The call ends abruptly.

It seems the man who has haphazardly insulted the Butcher is now alone on the street. While there are others roaming the streets as well, it isn’t as if Valentin couldn’t force the man down a narrow alley and field dress him like an elk. A smile appears, one that reaches his eyes. He looks past the woman that walks between he and Herr MacDonald. Maybe Valentin will disallow the man to make amends. The Butcher decides then he will recover his money and the product he purchased instead.

The wind picks up suddenly and the large male catches a scent in now sensitive nose. Earthy. Reminiscent of white sage. There is a hint of citrus there. It reminds him of the Taiga. Of Christmas. It is soothing. Heady. Familiar. His pace quickens, his limp noticeable as he attempts to close the distance between he and this woman that separates the two males.

“Fraulein Chambers?” Thick fingers brush at dark lockes before they find the woman’s shoulder. “Dessa?”
May 07, 2018 10:44 pm

Dessa Chambers

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Her boots in the snow made the most obnoxious noise to her in that moment. She supposed she could be a bit quieter, but she didn’t care if her mark saw her. He wouldn’t know what she looked like. He’d likely heard of her, working for William, but they’d never interacted or even been in the same place as each other intentionally.

Dessa was going to wait until they were far enough away from prying eyes before making her move. She was curious as to where he was going. The warehouse here was in the opposite direction and he didn’t leave with anyone. She didn’t know the area, but she was sure they weren’t headed anywhere useful. He was, however, acting a little…Twitchy.

Jordan was walking a bit erratic and it wasn’t the erratic walk of a drunk man. He couldn’t get drunk. Unless the bar he was at catered to vampires. Regardless, the walk looked more paranoid. He glanced over his shoulder multiple times in the span of a minute, but never looked directly at her. She hadn’t given herself away. Yet. Of course, that also meant that he had either pissed someone else off or William had also sent some goons to follow her and they were being less than subtle.

Dessa slowed her pace a bit and tried to listen to her surroundings betters. She pulled out her phone while she was listening to send a quick text to William. I see him, but he’s acting paranoid af. I swear to god William if you sent your bulky ass men to ‘help’ me they will join Jordan in meeting their end. She shoved the phone back into her pocket and focused.

She heard Jordan’s erratic walk, heard a few people across the street walking slowly and chatting and heard some footsteps behind her. Nothing sounded even remotely familiar to William’s men. Maybe he actually listened to her this time. She laughed under her breath. Right. Like she would be that lucky.

In the midst of her having a laugh at her own thoughts, she missed the sound of the person behind her picking up pace. Not that she wasn’t more than capable of handling a mugger, she still should have been paying attention. It was easier to react to anything when you were aware of your surroundings.

So when she heard her name, it made her falter. Who was way up north at this time who knew her? She’d been very secluded for a long time now, so unless it was one of William’s goons…

Then there was a hand on her shoulder and she may or may not have slightly overreacted.

Jordan was momentarily forgotten as she reached into her jacket and grabbed a small, but very very sharp, dagger. Sure, she was a natural weapon now, but she didn’t always want to be flashing her fangs at people. As it was, her eyes darkened from a light brown to almost black, much like William’s did when he was angry. It was dark out, so it may not have been noticeable. Dessa dipped her shoulder away from the man’s touch and spun to face him, dagger coming to rest at his jugular. It wouldn’t take much to open a vein and she wouldn’t exactly complain if it came to that.

In her...slight angry haze, she didn’t recognize him right away. “Perhaps you should think twice about sneaking up on people you don’t….” She started off all cold rage. Until recognition set in. “Know…

Valentin!” Dessa whispered in shock.

The darkness in her eyes faded and she took a few steps back. She pocketed her dagger again. Her shocked expression quickly turned accusing. “Are you following me? Did William put you up to this?

Because of course, everything was about her and about William. There was never a thought in her racing mind that he could be there for any other reason. Like the reason Jordan was so paranoid. And while she was busy accusing Valentin of working with William to make her life miserable, Jordan, completely oblivious to what was happening behind him, was getting away.
May 24, 2018 06:37 pm

Valentin Metzger

It seems all the women he knows are dipping into crazy as of late.

Some more than others.

Valentin’s face remains devoid of emotion through Fraulein Chambers’ rant. He allows the woman to express her discontent with being snuck up on as he watches chocolate hues turn to midnight then blanche back to the warm velvety brown he knows so well. Even if he wants to rip the dagger free from her tiny hand and draw first blood, there are more words that follow. Accusations he is working for someone by the name of ‘William’. Then there is the paranoia; she is being followed, controlled. Pale eyes soften as he realises Dessa must have a handler, similar to himself, in her life. Much like he is to Livia. He makes a mental note to apologise to his Liebste when he sees her next.

At the moment, he needs to contend with an angry brunette that he.. cares for.

“Are you done, Madchen?” Thick brows raise in question, turquoise optics hard upon Dessa’s chestnut hues. “The only reason I am following you is because you happened to be in front of me while I was following my mark, a male of dishonour and cowardice.” Large hands raise to grip gently the woman’s upper arms. “I do not know of any William. Do you think I am the type of person that is friends with this man you refer to?”

Controlling? Ruthless? Cold? Cruel? Maybe this is the wrong question to pose to Dessa.

“How long have we known one another? Am I the type to take orders? Or to give orders?” Pale optics rise to watch the retreating back of one Jordan McDonald, a small growl escaping from the Colossus. “Can we argue and walk at the same time please?”

This statement may not bode well with his friend, but he is not discounting her feelings or the possible threats in her life. Maybe she will explain what is occurring and he can offer a solution. Or better yet, eliminate the unnecessary misery that haunts her. He is concerned for her well being, truly. He is also concerned with his money that is escaping in the pockets of Herr McDonald.

“Come, walk with me, Madchen. You can be my cover.” The Butcher offers a warm smile, one that reaches his eyes, and his arm to Dessa. “Please. I want to hear about this William and why you think I am working for him. And then maybe, we can discuss how to eliminate such an overbearing piece of Scheiße from your life, hm? There is only room for one overbearing piece of Scheiße in your life, no?”

He is referencing himself.

Of course.
July 24, 2018 07:00 pm

Dessa Chambers

Am I done??” Dessa huffed. Her mind was racing. How was this actually happening? And how was she going to be able to finish her mission with Valentin around. Sure they may have been starting to get to know each other, but she was kind of hoping that the whole, hey, I’m an assassin conversation would wait until a little bit later. Dessa was, to put it mildly, fuming.

It really didn’t matter if, when she looked into his eyes, she felt compelled to believe whatever he was saying because he was being so sincere about it. She was a good liar too and wasn’t going to fall for it. There were a few unfortunate times Dessa fell for the false sincerity.

Although he did say his mark. There wasn’t anyone really worth noting out there other than Jordan. Were they after the same person? Well.That just proves it. Of course, she supposed, Jordan could have pissed off any number of people. This just left her with a million more questions. Were she and Valentin in the same kind of business? It shouldn’t be so surprising. Maybe when she was younger it would have been more surprising when William kept her more secluded. None of this information quelled her angry, however.

She peered over her shoulder to see Jordan getting further away, just as Valentin suggested the walked and argued at the same time. Dessa almost laughed. But she was still annoyed. Her whole mood was wrong now. Still, she had a mission to finish and she’d finish it, even if it meant there was a witness. “Fine.

The brunette pushed some hair behind her ears before taking Valentin’s arm and continued following Jordan. “I’m no one’s ‘cover’.” Dessa rolled her eyes, calming down some. “Plus, something tells me you don’t need cover anyway.

Hearing him call William a piece of sh*t drew one of those, blow air out of your nose laughs. Not really a snort, just acknowledgement while also not wanting to draw attention to them with a loud laugh. “Yes. You seem to be proving to be overbearing now, aren’t you?” She was mostly teasing.

She kept her eyes on Jordan, but did explain William to him, “I’ll spare most of the details. It’s a long story. But the short of it is, William has used me for my abilities since I was sixteen. We have been...linked since then.” No need to mention that link was broken when an old coven mate killed him, only to be renewed when he Sired her. Not yet anyway. She didn’t really know how Valentin felt about vampires.

Ever since...recently. He’s started treating me like I don’t know what I’m doing and need chaperones to make sure I get the job done. He just doesn’t like that my entire life doesn’t revolve around him.” Then, she waves at hand towards Jordan, “This pathetic excuse for a vampire is such an easy target. But I know he doesn’t trust I can get the job done.

Dessa was rambling now, not realizing until after it was out she let slip what Jordan was. Though Valentin probably already knew. William just got under her skin like no other. And honestly, she could probably deal with Jordan with her eyes closed. “Why are you after him?” She nods towards Jordan with another wave of the hand.

It was kind of strange how easy it was to tell Valentin these things. Okay. Easy might have been the wrong word. She was keeping A LOT of details from him. Still. This was more than she’d told any one who didn’t need to know about William. And even people who probably should have been informed about him didn’t really know that much about him until it was too late. Goddess. She should probably tell Valentin more for his safety…

At this point, however, Jordan decided now was the time to finally try and make his break. Maybe he noticed Valentin? Maybe he realized that they were following him. Whatever the reason, he tried faking going one way before going the way he wanted. Luckily, Dessa was keeping her focus on him.

Hold that thought,” She dropped her arm from Valentin’s and began to chase after Jordan.

Her orders were to kill, but she always did enjoy dragging things out. Plus, she wasn’t sure if Valentin needed him dead or alive. Instead, she drew some energy from the nearby street lights, and when she grabbed Jordan, electricity charged in her hand and transferred to him. Luckily, it brought him to his knees. She kept a low charge on him while she waited on Valentin.
July 28, 2018 11:21 pm

Valentin Metzger

It is obvious he is not well versed in the intricacies of conversation when it comes to others feelings, especially women. Asking a woman if ‘she is done’ is the equivalent to pulling a pin on a grenade. Generally speaking, an explosion is going to occur at any given second.

She huffs at him and it is then he thinks she is about to rapid fire angry remarks. Instead he gets a ‘Fine’. The Butcher mentally cringes even if his face remains devoid of emotion. ‘Fine’ never leads to good things. And then.. she rolls her eyes at him. Just like a few blondes he is close with, do. Valentin begins to wonder if all females do this.. just to irritate men. His jaw visibly clenches but he does not scold her like he’s done to Livia in the past. He and Dessa do not have near as close of a relationship that would afford him this.

“I’m no one’s ‘cover’. Plus, something tells me you don’t need cover anyway.”

Has she just accused Valentin of lying.. again? Now he is irritated and he is about to explain this in great detail to her when she huffs a laugh and teases him.

“Ja.. blame my occupation and my female charges.” A gravelly chuckle escapes as Dessa takes his arm. “I feel like I have many children at times.”

Many? No, just a few. Important people that depend upon him to provide things necessary to survival. Mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. His brow creases as he recalls the phone conversation some minutes before. The situation in Yellowknife is taking longer than he anticipated but he knows there is enough morphine to get his charge through the next few days.

The shift in conversation, Dessa explaining who William is, draws the Colossus from dark thoughts of personal nature and plunges him into darker thoughts, quizzical in nature. Many questions surface. Dessa mentions how William uses her for her ‘abilities’. Like he uses Livia for hers? A thick brow lifts as turquoise optics remain trained on Jordan McDonald. He nods as he listens, sometimes verbalises a ‘hm’ or a ‘ja?’ to show he is rapt. He imagines what she says is probably similar to what Livia complains to close friends in regards to ‘chaperones’ or how her life does not revolve around Valentin.

And then, Dessa says something that has never been said before in his presence. By Livia or Adara.. by anyone he knows since he made his way into this new life that Livia has brought him into.

“This pathetic excuse for a vampire is such an easy target. But I know he doesn’t trust I can get the job done.”

“Vampire?” His pace slows as does the world around him. Dessa blatantly said vampire. He did not mishear this. She also mentions a job. So she is an assassin. “You say that with such conviction.. that I am inclined to believe you but.. Vampires are simple folk lore, no? To keep children from misbehaving.”

Not that he is accusing her of lying. In his bones he knows she is not. He sometimes managed to catch snippets of girl talk between Adara and Livia. Though when supernatural beings were mentioned, he simply waved it away as code or slang. The Butcher never asked if such things existed. He is suddenly wishing he had.

“Money..” Before he can explain in further detail, Dessa is gone; From his arm, from his sight. A blink of the eye, both she and Jordan are gone. “Scheiße.”

It isn’t that he can’t run. He can. Even if it is painful, the Colossus can move. And for being a large individual, he can move quickly, quietly. He just doesn’t like to. A shift in wind direction, pale eyes close as he inhales. He can smell Dessa and the chemically laced vampire known as Jordan McDonald beneath car exhaust and local eateries. Large legs begin to pump furiously, combat boots eating up asphalt as he closes the distance, straight blade already dropping into a large palm. He rounds the corner to see the male brought to his knees. Surely vampires are not so easily subdued..

So what is Dessa then if she is bringing vampires to their knees with a single hand?

He says nothing as he slows. A flick of his wrist exposes razored steel. He circles until he is in front of Jordan and, slowly, he leans down to inspect the man’s face. Valentin isn’t even breathing hard.

“Guten abend Herr McDonald.” A smile, dangerous, partners with cool tones. “This is not the way to your residence..” He clicks his tongue in mock disappointment. “I think I explained very clearly what needed to occur.” Two quick movements separate the arm Dessa is holding from Jordan McDonald while a scream shreds through the industrial zone. “I’ve decided you no longer have twenty four hours. Where is my money, Herr McDonald?”

If Dessa speaks the truth, a severed arm will not kill the vampire, nor will the blood loss. Though, it will weaken him. At least, this is what Valentin believes from old folk tales. Valentin turns his gaze from the man to Dessa.

“I was not lying when I said I was following a mark. Herr McDonald owes me money or ten additional kilos of heroin.” He does not mention why he needs the drugs but he figures Dessa might be aware of Livia’s medicinal necessities. Another flash of the blade removes the man’s ear. “Isn’t that right Herr McDonald..”
July 30, 2018 05:12 pm

Dessa Chambers

I feel like I have many children at times.

She’d have to remember that one. To tell Livia, of course. Dessa smirked a little bit. She was sure this whole evening would be retold to Livia, even if it wasn’t Valentin being the one turning her night upside down. With it being Valentin was just a bonus. She did wonder if William felt that way. He probably did. Especially when she was, more or less, still a child when he took her. Well, she had been a teenager and that was probably worse than a younger child.

Valentin’s reaction to the word vampire normally would have caused her to falter, but Jordon was getting away after all. That conversation would have to wait a little bit. Dessa used to have to be so careful as a kid, not to mention vampires or witches in any real serious way. Like Valentin said. They were stories, folklore...not real. But try telling that to the girl who grew up with a vampire for a father. He was human was she was born. William turned him when she was five. A sort policy that Dessa would be turned over to him once she came into her powers.

Jordan groaned under her touch, but she wouldn’t let up. He didn’t exactly deserve an easy ride. She taunted him a little before Valentin showed up, whispering to him, “William tells me you’ve been doing business on the side...Using his resources.” She makes a tsk’ing sound, “Not smart, Jordan. Not smart at all.

Dessa watches Valentin approach Jordan. All she needed to do was make sure he died. While she was initially peeved that her easy mission was being upturned and more or less ruined. She was kind of curious to see how Valentin worked. The cat was out of the bag one way or another at this point. May as well be honest going forward. He probably had questions about who she was now.

She blinks as Jordan’s arm gives way. Did he just? Dessa looks down. Yep. She’s now holding Jordan’s arm. Which is no longer attached to his body. She tilts her head at Valentin, very confused and just...bewildered at first. It didn’t bother her to see the arm detached, nor did the action of dismembering her target. Hell, she was likely going to do it to him anyway. She wasn’t even mad that that option was taken away from her.

It was his lack of discretion that baffled, annoyed and maybe slightly made her angry. They were going to have to clean this up. Which, again, might have been something she would have had to do anyway. BUT NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

Valentin,” Her tone was devoid of any sort of emotion. Just monotone. “Did you just...cut off someone’s arm. In the middle of the street?

Because, she knew the answer. The evidence was right there in her hand. She was holding the arm. But what if someone saw? Now William really was going to think she couldn’t handle a simple subordinate. “Are you trying to ruin my life?” Dessa muttered under her breath, not really needing a response, she was being moody.

Right from the moment she accepted William’s deal, discretion was ingrained into her very being. Luckily, the vampire’s wounds were starting to heal and the bleeding was stopping, but christ. It took a lot of focus and energy to be able to use one of her witchly abilities. How the hell was she going to make this mess disappear rather than clean it up?

Dessa shoves the dismembered arm into Jordan’s lap. And then his ear goes. She heaves a heavy sigh. It didn’t even make her feel better, but she needed to express her annoyance. This was why she worked alone.

Yes, he’s a vampire,” she’s hissing now. Not even caring if she’s looking or sounding like the vampire she was, but she needed to keep her voice down, “Has…” Dessa paused. She wasn’t going to get into. There had to be a reason Valentin was unawares of the supernatural.

There are better ways to prove such things than cutting their appendages off,” She grips Jordan’s jaw and digs her fingers into the joints, forcing his mouth open to expose his fangs, “See? They’re not fake, go ahead I dare you to touch one.” Dessa didn’t necessarily mean it. She just never had to...prove to someone that vampires were real and she was still annoyed. The life she lived was full of all the stories that were real and she always accepted things that were told to her.

You’re a witch, Dessa, let’s practice these spells and potions. Cool!

Daddy’s a vampire, Dessa. That’s scary, but okay! You’re still my dad.

Jackson’s a werewolf, Dessa. So, what? I love him!

Can we take him somewhere where there won’t be any witnesses? And no more dismembering until then, please? I’ll answer any questions you have about vampires. I’m an open book.” Being exposed like this was stressing her out and she would likely regret the open book comment later.

Dessa picked up his ear with a disgusted look and then grabbed Jordan from under his other arm ready to drag him wherever they go, “Don’t drop that,” She says to him with a nod to the loose arm, “Last thing we need is for that to be found by the locals.
August 12, 2018 11:44 am

Valentin Metzger

“Valentin, did you just...cut off someone’s arm. In the middle of the street? Are you trying to ruin my life? Yes, he’s a vampire, has.. There are better ways to prove such things than cutting their appendages off..”

“Ja.. I did.” His head bobs an affirmative to punctuate nonchalant words as elongated canines are displayed. Moments before she is telling him of vampires. Is she now just struggling with the idea of jail? She realises this is an occupational hazard for assassins, does she not? Pale irides stare beneath raised brows, quizzically. “His ear as well.

“But I did not cut his arm off to check and see if he was a vampire, Fraulein. I doubt they have rings like trees.” He gives Dessa a warm smile even if he is being facetious. Rarely does the man have a sense of humour but when he does, it is oftentimes dark and most people find it unnerving.

“I warned Herr MacDonald that I would be reclaiming my money in pounds of flesh.” He gives a dangerous grin to the captive male. If Jordan MacDonald thought the Butcher was lying, he was in for a rude awakening. Valentin was most certainly a man of his word and always very serious when it came to business. “How much would you say his arm weighs Dessa? A few pounds? I am terrible with kilos to pound conversions.”

Gravel leaves the Butcher in the form of a quiet laugh as Dessa readies herself to drag the injured male vampire. He’s rather amused for the first time in a long while, though he knows the female is not. At all. And she will probably explain to him in great detail that he has angered her. He will, of course, apologise. As he has done many times in the past to those he cares for. He is not trying to make her life any more difficult than it already is. His rage is just.. slowly.. slipping out of control. Normally Valentin works behind closed doors. Lately however, he is reckless.

But never so reckless to draw unwanted attention.

“Shall I assist Herr MacDonald and let you lead the way?” His hand is upon the man’s only arm, just below Dessa’s hand. He realises she is stronger than the average human female; she had subdued the man, who is a vampire, just moments before but he is not insinuating she cannot hold her own. Valentin is not undermining her ability at all. He is simply being a gentleman to a woman he considers a good friend. “I do not know the area too well but from my earlier reconnaissance, there is an abandoned warehouse near our position. Just to the North. I already have supplies waiting for our ‘meeting.’ ”

Valentin is always prepared, much like a boy scout. The Colossus is not dumb enough to meet the man in Jordan's own house or bring Jordan back to his hotel room. He had not come to Yellowknife thinking this would be a friendly encounter. He expected the worst like he always does. This affords him certain things; purchasing tools he might need for a job in advance and being ready for worst case scenario. Nothing truly surprises him.

Except for Dessa’s presence.

"I promise I will not relieve Herr MacDonald of any more body parts until we are behind closed doors." Does he tell her what his specialty is or does he just allow her to witness and be run off by the grim truth? Does he tell her his Information Specialist has already tapped into local computer systems and surveillance cameras in case the need arises to erase any video footage or cause electrical grids or water treatment facilities to shut down as a means to distract law enforcement and city officials? Or that he has a team of cleaners ready and waiting if things get very ugly and witnesses become an issue? He will if she inquires or she expresses concern but Valentin is fairly certain that this will not be an issue.

He kicks dirt and snow over the puddle of blood that is beginning to coagulate on worn asphalt. If only he had a bottle of peroxide or even a few bottles of water with him. Or a dead animal of any sort. He starts to pull on the man, not waiting for her to reply. They can walk and talk. Dessa is right, they need to get off the street.

“This way.”
August 27, 2018 10:24 pm

Dessa Chambers

Dessa was beyond done with Valentin in that moment. The nonchalance was irritating and made her actually want to scream. She kept her cool, however. Dessa was the queen of keeping her cool. Mostly. Pounds of flesh. She scoffed internally. Didn't have to be so literal about it.

Give or take.” Was her dry response. She was bad with weight now. Most things felt light to her.

She lets Valentin drag Jordan. No skin off her back if he wanted to do the heavy lifting. Although it might be dangerous to let her hands be free. Luckily, she was doing her best to not cause a scene and be cool and collected. Yeah. She didn't think that would last long either.

Dessa couldn't help but laugh when he mentioned the warehouse. That was exactly where she was thinking of going. Except she didn’t prepare anything, it was just a suggestion of William's on Jordan's file. And she didn't doubt William was thinking about purchasing it. Why he wanted so much real estate up north, she would never understand.

This way

She looks over her shoulder as he kicks some snow over the blood. She bites her tongue, not wanting to sound like a broken record. But she really doubted that would keep it hidden for long.

Dessa?” Jordan started sounding more coherent. Lucky for them, massive blood loss wasn't going to kill him. Just weaken him until he fed again. “I didn’t think you did William's dirty work anymore.

His tone annoyed her. Like she hadn't tried getting away from William. But the manipulative jerk that he was always found a way. This time around it was the fact that he was her Sire and for some absolutely screwed up reason, that meant he could use that to control her. Much like the spell he had had placed on them when she first started working for him.

I really don't think you're in any position to be making snide comments, Jordan. Especially since you've managed to make not only an enemy out of William, but Valentin as well in what...three months? That's how long you've been running things up here, right?

Thankfully it was a short distance to the warehouse. While the conversation was a nice distraction, she was ever worried that there would be a witness. She wasn't sure if she was ready to show Valentin how she dealt with witnesses. “How did you kill the others William sent? Lure them in with promises of splitting the profit? While I have an extra set of skills that William likes to utilize, those men should have been able to take you out easily.

Dessa stopped at what appeared to be an entrance into the warehouse. She looked at Valentin, a bit apologetic. She talked way too much now...she needed to learn how to stop the flow of words when necessary. Then she looked down to Jordan. “I’d be a little more worried right now if I were you.” He had such a smug look on his face, like he believed he could get out of this one alive.

She opens up the warehouse door and holds it open with an exaggerated flourish, “After you, Valentin.” Dessa does a quick glance behind them and listens closely, but all the sounds are distant. They are, hopefully, in the clear.

Once they're all in, Dessa visibly relaxes. They were finally away from any prying eyes. “And do me a teeny, tiny favor, Valentin? Please don't dismember people in public while I'm around. I don't think my heart, for lack of a better term, can handle that stress. Discretion is my specialty and that was so far from being discrete…” She trailed off with a soft laugh, releasing the nerves. She wasn't going to lose it. He didn't deserve that, they just did things differently. Very differently.
September 04, 2018 06:15 pm

Valentin Metzger

The Colossus remains quiet during Jordan and Dessa’s exchange. By the sound of it, the woman has things quite under control- though he is curious about this ‘William’ the two keep referencing. He will ask Dessa later about the man, maybe she will even give a last name that he can run. Valentin is fairly certain the man will be found in public records.. especially if he has many ‘businesses’ with idiots such as Herr MacDonald overseeing things.

And if he isn’t found in public records.. Valentin has a very adept hacker in his command to look deeper.

Moments later, they arrive to the warehouse, unseen by any civilians. She thinks he is unprofessional, that much is evident. That he does not know what he is doing. Of course she does; she has never seen him work previously. Dessa does not know or even comprehend what is normal behaviour for Valentin. Or that this whole interaction has been quite abnormal for him, on a personal level. He is even shocked with himself. Until she starts to speak.

“And do me a teeny, tiny favor, Valentin? Please don't dismember people in public while I'm around. I don't think my heart, for lack of a better term, can handle that stress. Discretion is my specialty and that was so far from being discrete…”

He stares momentarily at the woman, turquoise optics unblinking as he weighs her words. He could attempt to explain how this is not how he usually works. How he is worried for the one dearest his heart and therefore all rules and caution are thrown to the wind. He could explain how he feels as if she is speaking to him like a child. Or how he feels insulted by her chastising. Instead, he holds his tongue and simply nods. It isn’t that he doesn’t agree with her, that he wasn’t discreet.. the Colossus more than understands this. It is the fact that she is at least a decade his junior, instructing him on how to do things.. on his job.

And let us not forget that she accused Valentin of working for this less than honourable ‘William’ and spying on her.


It is all he can manage at the moment, the rage that builds in his head and chest taking every ounce of restraint he has. He focuses instead on the man in his grip, drags Jordan deeper into the warehouse, towards a heavy metal chair that awaits and drops him there. If the man had been a normal human male, duct tape or handcuffs might have done the job in the restraint department. Since he is not, Valentin will resort to a long length of chain and a few heavy locks. It takes but a few moments dealing with the male vampire and restraining him but as the Colossus finishes, a large grin takes to his face.

“I honestly had nothing planned but to make Herr MacDonald feel the pain my Liebste currently feels, Dessa. I know where my money is, not the exact location however, and I know where my product is, again, not the exact location but I literally have no use for him now so.. maybe you can show me how you do things.. in your part of the world.”

“You’re gonna let a b-tch do your job.. again?” Herr MacDonald still does not understand the seriousness of the situation and replies with levity.

“Nein, Herr MacDonald.. I simply want to see what kind of masterpiece Fraulein Chambers can create. With the tools at hand. She looks very.. artistic to me” Valentin steps to the side to allow the male vampire full sight of the table before him as he gives a wink to Dessa. There are many items present and neatly lined up. Edged weapons, saws, a blowtorch, car battery and cables, pool acid, a curling iron.. one of Valentin’s favorites, but most important of all, saline bags and a cooler of type O blood. “You see, this does not need to end tonight. We can make this go on for days, weeks even. And now that I know you are a vampire, and can heal, it will be all the more pleasurable making you scream until you are insane and broken.”

A bow, a sweep of his arm towards the table, turquoise irides dance over Dessa’s form, wolfish grin taking to thick lips. “After you.. Dessa.”

It is then that Valentin removes a rag from his pocket, shoves it into Jordan's mouth and seals the orifice with a strong industrial glue.
November 09, 2018 08:01 am

Dessa Chambers

Eyes widened and anger flared at Jordan’s words. Her reputation was not unknown amongst the vampires that worked for William. Even though he seemed lately to think she needed escorts and ‘help’, she knew how to get the job done. Quickly, quietly and discreetly. Was she losing her touch? Were her stories no longer told among the fresh bloods in William’s ranks? She’d have to rectify that. He could be lashing out in fear or just trying to antagonize Valentin, but Dessa was less than impressed with the tone of the vampire and the implications that she wasn’t capable of dealing with him.

Valentin’s response quelled the anger slightly. He could have easily dealt with Jordan just for that remark alone. If he was angry, he certainly didn’t show, unlike Dessa. The only thing she hated more than someone making a mess with a job were insinuations that she couldn’t -do- the job.

Her magic was a bit drained from taking Jordan down earlier, and the blood nearby was tempting to recharge, but she wasn’t ready to show that side of her yet. She’d already dropped the ‘vampires exist’ bomb on him. Best to take it slow. Showing him that she had magic was taking it slow, right? Totally.

You’re not very smart, Jordan.” Dessa shrugged out of her heavy jacket before heading towards the table as Valentin ensures his screams of pain will be muted. She was impressed. Never would she have thought to do something such as gluing a rag into someone’s mouth. Honestly, she usually conducted her business in loud areas or in areas where screams wouldn’t be thought twice about. Dessa enjoyed the part where they screamed. Still, this would be just as fun.

She ran her fingers over some of the tools and looked over her shoulder at Jordan, “You know, it’s kind of funny.” Dessa didn’t laugh, but she did smile, “I’m doubly invested now. See, Valentin’s Liebste happens to be a close friend of mine. And I don’t really like when my friend’s are in pain.

Instead of directly picking up one of the knives from the table, she waved her hand over the one she wanted, a nice thin blade that looked very sharp. It rose from the table, hovering for a moment. The pause wasn’t for show, though. Dessa wanted to make sure she had control over before following through. Once she was sure she wasn’t going to make a fool of herself, she turned and with a flick of her wrist sent the knife in Jordan’s direction.

She watched his eyes widen in disbelief as the knife made its way towards one of those eyes. Dessa stopped it at the very last second, the knife now less than an inch away from his right eye. “I wonder if William would like an eye for a trophy?

Dessa let the knife drop to his chest and pointed a finger forward so that it was pressing against his breast bone. She knew exactly how to angle the knife to pierce his heart, “Or maybe I can carve out your heart?

The fear in Jordan’s eyes was a beautiful sight. It was a different fear that she saw in the people she hunted for sustenance. Humans were easily frightened when face to face with a predator. But when the predator becomes the prey? That's what she enjoyed about her ‘job’. Not to mention, Jordan knew her reputation. He knew she hated vampires and enjoyed killing them. If Valentin didn't do it, he knew she would.

What do you think, Valentin?” Dessa was in her element now and forgot that this might be new for him. It was too late now. She couldn't take back what she'd done.

This would, unintentionally, be the first test. Would he still regard her the same way after seeing her like this? She enjoyed their interactions and it would be unfortunate if something like this changed their...friendship.

Jordan didn't dare move as she brought the knife back up, this time hovering between both eyes. “I'm thinking an eye...or both. Unless you want him to see in the last moments of his life?” Dessa looked at Valentin and raised an eyebrow to emphasize her question.

And even though it didn't show outwardly, she hoped she could hold the knife with her powers long enough. She was starting to feel drained and wouldn't be able to keep up the magic show for long. Unless she wanted to dive into those blood bags Valentin had stashed here.
December 07, 2018 10:36 pm
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