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A Wedding


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Phantom Wraith

He rubs his neck as he looks at the alter where a man stood glaring at him, "I haven't done anything to your god and they are the only one willing to let me do this...besides, this is the first time I've actually tried this out and didn't just do it on my own."  He looks around the large cathedral at the many decorations and other such nonsense that made him cringe.  When he sees a human about to sprinkle gold flakes on the cake he growls, "If even one flake touches my wife's tongue, it is your hide I'll be taking the repayment out of for every day she is ill, and since I'm connected to her I will know every moment she suffers little mortal, and while she'll survive...I wonder how long you might?"  He nods as the man runs away and the doors open to show the guests finally arrive and begin to sit while he coughs into his hand, "I forgot to invite my family...Dema is gonna kill me."

April 12, 2018 11:27 am


It was short notice, but it could have been much worse.  She was home and had found him with Eriks help. It was all rather sudden but with Dema and Sula, wasnt it always.

She was in the brides room get primped and proded at by old women who thought they knew everything. When the one blue haired 90 yr old came toward her with the makeup kit. She climbs up on the highest self."I dont do that crap, get away from me." She glances around. "Dear gods She needed Etaine. Least she could keep these horrid beasts away from her. Damn all she wanted was to get down and put on her dress, then tie back her hair. If anyone of them got one foot closer, she would have to start killing them. And that would be just great walking down the isle in a white doeskin dress covered in fresh blood.

April 12, 2018 11:37 am

Phantom Wraith

He pulls out his cell and begins making the calls to his brother's and sisters.  While he was at it he called Etaine and then Lilly, knowing that Dema was starting to get angry through their link as he let his messages, he then cursed as his phone blew up, causing the wedding crashers nearby to scream and run away, "Damnit...why does that always happen to me?"  He then blinks as he starts heading to change into a monkey suit, only to find his father standing in his room holding a very old, yet well kept suit, "You are going to wear this and be presentable for your wife Phantom, afterall, you owe her that much at the very least for agreeing to marry your idiotic ass."  As his father began to leave he catches his arm, "Rezar...father, please stay and help Dema?  She only has adopted family, so could you maybe...could you either be my best man or be the one to walk her down the asile?  I know you kept watch over her from's why you been so distant from me and the kids right?"  He grins as his father sighs and walks off to find her while he dresses and returns to finishing the set up.

April 12, 2018 11:49 am


Onxy Hair was being pulled back and tied into a long braid that fellover her shoulder softly,as she sat on the top on the armour in the corner of the room hizzing and growling at the old women below. Who where clearly not impressed with such a wild and unwilling bride. Where she came from as long as she was bathed clean and dressed in the proper ways all was well. These creatures wanted curling irons, hairspray, colors spread all over her face. Dema was the last of her tribe and she would not go looking like she just came out of vogue.  She looks down at the White haired women. "Hand me that white leather buckle, please." The white haired women rolled her eyes and reached for it as the blue haired women stopped her. "How do you think we are going to get her ready if you give it to her, look at her shes a uncultured mess." Dema sat in awe of that women and growled low.

April 12, 2018 12:06 pm

Li Kuroda

"You wish I was Li." Li had said as he tugged his arm free. "Forget that I can do this have you?" He asked flashing from one side of Phantom to the other. "Plus..." He stopped as he looked around the cathedral. "Never expected to see you in a church." Li said as he looked down at his clothes. He was still in a T-shirt and shorts. His hair was a mess and his glasses was tucked in it. His shirt had been decorated with mashed potatoes and other baby delicacies. "Give me heads up next time." He snapped his fingers and his appearance changed. He was in a similar tuxedo to Phantoms. Hair neatly combed and his glasses were where they should be. Luckily Kuri was there along with Blue and the other dragons. April 12, 2018 12:14 pm

Phantom Wraith

A tired sigh came from the doorway as Rezar walked into the room, "Leave harpies, or I slaughter you all and seehow well I wear your flesh as my suit for this wedding."  When the blue haired woman looks ready to argue Rezar appears before her with hatred and bloodlust pouring from him, "I will not repeat myself mortal, leave or die, choose so I can get my daughter ready for her marriage!"  The women flee before he glares up at her, "Get down here or I'll drag you down and I doubt you want me to do that...I'll use the dress as a Lasso and probably beat you for making me work to do my part in all this."  He smiles and points at the chair for her to sit in.


He laughs at Li, "Hey, I was rushing to get everything done and I forgot so much, besides if I had failed to do such a thing as getting my best man my wife would murder me...and probably all the humans I threw in the way in my mad dash for safety."  He grins before nodding to the dragons, "Perfect, you two hold the rings and when it is time bring them to us just be as beautiful and majestic as hell!"  He then turns and starts to finialize the preparations before stopping as he notices the gold flakes on the cake, "...Someone find the chef so I can kill him please, I told him my wife is deathly allerigic to GOLD!"

April 12, 2018 12:15 pm


She watched as Rezar handled the old ladies with the upmost grace that he could handle. She smirked and then climbed down. She eyed that chair but proceeded to sit. "Thank you Razar." She said softly watch the women leave but of course that blue haired one had to look back as she climbed down. "I behaved and dont kill them Rezar. I could have, but figured it was not going to end well if I shwed up covered in blood, we both know Sula."

April 12, 2018 12:24 pm

Phantom Wraith

Rezar laughs darkly and sits before her to begin doing up her hair, smoothing it to such softness that it looks done by a master hairdresser.  The ancient creature the ties her hair up and checks for any imperfections, "Oh, I would kill them, but the sin of ruining your dress?  I'm not certain Phantom would be so kind or so quick to end their suffering."  Rezar then slips a small locket around her neck, "This was my wife's, which makes it something borrowed, the band I put your hair up with is something old, it came from your ancestor, and the doeskin gloves are brand new, but done in your tribe's style.  You just need something blue...maybe I could make the top of the dress and it's trimming a light blue?"

April 12, 2018 12:38 pm


She was almost in tears as the old Demon god did his work. No one had ever been like this to her, Sula's family was the closest family she had, even when they were all out to kill each other. As the man was talking she nods softly. "I would like that as well." She looked up and smiled. "Was he really that bad while I was gone? I know you know all, when it comes to them. Even if they dont know your around. The boys dont even know yet.  Gods I hope this goes well. We never did this the first time." She looks into the mirror and sighs. "Am I really a uncultured mess, Rezar?

April 12, 2018 12:47 pm

Li Kuroda

Li shook his head as he took the rings away. "Sorry Phantom not them. If I'm here they have babysitting duties." Li said nodding at Blue and Kuri. Sprite and the other two flew around before Li gave up and snapped his fingers. "Blue you stay the other four go watch the kids and keep me posted on what's happening."

They all left leaving Blue alone as phantom went off. "Dude calm down. Its a simple fix." Li said waving his hand over the cake making the gold disappear. "Do not give me more work to do by killing everyone!"
April 12, 2018 01:01 pm


*walking in after she heard the news, a small raven sat on her shoulder. Lilly over heard Phantom and Li *

Who's killing who? No murder at your wedding
April 12, 2018 01:39 pm


"No Dema you are not an uncultured mess.  You are who you are meant to be.   I am sorry I am late."   Etaine stepped out of the shadows with a baby stroller.  A ten month old baby girl with unruly black curls peered at Dema.   She cooed and gurgled at Dema.

"Mama?"  she offered her arms to Dema.  She smiled showing her small baby teeth.  She looked at the old man and a silver mithril rattle appeared in front of him.  "Opa?" She tried charming the man and woman in front of her.

"This is Cliodhna Demasduit NightBreed.  My newest bratling adopted.   Erik is around here someplace.  He's in trouble with Dana big time.  It seems he got into some mischief with soul orbs and figurines and lynx kits.  He stole his grandpa's broken want the last time he was here too...."

Etaine held up a small wooden  box.   A small bracelet made in the style of Dema's people was insde it.

"Erik somehow had the design written down."   She offered the box to Dema.

April 12, 2018 03:23 pm


Sitting in the chair as Phantoms father fixed her up she smiles brightly upon Etaines arrivel. When the little one put her arms out she placed her on her shorten lap. Ahh yes she was kit bound again. Had to do with being away and stuck in cat form. "Not momma but your okay with me."she says while looking up at Rezar. "Closest Friend of the family." Hearing about Erik she bit her lip slightly she knew what he had done, it was because of her he did it.

Taking the braceltte she smiles. "Thank you hun, its beautiful I will keep it always."

April 12, 2018 03:33 pm


-Erik- sidled up to his grandmother's side.  "I got suspended for six months.   Conor and Cabel dared me about their mother.  I did it cuz I know how it is to loose a mommy.   I wanted my other mommy here."

He scuffed his shoe on the floor as he looked at Dem's tummy and then the little baby girl.  "My Grampa is now my new daddy and Gramma is my new mommy too.   SO I have to help with Clio.  I am glad I did what I did.  I manned up and did it like a NightBreed."

He winced as his mom groaned at his comment.  He looked at Etaine.  "I am proud of what I did.  Conor and Cabel got their mom back and now they gotta go to school at Dana's for a year! "

April 12, 2018 03:50 pm


She couldnt help but smirk. And then grin looking at Etaine. "Suspended, ouch.But I suppose its good for the boys only gods know if they have even seen the inside of a school." she laughs. "Sorry Etaine, didnt realize how much trouble he would get into." She looks at Erik."Now come here and give me a hug. And you keep dancer out of trouble for me." She then winked at him. knowing he wasnt in trouble with her.

April 12, 2018 03:58 pm
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