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Oh, the webs we weave


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Moriko Hayashi


It was all she had ever sought. Here, on the lands of her family home, she had found it. It had been handed down, generation after generation, for the same reason that she was here right now. Peace. Quiet. The chance to seclude herself from the rest of the world and The sun was out, peeking in rays through the leaves of the cherry blossom tree, towering above her and providing a quiet oasis beneath the white flowers. A soft breeze rustles through the branches, shifting the thick layer of black hair that lay against her back. She sat there, a cup of tea curled up in her long fingers, warming her palms as she brought it her to mouth for a sip.

There was a small tickle on the back of her hand, drawing in her unfocused eye to settle on the small, dark, insect that was now perched in her vision. No, not insect. Arachnid. Joro, to be exact, her long legs spread over Moriko’s flesh. The black and yellow color stood out against the color of Mori’s skin. She was not scared. Most people, regardless of their sex, might panic at seeing the rather large spider crawling on them. Instead, Moriko just let out a soft sigh and stood up. The hand that was free of the creature held on to the cup, her other hand lifting her uninvited guest upwards towards the lowest hanging branches so that it could climb on. Hopefully it would live to find a tasty meal later that day.

Upon looking up, she noticed that her eight legged companion didn’t move far. It stood there, almost as if staring at her. Moriko stopped and stood just as still, holding a breath in as another Joro spider skittered down to join it’s friend. Then, another.

The fear that she had not felt before rushed through her just as she expelled the air from her lungs. It was not fear of the creatures, but fear of what she had hoped this peace would have quelched. They always seemed to know, though, that she could not escape her nature. Even now, as her feet started to work again, she started to feel that familiar cramping in her stomach. It wouldn’t be long before it was all she could feel, all she could do to keep from going insane with pain and...hunger.

Now, now she still had control. She could still plan and make this as easy as possible before the beast wrenched that control out of her hands. The hands that now opened a suitcase, pulled down from the top of her closet. The room was light and airy, sparse but for a few feminine touches and fresh flowers sitting on her dresser.

The whole downstairs of the house was full of windows and antiques that had been passed down to her for more generations than she could count, just as the house had been. It was hard for her to say goodbye to it all, even if it was just for a short while. This was her family now, the things in this house. And though her ancestors had left her with many beautiful items and a beautiful place to live, she also lived with her curse because of them. But they, just as she, could not help what they were. Maybe, though, she could stop it. If only she had the self control to keep from succumbing to the hunger.

But she did not.

Keys, wallet, and all she would need for a few days was now hauled through the door and packed into her car. She hated to leave, the self prescribed hermit that she was. She would be back soon and, at least for a little while, the beast would be satiated for as long as she could manage.

April 04, 2018 07:08 pm

Moriko Hayashi

This place was the very antithesis of the peace that she had enjoyed over the last year in her country home. The nightlife here was opulent in it’s brightness. Colors were everywhere. Noise. People. While she didn’t love the other aspects, she could deal with them. It was the people that she was here for. One person, to be exact, but she wasn’t quite sure who yet.

Her dark hair was straightened so that it reached her hips. Around her, the other people in the club were dressed in typical Japanese fashion. Club fashion, that is. Over the top hair, make-up, and outfits that were more akin to costumes. These were not Moriko’s style, though.

She dressed to blend in with her surroundings, though not stand out as many of her fellow party goers had. A black and yellow embroidered kimono style dress, draped off shoulders and coming just above the knee. It was a b@stardization of a true kimono, but it was the closest she could come to being comfortable here. Overdramatic eyeliner and false lashes made her almond shaped eyes stand out.

“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;
“’Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
And I have many pretty things to show when you are there.”

She could hear the heartbeats thumping with exertion as bodies danced around her. For now, she watched, sipping a club soda with lime, at the edge of the bar so she could have the best view of the room. Waiting, patience, was all second nature to her, but she didn’t have to wait too long.

A tall mop of blonde hair came shuffling through the crowd, sitting atop a young man’s head. He towered over her, probably six foot something to her five foot two. Blue eyes. Slim physique. Attractive in a Westerner sort of way. He smiled down at her and said, in very broken Japanese, “Can I buy you a drink?” At least that’s what she pieced together.

After a soft laugh, she tilted her head to the side, the smile still upturned on red lips. “Don’t worry. I speak English if that makes it easier on you.” Her words held just a bare hint of accent, and she could see the relief wash over him. Smell it on his skin. “Oh, Thank God,” He replied. “My Japanese is horrible.” In a teasing tone she nodded. “You’re right. It is. I definitely think a drink would be a great way to make it up to my poor ears.”

He could have gotten offended, and walked away, and she would have had to lay in wait for another. But he just let out a very loud, brash, laugh, and waved down the bartender. “I think that can be managed.”

Tourists were always better than locals. It was easier to clean up when their family was half a world away. She had gotten lucky tonight.
April 05, 2018 01:02 pm

Moriko Hayashi

There was banter. It made this act more bearable than if the man had been a total bore, though in a way it made it harder. Even after all these long year, she still held some of that human sense of morality, trying to seperate it from the thing that took over whenever the hunger was too bad. The thing that changed even her own personality in subtle ways, emboldening her as she rarely was when she was ‘herself’. Made her more outgoing, social, deadly. It wasn’t that she even disliked those parts of her personality that were brought out of the shadow, but she knew that it would always end the same way.

Morality was thrown out the window when the beast took over, though.

Her other half would have her believe that there were not two parts of the same piece, but that they were always one. Always the same. That Moriko parceled out through some grey area of psychology the things that made her upset or uncomfortable. It was easier to live with if you didn’t feel responsible for them.

Responsible for the handsome young man that had just bought her another drink. She smiled at him, warmth touching her deep brown eyes as her body released chemicals that were akin to pheromones into the air around them. It was just a touch...just enough to keep him interested, to keep him engaged. Just enough to make it easier on him, and on her. There was no way she would have been able to drag a man almost double her size through the club without someone noticing.

He was on his third drink. She had managed to sip on the same one. The warmth between them was almost palpable, the pheromones doing their work. He brushed his hand down her back, leaned in to her when he spoke. Blue eyes were glazed over and his smile was spread lazily over his chiseled face.

Her head was upturned, soft lips parting to speak to him, her small frame curved into the shape of his thicker mass. Her voice soft, but still heard over the thrumming of music and patrons around them.

“Do you have a room nearby?”

He answered, slowly, his words slightly slurred from the mixture of booze and chemicals. “Yeah. I can show you if you want.” The witty repartee of their earlier conversation was now gone as his coherent thought became more muddled.
“Yes. Let’s get out of here.”

His response mimicked her own. “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”

His large hand was at the small of her back, possessive, as he guided her through the crowd of people in the club. His ticket was given to the valet as well as a tip. Maybe he wasn’t in the best shape to be driving, but the clear air outside helped to also clear some of the webs from his brain. Some. Not all. She was still too close to be completely free of her charms, even if he’d wanted to be. They usually didn’t. As they slid into the seats of the car, she heard the valets talking to themselves in their native Japanese. “He is going to break that poor girl.”

That side, that part of her that enjoyed this all so very much, smiled widely. Oh, if only they knew the truth of it.

The hotel wasn’t too far away. The short drive had been silent with words but not action. Hands touched, caressed. Lips caught in brief interaction, leaving red streaks across his face and neck that matched the shade on her mouth. There was an eagerness to both of them as they exited the vehicle and he fumbled in his pockets to search for his room key. Anticipation painted the air as she felt the all too familiar cramps of hunger deep in her belly.

He opened the door leading into the lobby for her and it shut behind them much too quietly for a preface of what was about to happen.
April 06, 2018 09:23 pm


The bags under Eiji’s eyes told of his exhaustion, the lack of sleep evident in every move he made. A whimper escaped Gyldi’s chest, and she nuzzled his hand as he stood at the counter and exchanged words with the lady behind the desk. Sleep hadn’t graced him with its presence in a few nights, and he was finally succumbing to its alluring call. Good, she couldn’t help but think, her worry for him growing with every passing day. His death still lurked in the back of her mind, try as she might to ignore it, and the fact that it was her own fault…

She followed him into a strangely small room with sliding doors. He pressed a button that lit up, and she visibly jumped at the sudden bell tone that followed. The doors slid shut and Gyldi pressed herself against the side of his leg as they lurched upwards. A hand came down on her head, and she breathed that much easier at his comforting touch.

Hours later, Eiji’s chest rose and fell in a rhythmic pattern, his demons finally allowing him a moment’s peace. She stood, statuesque, in the window, the skyline mesmerizing. She’d never witnessed such magnificence, and she longed to explore and understand every aspect of it. So much had changed, and she held no comprehension of this new world.

Turning suddenly, she leapt easily onto the bed, careful not to jostle her sleeping companion. Her eyes roved over his face, and there was no doubt that he’d be out for quite some time. Could she steal away? Just for a bit…

Quietly, she made her exit, casting Eiji one last look of apology. Perhaps he’d be angry with her; she could only hope she made it back before he woke up, as she didn’t want to cause him anymore heartache or worry than she had already. But it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up, and she’d never go far.

Once safely outside, the door clicking behind her with resolution, she took off at top speed, tearing through the hallways with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. In the lobby, there’d been a fountain that she desperately wanted to romp through, if she could only figure out how to get back there…

There was a static pulsing around her, and she came to a halt just before colliding with a closed door. Her excitement was palpable in the air, and she reached out to touch the current, feeling it reach back to her with eagerness. Before she could stop herself, Gyldi harnessed the power, only to force it back from her body with an intense charge. The light bulbs in the halls all burst, the glass shattering and ricocheting off the walls. From inside the rooms, her hearing picked up on questioning voices or exclamations of surprise, and it didn’t take long to realize that she’d caused the hotel to lose all power.

In her head, she snickered.

A door to her left swung open, and she loped through it, waiting to hear Eiji scold her in that insincere way. Instead, she stopped just in front of a stunning woman who looked past her at the man that had opened the door, something Gyldi could only equate to hunger mysteriously in her gaze. Turning curiously, the beast came face to face with a man that didn’t look like he hailed from that country, his blue gaze locked on her. Her head canted to the side.

Oh, what an interesting turn of events...
April 12, 2018 09:29 am

Moriko Hayashi

He had fumbled with the slide card a few times before he was able to open the door. He was probably not in the best condition to have driven here, but they had made it in one piece despite the fact that he had one too many drinks. Her presence probably wasn’t making it any easier, her soft feminine giggles manufactured for his comfort. Hand on bicep, leaning into him. Any passerby would just assume that they were too giddy lovers on their way to bed, who might have imbibed a bit too much.

With a ‘hah’ of triumph the door lock lit green and he pulled it open with flourish, just as everything went dark. Dark-ish. There were emergency lights that ran on battery, giving the hallway just enough illumination to see where they were going. He let out a laugh and faked an over the top grimace. “Oh, crap. I broke the building!” She laughed with him for his sake and squeezed his arm in a flirtatious manner.

Her eyes grew accustomed to the dimly lit area rather quickly, warily looking around. This could complicate things, if not restored in a timely manner. also meant that if there were any cameras, there was a good chance they were no longer working. While she normally worked cleanly and carefully, leaving little to no mess behind, having an added security was not a bad thing.

He was taking his first steps into the room when he stopped, his eyes focusing down close to the ground as another smile spread across his drunken mouth. “Oops! Someone’s dog got out. Go home, doggy.” He made a shoo-ing motion with his hands, leaning back against the door frame. Her own eyes followed his gaze to the spot on the carpet.

Though there wasn’t a ton of light in the hall, there was no pattern that she could make out in the fabric that might have looked even vaguely dog-like. And there was absolutely no dog there. How much had this man had to drink? Were the pheromones too much for him? She’d never made anyone hallucinate before, but there was a first for everything. He might have even taken some illegal substance at some point in the evening before he’d met her.

She didn’t want to chance losing his favor or her meal, so she gave him a gentle push on the back, trying to urge him into the room. Trying her best not to sound patronizing, and instead sweet and concerned, she responded to him. “Oh, I’m sure he’s on his way back to his owner right now. And I want another drink!” Her last statement was said with a giggle as her body pressed into his, hands roaming his solid form as she gently guided him into the doorway. “Yeah, drinks!” he yelled joyfully as he disappeared into the room.

She didn’t follow him. Not right away, at least. Her fingers curled against the door frame as her eyes did another sweep around the hallway. There was no dog. No living being of any kind that she could see or smell. But...something wasn’t right. The light hairs on the back of her arms stood up, goosebumps along her tanned skin. A deep breath, scenting the air again. Nothing but the thickened smell of ozone from an electricity surge that was strong enough to take out an entire hotel. Maybe she was being paranoid. Maybe there was that small, human, part of her that felt so guilty that it was making things up in her mind to make her more uncomfortable than she needed to be. Something That would just mean she needed to work quickly.

She shut the door behind her. He was sitting on the bed inside the clean and comfortable room. His scent was all over it, so he’d been here for a while...probably a few days? A week? Long enough to have set up. There was no suitcase in sight which means he was on an extended vacation or business trip, though he didn’t look like the business type to her. Then again, she knew from experience that looks could be deceiving. Even as the man in question was struggling to take his shoes off and not fall over.

She kicked her own heels off, her petite form quickly moving along the carpeted floor. His attention elsewhere for the moment, she opened her mouth wide. Wider, perhaps, than a human’s mouth should be able to open. Two fangs clicked down where her canines had once been, curved and tipped in black.

She struck.

Then slid into his skin with ease, depositing their venom into his bloodstream before he even knew what hit him. With a yelp, he pushed her away, his hand going to the spot on the back of his neck where she had just bitten him. “What the f*ck. Maybe give a guy some warning if you want it that rough? That f*cking hurt!” He brought his hand back down, the stickiness of his blood coating his fingers. “Am I bleeding? You know...I think you should go. This is getting too freaky for me.”

But she didn’t leave. Instead she sat down delicately on the bed next to him. “No, I think I’ll stay for a little bit longer.” Her smile was sweet, but it did not reach her dark eyes. Any humanity that she hoped to hold on to, to pull against her and use so she didn’t lose control, was right out the window. He tried to speak but nothing but a breath came out. She cupped her hand against her ear. “I’m sorry. I missed that. Here, let me help.” It didn’t take much force for her to push at his shoulder so that he was laying down on the bed. The paralytic had begun it’s work and the last thing he would ever be able to utter was the harsh, strangled, word he just barely pushed out. “What?” She imagined there was supposed to be more to that, but his vocal chords were no longer working.
April 14, 2018 11:08 am
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