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The Walking Dead and The Monster Factory


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*I noticed the zombie series The Walking Dead were advertising their stuff more and more to the point it was rather irritating for me.  I looked over at a magazine load with TWD stuff. I sneered.*

Uuuuuggghhhhh, undead ad-vert-tis-mints... Bunch of garbage! Evil Dead.. now that I will never get tired of. But this? Characters bold and brash. More like belongs in the trash.

*I tossed the magazine into the dumpster. Before heading back home a sinister idea came to mind, I grinned to myself.

Now's there's an idea!

*The first thing I did once I got home was look through my spellbook of entering other dimensions.*

Oh yeah, this will do nicely.

*I set up a ritual that will allow me to enter the Walking Dead universe, once it was done the portal opened I gathered up my belongings and things I may need.*

Now... to see if they can handle more than just zombies.

*I let out a sinister laugh before jumping through the portal.*

April 11, 2018 08:49 pm


*The portal dropped me off in the city near a pair of handcuffs and a severed hand. I sighed.*

I wonder if Merle is alive....?

*I sought him out cloaking myself in shadows until I found him nursing his limb. I stalked him until he was alone. I chimed.*

I say you in need of some help?

*Merle whipped his head around to find the source of the voice.*

Who said that? Who are you?

*He was defensive which was understandable. I replied.*

Me, darlin. I just wanna help.

*Merle shook his head.*

Yeah, sure. Like I believe that.

*I chuckled.*

You lookin for your little brother?

*Merle was silent, I continued.*

Lemme make a deal. I'll help you find your brother if you help me out.

*He was hesitant.*

Help you with what?

*I sighed.*

Oh, nothing much.. Just  point me to the nearest mall. I'm gonna make a base there.

*He snorted.*

That's the dumbest idea I have ever heard but whatever.

*He points to the direction I needed before he asks.*

Now how are you gonna help me find my brother?

*I approached him from behind revealing myself.*

Oh, that's easy!

*He turns to see me, his expression goes from irritated to awe-strucked horror and he backs away.*

W-w-what the f*ck!!

*I slow down time just enough to knock him out and mark him. On his bare chest over his heart I marked him with St. Peter's Cross. It's time I made a name for myself and let the people name me. I held my end of the bargain and dropped Merle off to where his brother would find him before I manifested my wings and flew off towards the mall.*

April 12, 2018 02:10 am


*The mall was trashed but still it would become my base of operations. I cleared the mall of walkers before sealing all the doors off with my powers creating unnatural plant life that would prevent more walkers from coming in. All I needed were victims to experiment on, luckily for me a member of the Wolves came to investigate the mall. I had captured and interrogated him; it was rather satisfactory seeing him in terror.  I placed the inversted cross on the left side of his face before I was about to inject him with a serum.*

Oh sweet sails of irony, hun. Today's your lucky, you get to be injected with my new serum.

*He panicked.*

What kind of serum? What you do you mean irony?

*My tails pin him down as I injected the serum he grunts in pain.*

This elixer contains the chemical compounds for lycanthropy. Well, suppose to be. You're gonna be Patient Zero for it. Part 1 of your irony, part 2...

*I grinned sadistically.

You're gonna kill your friends..

*After injecting the serum into him, I released the man and he fled. I smiled to myself.*

Let the mayhem begin.

April 13, 2018 01:15 am


*Days went by and the mall started to produce monsters of my design from werewolves, ghouls, and other beasts while at the same time rumors about me began to spread and I was getting people who willing allowed themselves to be marked. The mall was now called New Salem and my minions were working an underground system, the man I appointed as leader, Tucker Andrews . A tall, dark-skinned man with a Caribbean accent basically became my right hand man, he proudly sported my mark over his chest. He over looked the system ensuring there were going to be no flaws, to makes things better he used to be a construction worker who struggled with life before the zombie apocalypse. He and I made a deal; he willing sold himself to me only wanting to be respected and given a chance to survive. I gave him more than that than just respect and survivability; I gave Tucker something to make him almost superhuman, his main weapon was a sledge hammer with a titanium handle. He was also an efficent hunter of both wildlife and traitors. He and his group of fighters called themselves The Lords of Salem.*

April 14, 2018 05:38 pm


*Days went by and I was going to change the timeline. According to the T.V. series Merle was supposed turn into a walker thanks to the Governor. I wasn't about to let that happen to my future investment, so I was getting to ready to one of my henchman another Lord of Salem by the name of Rufus Callahan. An Englishman with a penchant of throwing projectiles; sporting a black outfit, gray ascot, shaved head, and a blonde beard. He is sharping his knives with a whetstone, he was eager to hunt down the Governor. He smiles to himself.*

Oh, this is gonna be fun.

*Tucker sighs.*

Just try not to get killed, mon.

*Rufus laughs as looks over one of his knives watching it gleam in the sunlight.*

Don't you worry about me, mate. The Guv'nor isn't going to expect this. That bloody w*nker is done for...

*Throwing projectiles was a skill Rufus picked up in order to survive and he was very good at it too. I made a deal with him like all the others; in exchange for loyalty he will get shelter, weapons, and provisions along with greatly enhancing his accuracy.  He wore my mark on his right fore arm. Rufus hops up and heads over to his motorcycle his throwing knives ready for the slaughter.  I have many scouts in strategically placed and one of them spotted the Governor. I approached Rufus and told him where to find the target. I smiled.*

When you do find the Governor, make sure Merle lives. He is gonna be our future investment but as far as the Governor goes, you can do whatever you want with him.

*Rufus smiles back.*

Don't worry, luv! I'll be back before teatime.

*He then drives off whooping with excitement.*

April 15, 2018 07:46 pm


*It took Rufus a while to search for the Governor, once he spotted him a sadistic grin crawled onto the his face. The Governor was prowling around the prison and Rufus was hidden, stalking his prey. Rufus lightly throws his knife in the air, snatched it, and hurled it. The knife hit with a satisfying thunk and the governor fell. The knife found its way to the Governor's spinal cord creating a deep cut and Rufus jumped up from his hiding place laughing.*

Oh, jolly on the spot!

*The Englishman walks in front of the fallen Governor and grimaces at the pain his victim was in.*

Oooooooh.... Bad luck for you, chummy.

*Rufus yanks out the knife's out of the Governor's back making him cry out in pain. After wiping the blade Rufus crouches down before the Governor.*

I'm afraid this little meeting a bit of both business and personal. Personal; because you nearly got me killed. Business; The Devil doesn't want you messing with her future investment.

*The Governor had a look of confusion.*

Future investment?

*Rufus nodded then went over to the Governor's feet, sliced his Achilles heels, cut out the Governor's tongue, and left him nearby a group of walkers. Rufus waved at the Governor goodbye as he hopped onto his bike.*

Ta-ta, Guv'nor. It's been a real pleasure.

*Just as he rode off Merle overheard the conversation and his blood ran cold. The redneck realized he was her future investment and he was going to get to the bottom of it as of why he was an investment. Merle packed his things as he leaves the prison block, Rick stops him.*

Where are you going, Merle?

*Merle grunts.*

None of yer damn business!

*Rick replies*

It's our business as far as we're concerned.

*Merle sighs as he stares hard into the direction of New Salem.*

...... I'm going to meet the Devil herself. Her and I need to talk...

*Rick and his group never even heard of me as Merle left, Daryl was still out hunting.*

April 16, 2018 04:12 pm


*Merle made his way to New Salem where he stumbled upon the corpse of Patient Zero who underwent his werewolf transformation but the serum wasn't perfected so once he transformed he also melted. The redneck gagged at the sight.*

Jesus Christ!

*He continued on his way until he saw the entrancem the mall was blaring music; "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown" by Rob Zombie. The music obviously was attracting Walkers but they were also falling into various traps. Merle was rather surprised seeing how well fortified New Salem was before entering the building. He was met by several armed survivors but he hollered at them.*

I wanna see the Devil!

*One of the Lords of Salem, a Russian named Nikita who wore camo pants, long sleeved black shirt, armed with a longbow and knives. Nikita's height being at 6'5, shoulder length black hair and piecing blue eyes made him very imposing. He motioned Merle to follow as he replied in his native accent.*

Come, she's expecting you.

*Merle takes a deep breath before following the archer. The redneck was being stared down by my forces as he and Nikita made their to my throne Room which used to be a Spencer's gift shop. I'm sitting there on my comfy throne and Merle approaches me growling. *

What plans do ya for me? Being your future investment!

*Rufus who sitting close by raised his eyebrows.*

Huh, overheard my conversation with the Guv'ner.

*I smiled.*

Who said you were my future investment? But...

*I clapped my hands together.*

If the boot fits, lace that b*tch up, and wear it.

*Merle furrows his brows in confusion and I continued.*

You know what they say about assuming.

*I pointed at Rufus and he grins.*

Makes an ar*e out of you and me, mate.

*Merle sighs.*

Then who was your future investment? My brother?

*I shook my head.*

I can't give away all my secrets.

*Merle screamed.*


*Rufus pulls out his knife.*

You best mind your manners..

*Merle shot Rufus a dirty look.*


April 20, 2018 09:18 am


*I sighed.*

Boys, boys, boys... OK Merle...

*I took a deep breath.*

You are my future investment but you're not the only one.

*I almost floated to Merle as he gazed upon my dark, shaggy goat legs, my tail comprised of tendrils and tentacles with phantasmal eyes appearing and disappearing like smoke. I had grayish ram horns, a strange jewel in my forehead, and a bizarre blue flame above my head. I whispered.*

On that note, it's for me to know and for you to find out.

*Merle had a blade at my throat; Nikita readied his bow, Rufus got his knives out, and Tucker was ready to swing his sledge hammer. I chuckled as I used my arcane power to lift merle off the ground. He definitely didn't it coming as he thrashed around screaming.*


*I shook my head.*

Only until you start acting nice. Be glad it's me you're dealing and not Draco.

*Merle loked at me as he settled down.*

Do I want to ask?

*I dropped Merle on his butt and he yelped in pain he muttered as he got up.*


April 23, 2018 08:35 pm


*I motioned my hand for Merle to leave.*

You best get on home, bud. I'm sure your friends are gonna be looking for you especially your brother.

*Merle pointed at me.*

My brother is none of your business!

*I grinned.*

It's gonna end up being my business if he sticks his nose in it.

*Merle growled at me before leaving feeling defeated. Few days passed as my scouts informed me that Merle's group have moved on to Alexandria where a group of Wolves threaten it. I get up from my throne and stretched.*

Ahhhh, looks like I'm gonna pay Alexandria a visit.

*Rufus called out to me.*

When we are we gonna visit that place? I wanna see their set up, luv!

*Tucker nodded.*

I agree, mon.

*I smiled softly at my henchmen.*

Soon. But for now a group who call themselves the Saviors have been gettin too close to our place. And from what I hear they ain't pleasant. Please, be so kind as to teach them a lesson.

*Tucker nodded.*

Of course.

*Rufus just smiled.*

With pleasure!

*The Lords of Salem geared up ready to confront the Saviors as I manifested my wings and flew off to Alexandria. *

April 26, 2018 11:20 pm


*I landed near a Wolf encampment that were getting to strike Alexandria, I chuckled to myself. The encampment was unaware of my presence. By the time they were getting ready to I covered their camp in pure darkness, blinding them. I waited until panic began to set in before going in and slaughtering them like lambs. It took me awhile to kill them all once I was done I conjured spiky wrought iron inverted crosses to display their corpses upon. I took a step and admired my macabre work of art, some corpses were hung together, some were separate. I took the extra measure and cursed the ground so when Walkers enter the ground trying to get at my corpses they would be reduced to ash. The ground now looking like it was touched by hellfire and even smelling like brimstone should catch Alexandria's attention; I was going to claim the safe zone.*

May 01, 2018 10:26 pm


*Rick, Michonne, Abraham, and Rosa smelled the bromstone and decided to investigate where the stench was coming from. While they were distracted I snuck my way to their church, and drew an inverted cross on the doors with blood. I was spotted by Carl while he was out with Judith. The boy stared at me with awe-struck horror I looked back at him and smiled as I wrote on the church in blood.*


*Carl fled with Judith and I entered the church. I had an evil grin on my face as I left behind burnt hoof prints in the building and made my way to the back of the church.*

May 24, 2018 06:16 pm
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