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Sometimes Love can be mistaken for a Crime.


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Livia Vlcek

Feb 21, 2018 - Nuevo Durango, Quintana Roo, Mexico

“So what do we know?” Dark eyes roamed three boards designated by year, all the photos they contained along with various bits of Intel found.

“Nothing really, Jacob is alive, as you know.” the younger male answered flatly, “He has yet to give us any information on his whereabouts for the last six years. The other male is part of the Russian Mafia, per Interpol’s records.”

“And this woman?” The elder pointed to multiple photos of a scarred woman in the company of both men. “She must be the link between the two. What have you found?”

“A ghost.” The younger man’s brow furrowed deeply. “We’ve found multiple names, all deceased women without families. She had a gentleman’s club, we assumed to launder money for the German but everything, the licenses, bank receipts, tax documents, all were legitimate and in the name of a PLC. One director is a prominent French lawyer.” He hesitated but continued. “As for the two men, there is no connection, other than her.”

“That is it? Nothing else?” Dark eyes remained fixed on the woman. “Nothing illegal? A parking ticket? Run ins with the law? There must be something...”

“2016 she was spotted in Los Angeles. With a different man. An unknown team went in to extract the male from what we were able to find. Half were left for dead. The two simply vanished. Witnesses later claimed there was a helicopter that landed on the roof and removed a woman from the scene.”

“And now? Where is she now?” The elder officer’s voice showed his patience was waning.

“Sydney. She’s been there since January. Previous to that, she traveled between Ile de Re and Irkutsk for roughly three months then to Cancun for almost a year.”

“What was she doing?” Again he scrutinised the photos, every detail. “Cancun? Isn’t that where you found Jacob?”

“We aren’t sure. She met with no one. She called no one. Truthfully, she seemed on holiday.” He nodded his head. “And yes, but she arrived after we picked him up.”

“Bring her in...discreetly.” The elder turned, hands clasped behind his back, “and continue to question Jacob if his health allows for it.”

“I have an extraction team ready. She’ll be here in, roughly, twenty four hours.” The younger officer looked from his watch then cleared his throat. “He is still healing from the last round of questioning. I think it would be best to wait until we have the woman here.”

“Maybe you are right.” The senior officer nodded his head. “He is one of ours, he knows our tactics. The woman should be easier to extract information from. Let me know when she arrives.”

“I will.”

Feb 21, 2018 - Sydney, Australia

Amnesia. It has its advantages. There are no questions to answer posed by friends, except the polite ones. No horrific memories to cycle through one's mind while attempting to sleep at night. Yes, amnesia is a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, Livia does not have amnesia. She is well aware of her life for the last three years. And everything she has lost. The club, Jacob, and possibly Valentin. It was just easier to say she had amnesia to avoid questions she didn't wish to answer.

A smug smile took to scarred face as cool glass touched equally scarred lips. The memories fresh in her mind outweighed the stench of the cheap tequila that burned chapped lips and raw throat. Had she even cried when he left? She had...Deeply. Ugly cried until she couldn't cry any longer. But really, there was no sense in crying was there? Just another fairytale without the fairytale ending in Livia’s life. How many was it now? How many times had they left her? Her glass hung loosely from slender fingers, limp wrist threatening to give under the weight of her thoughts and the amber liquid.

“Four.” The word was a hiss beneath the plume of smoke she exhaled and the cigarette haphazardly dangling from her lip. “Or would it be considered five?”

Does being married twice to the same person count?
You sure?
There wasn’t another male in no.

“Four.” Her glass found the nightstand gently while slender fingers extinguished the cigarette she held. She was finally tired enough to sleep, if what she did was even considered sleep. As pale eyes closed, a shift in the air caused heavied lids to open. The ceiling fan...she had left it on to clear the room of the scent of solvent and gun oil. Again, lids heavied until she found herself in that place between sleep and awake; memories replaying in damaged psyche like old films. Another rush of air brushed at sensitive flesh but this time, it was warmer. Closed lids struggled to remain closed.

Someone is here.

Gently, Livia turned on her side, mimicked the motion of restless sleep...something she was well versed in...while her hand searched for the gun she kept beneath her pillow.

The gun she had cleaned earlier and left on the console table at the foot of her bed.


Blue-green eyes shot open to stare at black tactical pants. How had she not known this offender was in her home? Left hand rose to make firm contact with the person, a distraction similarly used by pickpockets while her right was already upon the heavy rocks glass she deposited earlier on the nightstand. An economy of motion, but one of extreme violence, Livia punished the man’s orbital socket repeatedly until she felt bone give and her fingers become slick with cruor. Even as his fist made contact with clenched jaw, she did not relent. The strength of the punch showed he was serious, but non-committal. Maybe it was fear of losing his eye; maybe the woman had surprised him with her crazy. Regardless, the situation reminded her of a similar fight she had three years previous with Jacob. As the semi blind man released his grip upon her, Livia's left leg rose to send him reeling backwards in response to the pain in her jaw. She needed space and time to retrieve her firearm.

But they weren't alone.

Another male attempted to subdue her arms from behind while two knee strikes found her kidney. Yes, this...this was familiar. A bloodied smile waxed large upon scarred visage through blinding pain. Was it this one? Had he seen the look on her face he may have taken his opponent more seriously. But they always underestimated women, didn’t they? Livia snapped her head back towards the second attacker's face with enough force to dizzy herself. The scent of iron thick in sensitive nose relayed to scent receptors that she had hit her mark, his rasping breath confirmed it. His eyesight hindered by tears and swollen tissue, his breath hindered by the blood flowing freely from his nose and the balaclava he wore, the Czech woman turned to slam the broken glass into his neck with as much force as she could muster. He fell back on his own with a gurgle.

Turning towards the console table, bathed in arterial spray, slender fingers found the familiar weight of her five seven, arm raising to take aim as combatants number three and four entered her bedroom.

“Drop the gun!”

The words spat at Livia were in a language she didn’t comprehend but she gathered from the volume it was yelled at, and the two illuminated dots on her chest, that the man was requesting, politely, that she put down her firearm. She reluctantly obliged but was somewhat comforted by the fact the team wasn’t Slovakian. No sooner had her gun found the table, combatant three advanced to strike while combatant four kept aim; a strong blow from a rifle to her head left her dizzy and struggling to cling to consciousness. Words, garbled and foreign, rang loudly through her flat along with the footsteps of the team. This wasn’t a random burglary, this was a team of trained professionals. This was Mossad.

“Grab her clothes.” The man she initially attacked was barking orders angrily through laboured breaths . “Cuff her and wrap her in the bedsheet.” Cable ties pinched her wrists suddenly followed by the sharp pain of a needle. She was sinking into that inky sea of unconsciousness. “The plane leaves in thirty minutes.”
April 21, 2018 09:49 pm

Livia Vlcek

Feb 22, 2018 - Nuevo Durango, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Bright light.
Cold stone upon bared shoulder and tender cheek.

“Wake up.” English spoken with Israeli accent. At least, that is what she assumed. A blurred figure of a man came into view through narrowed eyes. He had kicked the chair out from under her to wake her it seemed. She was no longer cuffed but she was still clad in the bed-sheet they wrapped her in. Classy. “Get dressed.”

Pale eyes, sensitive from the bright lights above and the migraine that pounded at her skull, studied her surroundings. She was in an interrogation room. It surprised her really; she imagined after killing one man, she would have had a 'happy accident'.

Alone now that the man departed but certain that behind the glass many watched, Livia hesitated. Grabbing a tee shirt and baggy jeans from the pile of clothes left next to her, the young woman wrangled clothes over and under the bedsheet to dress. Standing, the woman pulled the sheet free from her body and gazed at porcelain countenance dappled in crimson. A smile to the mirror, fingers attempted to ‘comb’ chin length mop of curls into a presentable mess.

“I need a cigarette.” Livia took the chair from the floor, righted it and took a seat facing the mirror. If they went to all this trouble to bring her in, chances were, she would be there for some time. “Please.”

A different man, this one with gauze over his eye, entered the room with a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and ashtray. Placing them gently on the table, he retreated to stand by the door. A slow smile began to spread across bloodied and bruised face as fingers plucked a single stick from the pack. The familiar scratch of metal across flint, fire found the tip of her cigarette. “Thank you...How’s the eye?”

The man stood silently seething in the growing cloud of smoke as another man arrived to replace him, a large folder in his hands with a pen attached to the heavy paper.

“Your name please.” His voice was deep, stern in its question as he took a seat across from her.

“Why don’t you tell me what you think my name is.” Livia sat very still, right hand in her lap while her left rested against the edge table. “I think that you have mistaken me for someone else.”

A photograph found the table between the two, his finger pointing to Livia held at knife point by a man outside a Moscow hotel room. Another photo showed that same man with his face crushed inward while Jacob hovered over him. “This day your name was what.. Dani?”

The smile that tugged gruesomely at scarred visage, waned. It was the day Livia met Jacob for the first time. She had told Jacob that day her name was Dani. And now this man knew. “Where am I?”

“Maybe an easier question to start?” His tone was venom. She was trying his patience. “How do you know this man?” He pointed at Jacob. “When did you meet him?”

“I don't.” A lie drifted lazily past split lip with tendrils of exhaled smoke.

“So you do not know this man? You burned the hotel he was staying to the ground.” Another photo presented showed a large explosion behind the smiling Czech woman. Dark eyes fell to another photo placed between the two. Livia walking with Jacob, his arm around her. “You look as if you know one another.” Again dark eyes find scarred visage. “Or are you just a prostitute? Is that why your face is scarred?”

“He saved me, I offered him my bed as thanks. I know nothing of the explosion.” Livia glanced to the mirror, face a vision of calm. He had just accused her of being a prostitute. That seemed to be the go to accusation with these men. “Is there any way to dim the lights? I am photosensitive and have a horrible migraine.”

“So you still do not know this man? These were taken in Paris...” The lights remained ever so bright as four photos were placed before her. Two with Jacob, two with Valentin. All included Livia. His finger moved from Jacob to Valentin. “What about this you know him?”

“Yes. I know him.” Livia’s jaw clenched as she butted her cigarette in the ashtray. Jacob had lied. He had never left Kidon. She had been his mark and he had burned her. Or rather, Valentin had been his mark and she was the easiest to sidle up to. The lights dimmed, afforded her faint silhouettes of the men that sat behind the glass. Blue green eyes remained narrowed however. While they may know bits and pieces, they do not know just how well she sees in the dark. “Just a bit more please?” Again the lights dimmed. “Thank you.”

“What is his name?” The man already knew Valentin’s name, there was a wealth of information collected by Interpol. This was a test. “How do you know him?”

“Valentin Metzger.” Livia stared at the mirror, a hint of a smile presented itself. She and Valentin both knew there was a file on him. That there was no proof of any illegal activity. And while they would never just offer his name to a stranger in the underworld they resided in, when it came to governments, there was no reason to lie about his name when it was already known information. “I met him in Paris after my husband’s death.” Her eyes drifted from the mirror to the man interrogating her then back to the glass. She could see a familiar silhouette. HE was there. “We’ve remained friends, lovers, over the years. Occasionally we meet for dinner when he is in town. Sometimes he commissions me for paintings.”

“Paintings..” The man prods. “How do the two men know one another? What business do they have?”

“They don’t.” Contralto articulations clip as another cigarette finds its way betwixt chapped lips. That much is truth. Jacob always despised Valentin and Valentin, well, he wasn’t fond of Jacob. She always thought it was jealousy but now she understood why. “Like I said, the one man saved me from certain death and the other is a dear friend.”

“These photos though, they show you in Paris with the man.” Index finger moved from the photograph of she and Jacob outside the Sanctuary to the photo of the two at the Louvre and tapped lightly. “If you do not know him, why did he travel from Moscow to Paris to see you?”

“I owned a gentlemen's club.” She thumbed the filter of her cigarette to knock the ash from the tip, her gaze never falling from the mirror. “I must have given him a card.”

“And his name?” A thick brow raised at her. “So you are a prostitute in Moscow, own a successful gentlemen’s club in Paris and an artist?”

“John? I don’t know. I entertained many guests when they spent large amounts of money in my club.” She was growing agitated. “I never said I was a prostitute.”

“Ah yes, you simply offered him your bed as thanks. I forgot.” A derisive smile found the man’s mouth. “So you are just...what is the term you Americans use...a slut.”

“I am not American.” Livia attempted to restrain herself and took another long inhale from her cigarette before extinguishing it. Her gaze shifted from the mirror to the man interviewing her. “Why am I here? Could this not have been done in the comfort of my home over coffee or tea? You realise this is illegal?”

“Duly are simply a slut.” His tone was mocking. “Yes, let’s discuss last night and legalities shall we?” The man flipped through the pages found in the folder before him. “Tell me Miss, how does an ‘artist’ like yourself defend against an extraction team while seriously injuring two soldiers? And why are you in possession of a handgun? I am sure you are aware a weapon must be registered by serial number to a licensed individual in Australia? And please, explain why we found a duffle bag of heroin in your possession.”

“I only injured one.” Livia grinned. The other soldier was dead. “Tell me, how is your soldier’s eye? Were they able to save it? I felt the bone crush beneath the glass as I repeatedly slammed it into his face. I’m sure he will be popular on Pirate Day...” Pale eyes shifted to the mirror. “Better yet, maybe you should ask the other soldier why they got their asses kicked by a ‘slut’?” Slender fingers plucked yet another cigarette from the pack but she did not light it. “Oh wait, he cannot answer, can he...”

A single hand shot forward to strike at the Slayer’s throat with the webbing between the man’s thumb and index finger. Not hard enough to kill her, of course, just enough to shut her up. Luckily, Livia tucked her chin and the chair slid backwards. The lights flickered once before returning to their previous strength.

“I’ll be back.” The man collected the photographs and papers that had scattered from the commotion then left abruptly as Livia fought to catch her breath. She could feel the effects of withdraw setting in. If she didn’t medicate soon, things would get ugly. Would get ugly? Hadn’t they already gotten ugly? A cough barked from sore throat followed by a loud wheeze; the pen stolen from the table found its home in the back pocket of her jeans. It would be a useful tool soon enough.
April 22, 2018 08:44 pm

Jacob Zev

Feb 22, 2018 - Nuevo Durango, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The room was dark, it would have been pitch black if not for the dull sliver of light that filtered in from under the door of the cell that Jacob had spent the past months in. Everything was pain to him at the moment, his interrogator had just left the room a short while ago with bruised knuckles and blood stained clothes but no information...a common theme over the last year of captivity.

He was starting to heal already, another pain to add to the long list, making everything burn and itch and his bindings prevented him from doing anything to abate the discomfort. All he wore, strapped to the chair as he was, was a pair of boxer briefs that had long ago turned brown with dried blood. Looking down at his body a grimace flashed on his face. Greenish yellow bruises showed under the fresher bluish purple of the more recent ones. Cuts and burns marred his body, the new ones were the ones healing but the older ones had been reopened so many times now that his healing wasn't trying anymore. Jacob had always thought that there was a limit to what his lab-brewed lycanthropy could do, it just took being questioned by his old compatriots to find that limit.

He rolled his neck, his shoulders, working to stretch out the muscles as much as he could. He had to keep his body loose, flexible, otherwise the machinations of the interrogator would completely destroy his body. He started to think back on how this all started then, wincing as a bead of sweat dripped down into the split brow of a swollen eye as the memory started to come to him…

Mar 3, 2017 - Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Jacob had left without warning, running from shadows of his past. He wasn't sure of course, but he had to be safe. He'd fled to Cancun, dropping everything...not even telling his wife what was happening. Livia would be pissed that he'd left without saying anything but at the time he thought it would be better to apologize after the fact then to have a team of angry Kidon operatives swarm their home trying to kill and/or capture him. They wouldn't have spared her if she was there so it was just safer for him to leave.

Once he got to Cancun he tried to go off grid again, first looking into getting a small houseboat from one of the locals but he hadn't brought with him enough cash to handle even that and it was just too risky to try to pull it from his account. Even if Kidon didn't track the withdrawal, Livia would and then she'd be on her way to find him and if they already knew about his relationship with her she'd lead them right to him...or get herself hurt or killed trying to handle them herself. In the end he'd found a hotel that bordered some campgrounds that seemed mostly unused...after all, who comes to Cancun to go sleep in the woods?

For a few days things seemed safe, he didn't see any signs that he'd been followed and he rarely left the woods but his time back in civilization with Liv had led to the desire to have some creature comfort, such as real cigarettes, alcohol, and of course his pain medication. His trips back into town are surely what led the team to him. He'd gone into town to pick up a pack of smokes and refill his meds and returned to his campsite to find someone crouched by his tent. Jacob could only see the mans back, but he wasn't dressed like a local and reeked of gun oil.

Jacob crept forward, making no noise as he approached the intruder and had him in a chokehold in the blink of an eye. Just as quickly the man lurched forward and shrugged Jacob over his shoulder making him land in a bridge to avoid impacting the ground. This was already concerning as Jacob was good at what he did; he'd planted himself firmly and dragged the man back to him when he'd applied the choke. The intruder had to know what they were doing in order to respond in the manner he had. Without thinking, Jacob threw his weight to the side and turned, flipping himself above the combatant while spinning the man to the ground. A moment later he slammed his knee into the top of the strangers head, the crunch of vertebrae was audible; the struggle immediately left the other man.

He didn't have time to take in the rest of the scene before the familiar pops of silenced gunfire sounded out, though it sounded off...compressed air maybe? As the thought struck him so did the duel pinches of needles piercing his skin. He quickly brushed the spot he was struck and saw the two tranquilizer darts fall to the ground. Cursing himself internally for having gotten so soft over time to have not looked for others before confronting this man on the ground he stood up and turned to look in the direction the shots had come from. Two more men, in black tactical gear, stood there each pointing the barrel of a gun in his direction.

They said nothing, just held their aim on him and waited for him to do something, and do something he did. Time was of the essence now so he eschewed caution and charged the pair. Two more puffs of compressed air put two more needles into his chest which he ignored and covered the distance between them. He met the pair with a diving tackle while they rained elbows down on him. Once they were on the ground Jacob’s attention shifted to the man on the left, ignoring the one of the right for the moment. There was no art to the fight, just brutality as Jacob mounted the man and rained blows down onto him in quick succession. Fists and elbows landed like meteors, obliterating the bones beneath the tactical mask the man wore. The second man finally got to his feet and caught Jacob from behind, trapping his arms and tried to pull him off his ally. Jacob greeted the man with the back of his skull, forcing him to release him at which point Jacob pulled the knife he kept in his boot and planted it like a flag through the kevlar of the first man’s chest, into his heart.

Jacob tried to get to his feet then but the tranquilizers were taking hold and his world was beginning to swim, it's edges darkening, he stumbled back onto his knee and the other man, the one he'd headbutt, was on him again, taking him to the ground as more footsteps could be heard approaching. The last thing he heard before it all went black was, "The running ends now Jacob..."

Feb 22, 2018 - Nuevo Durango, Quintana Roo, Mexico

He was pulled from the memory by the sound of footsteps approaching his door. As it opened he turned away from the light, "Again? I'd have thought you'd be icing your hand for another couple hours at least Nahum.."

He sounded almost drunk, his jaw was still more swollen than he'd thought it was and it made him sound like he was slurring. As his eyes adjusted he saw that it wasn't Nahum this time but three others, one he didn't recognize; Efraim, whose eye was bandaged rather heavily; and Isser, his old commanding officer. The last of the three looked at him and shook his head.

"Jacob, it's a shame to see you wasted like this. If you'd just tell us where you've been and why you ran...things would be so much simpler." To this Jacob scoffed, Isser was not a soft man...he didn't care that Jacob was being brutalized. He just wanted information and was not above using any method to retrieve it. Jacob knew it was Isser who was giving the orders for his torture.

Isser turned to the one Jacob didn't know and said, "Go on Meir, you know what to do." before the other man stepped into the room and pulled out a syringe. They only did this when they were moving him; in the beginning he'd struggled whenever he could so they started drugging him now. They didn't know that it wore off much quicker than they'd expect, he'd just played along with it waiting for the moment he could make his escape but they were still careful. After a moment, the injection was done and Isser said, "We've got something for you to see Jacob, something that might interest you..." He gave a nod to Efraim and Meir and the pair unhooked Jacob from his chair and started walking him from the room.

The light of the hall hurt his eyes but it was still nice to be out of his room; the smell in there was torture to his senses and this bit of fresh air was a relief. The sedative was doing its job, making Jacob feel like he was moving through molasses, his steps were heavy as they moved through the halls. After a moment Jacob groggily turned to Efraim and said, "What happened to you, looks like it hurt..." to which Efraim said, "Some ***** tried to remove my eye with a glass of cheap tequila..." before Isser shot him a warning glance. Clearly this was a subject that he didn't want talked about and that made Jacob curious so he poked a bit further, "A woman? So that's the state of Kidon now, beaten and blinded by a woman? You've gotten soft Isser, in the past Efraim here would have been in my room being...instructed...on how to properly defend himself and..." before he could finish Efraim threw a heavy blow into Jacob’s diaphragm, knocking the wind from him and making him stagger.

The rest of the walk was in silence. As Jacob was led towards the interrogation room, he started to wonder why when he caught a whiff of a familiar scent. It was just for a moment before he was led past the door he was familiar with and around the corner into the room on the other side of the one way glass. As soon as he saw who was in the other room, Jacob mentally screamed. Liv was there sitting slumped at the table wrapped in a bloody sheet, he could see splatters of blood on her face too and in that moment he debated if now was the time that he broke loose and killed them all. If they'd hurt her... before the thought finished Isser said, "Is this woman familiar to you Jacob?"

"No, not at all. I think I'd remember someone like that." He showed nothing externally, gave them nothing to show he was lying. It was his job when he was with Kidon to pull information from people, he knew all too well how to keep a secret from them. With that Isser left the room and Efraim and Meir let Jacob stand on his own while they kept an eye on him.

After a moment Isser entered the room with Liv and without warning kicked the chair out from under her. As she started to rouse on the floor and Isser left the room Jacob was inwardly relieved that she wasn't dead, the amount of blood on the sheet would likely have cost someone their life. Isser came back into the room to grab a folder and say to Jacob, "This is your last chance, otherwise we'll just have to find out what she knows..." Jacob turned to him to respond but Liv’s voice cut him off as she called out for a cigarette. Isser looked to Efraim and nodded before looking back to Jacob who just shrugged, "I don't know her, I don't see how she could tell you anything about me." Without another word Isser left and Liv poked at Efraim on the other side of the glass before he left and Isser entered again and started to question her.

Jacob smiled at Isser calling Liv Dani just as Efraim came back into the room. He played off the expression by turning to Efraim and saying, "Wait, this is the one that took out your eye?" There was no response, but Jacob didn't think there would be. Meir and Efraim seemed to be perfect lapdogs, they wouldn't do much of anything that they weren't ordered to. The questioning in the room continued, and Jacob was unsurprised to see Liv was avoiding all of the questions, even demanding some things from her interrogators. It wasn't until she'd called Valentin her 'lover' that Jacob was surprised, when she said that his stomach dropped and he went icy cold. If that wasn't a made her denial of him hurt that much more from then on. A part of him knew it was just her covering herself and him, but there was also a part of him that was getting more and more hurt by her words.

The rest of her questioning fell off into a murmur as Jacob retreated into his own thoughts, only to be pulled out of them a moment later as Isser reentered the room and said, "Bring him." Suddenly he was moving again, Efraim and Meir leading him from the room into the hall and then into the room with Liv. They sat him down across the table and shackled him to the floor before the three of them left the room and it was just Liv and Jacob left there in silence.

He stared at her with his good eye, expression unreadable, before finally saying simply, "Lovers..."
April 22, 2018 11:33 pm

Livia Vlcek

Chair righted once more, Livia took a seat at the table, slender fingers holding flame to the tip of her cigarette as the door opened. Immediately her nostrils flared in disgust. Something, no, someone reeked. Of sweat. Of blood. Of body Maybe even a touch of urine.

Livia stood from her seat, turned from the door and walked the length of the room towards the corner. It took everything in her not to retch as memories of Slovakia returned. She was already nauseated from withdraw and as her arm rose to bring the cigarette betwixt slender fingers to her mouth, her hand was visibly shaking.

Four men entered the room this time, a sidelong glance to the mirrored wall told her so, but the one in manacles was conveniently blocked by the male who interviewed her. It wasn’t until the newest addition was seated across the table from her empty chair that Livia recognised who he was. Barely. To say the Czech woman was surprised was an understatement but her face remained devoid of any emotion.

“We’ll give you a few minutes to re-acquaint yourselves.” With that, the three left Jacob and Livia alone.

I'm in the dark, I'd like to read his mind- but I'm frightened of the things I might find. Oh, there must be something he's thinking of to tear him away…

“Lovers…” The single word that escaped Jacob was a gut punch. And she most certainly deserved it, didn’t she? For doubting him. But maybe this too was a ploy. Jacob was smart. His tactics for extracting information normally included gaining the trust and sympathy of the one interrogated. Livia could see her husband having his buddies beat the hell out of him to try and gain her sympathy and trust once again. Because else would the one interviewing her know that her name was Dani that day if Jacob hadn’t told him.

I try so hard not to get upset…because I know all the trouble I'll get.

“You smell like sh*t.” Apprehensively, she turned and made her way to Jacob’s side and knelt to gaze at his face, his bared chest. Some of the wounds were fresh but most were not. There was long term damage there; old wounds that weren’t healing. So much bruising. And he was filthy. Layers upon layers of dried blood and sweat. Kidon be damned. She no longer cared what they knew of her, of them. Jacob had allowed them to hurt protect her.

Scarred lips pressed a soft kiss to his swollen eye, his lips, before trembling hand rose and offered him the cigarette she held. To say she was angry was an understatement. And as soon as the man returned to interview the pair further, Livia would show just how spiteful she could be.

“Byl jsi tady? Celou tu dobu? Myslela jsem, ze jsi me opustil...” A smile, one of adoration, gently curled the corners of damaged pout. “Miluju te milacku...Chybela jsem ti.”

Behind the glass Isser smiled dangerously, his fingers spinning a heavy, metal band recovered from the woman while she was unconscious. Listening to the woman speak, watching how her hand trembled, the growing sheen of sweat upon her brow, everything fell into place. A deep laugh escaped him as he glanced down and noticed the worn rifling on the inside of the ring; the inscription carved through it, in Czech. What is life without risk? I love you my darling, forever.

“It seems she is his wife.” he tossed the ring to Efraim. “Jacob was always so sentimental. Meir, grab another set of handcuffs, make sure they have a longer chain. I think we know his weakness.”
April 23, 2018 02:30 am

Jacob Zev

Whatever Jacob had expected her to say when she was alone with him, her saying that he smelled like **** was certainly not high on the list...not that it wasn't there. He couldn't even deny it, in the beginning the smell was to much for his sensitive nose too, time had deadened his nose to his own scent. Though now that he'd been brought out of the room he'd spent most of his time in it was more evident again.

He was torn, a part of him wanted to yell at her for what she'd said about Valentin and her reaction to seeing him. Didn't she understand that this isn't what he'd wanted to go through for the last year, being tortured over and over again...the only thing that kept him sane was knowing that she was safe as long as he didn't say anything about her. For the entire year he'd never let anything slip, even after they'd realized how quickly he healed and upped the severity of what they put him through. As far as the Kidon were concerned he'd just left his mission, chose to go AWOL and live off the grid because he was tired of being a tool for assassination and espionage.

She came over to him then, inspecting his wounds closely, he wondered what she thought of the state of him. She bore her own scars on the outside while he had born his on the they matched in that respect too. He was covered in wounds that just would not close, pocked with scars that wept blood or had healed just enough to stop bleeding. He watched her the whole time, unsure of what to say to her, and then she kissed him...first his damaged eye and then his cracked lips before offering him her cigarette. He puffed on the death stick like a drowning man finding air, it had been so long since his last cigarette...the last one had fallen from his mouth as he killed the intruder in his camp.

It took a moment for her words to sink in, but when they did Jacob realized that the game was over. If one of the men behind the glass spoke even a little Czech they'd know exactly what the relationship between the two was. It was almost a relief to finally say, "Ano, jsem tady už rok. Snažil jsem se uniknout, abych vás ochránil ... ale našli mě." Another deep inhale of the cigarette clenched between his lips was all the pause there was before he added, "Taky tě miluju, ty jsi to, co mě drželo naživu." It felt so good to finally say that to her and he smiled again, the second time in a year...

On the other side of the glass Isser had figured it all out, at least as far as what the relationship between them was concerned. It didn't even take his knowledge of Czech to confirm it, seeing the interaction between the two was more than enough. A command to Meir was followed by Efraim saying, "I should help, that woman is more dangerous than she looks." Isser just nodded the confirmation before picking up a nearby phone and saying, "Send Nahum to Interrogation two, tell him to bring his tools..." The phone was hung up without waiting for a response. In the meantime Efraim and Meir had gone around to the door where Jacob and Liv were being held, they stepped in in tandem and wordlessly started towards Liv to restain her.
April 23, 2018 10:42 pm

Livia Vlcek

Livia heard the clink of a chain, footsteps, before the two soldiers had even reached the door. Cigarette left to dangle precariously from Jacob’s lips, the young woman backed away from her sedated husband and moved towards the end of the table farthest from the door. Meir to the left, Efraim to the right with his path partially blocked by Jacob, Livia moved towards the man with the cuffs. He was, after all, not already wounded and posed more of a threat than the partially blind man. The pen she kept hidden in her pocket was now gripped tightly in her left hand.

One end of the chain shot forward to keep the woman at bay while Efraim struggled to get past Jacob’s hulking form. Livia leaned right to avoid the metal cuff at the end, lopsided grin tugging cruelly at scarred visage. Mossad’s soldiers were exceptional at hand to hand combat, and unfortunately, she needed to get closer to the male in order to do any real damage. Another strike. Livia parried the cuff, grabbed the chain and wound it around her right hand. Pulling herself closer, the woman stabbed wildly, buried the pen in Meir’s right eye then cheek as a rush of pained words escaped him. The man not content to let the crazed woman use him as a human pin cushion, responded by grabbing her assaulting hand with his left and driving his right knee into unprotected ribs. A groan was all she gave him while her right hand drove an armored fist into his nose, twice in rapid succession. He countered her blows with two quick knee strikes, their target already tender ribs while a forehead crashed into her cheek. White, hot pain found Livia dazed, slowing, her ribs cracking under the pressure put to them.

Let go of the chain Livi.
Kinda busy right now...
With what? Getting your ass kicked?

The Other was correct though; she needed to escape his driving knees before Efraim reached them. So she did the only thing she could do...polished ivories sank deeply into the man’s nose. This time, a much higher pitched ‘yell’ escaped Meir. No sooner had Livia disentangled herself from the man, the manacles in his possession, a chair crashed against her back. Blinding pain sent lithe frame rigid. Laboured breath ceased. Livia struggled to stay on her feet, and failed, damaged psyche attempting to process all data her body was sending its way. She was already weakened by withdraw; the chair, it was the proverbial straw. Livia was done. A groan, guttural, ripped from tattered lips as a third man, one she had not seen before, entered the room.

“What is going on?” The cart he pulled stopped abruptly, the man quickly retrieved the lengthy cuffs from Meir and fastened them to Livia’s wrists in seconds. And she was good with this because all she wanted to do now was lay down and die. “What did you expect to happen? Where did you expect to go? Did you really think that you could win?”

“I expected for him to not see out of his eye.” A grin appeared only to be slapped away. Cheek already tender, the woman winced. “I thought he would make a lovely pirate...” She stared pointedly at Efraim who was now escorting her to the hook that hung from the ceiling. “So you are arresting me now...” The man jerked sore arms suddenly upwards as the second man arrived to lift Livia a few inches from the ground; the chain caught the hook and she was left to hang, toes skimming cool tile. “Torture time?”

“Yes, something like that...” The man stepped back and smiled before a fist, followed by an elbow, landed against the growing bruise on her ribs. “But Jacob will be answering for you instead.”
April 24, 2018 09:22 pm

Jacob Zev

Jacob could hear Isser on the other side of the glass, that room wasn't nearly soundproof enough to stop his hearing from piercing it. He knew what was about to happen but couldn't say anything until Meir and Efraim had already entered the room. From there things started snowballing fast, Liv had managed to secret away a pen which she used as a weapon quite effectively against Meir. Efraim tried to move around the other side of the table, trying to get to Liv from another angle, but he made the mistake of thinking that Jacob would just sit there and let all this happen.

A screech of metal sounded out amid the struggle as Jacob lurched to his feet, sliding the chair back into Efraims legs hard causing him to trip and stumble. The cuffs shackling Jacob to the floor didn't allow him much room to maneuver, he couldn't even stand straight thanks to the shortness of the chains, but he did have enough leeway to hook a foot under the chair he'd tripped Efraim with and send it sailing at the mans face. The impact was solid and Jacob was sure that Efraim would be spitting a few teeth out and it should occupy him for a little while.

Turning back to face Liv and Meir he saw Mier send two swift knees into Livs stomach, which oddly enough made him think of the day they met for a moment, and then he saw her bite into the man's nose. All the while he was pulling at his restraints, trying to pull the loop he was attached to from the floor but he didn't yet have the strength thanks to his captivity, the drugs, and the lack of leverage he had. While he strained he didn't see Efraim stand and swing the same chair he'd been hit with into Livs back. At that point Nahum entered the room and the sudden quiet that filled the room was deafening. A moment later Liv was cuffed and hanging from the ceiling like a heavy bag, an apt comparison for what was about to take place.

Jacob understood immediately what Nahum had planned, he'd torture Liv to get him to answer the questions. He'd learned that beating Jacob wasn't going to get him what he wanted but this...this might. Jacob snarled at the men making Meir, who was trying to stem the bleeding from his ruined face, and Efraim take a step back. "Don't do this Nahum. Isser, I know you can hear me back there, I promise you that things will go better for everyone if you just let her go. You can keep me...but if you damage her...I'll kill you all." The venom in Jacobs voice was clear, it wasn't a threat he was, this was a promise.

Isser smiled, Jacob had finally cracked, he couldn't help but pat himself on the back before pressing the intercom button for the room and saying, "Nahum, continue..."

Back inside the room Nahum wasted no time setting things up, Meir left to get treated while Efraim remained behind to stand guard at the door. A towel covered various implements of torture, things Jacob was all to familiar with, on the surface of the cart while underneath there was an old car battery, jumper cables, and a basin of water. Again the intercom squelched to life and Isser said, "Who is this woman Jacob?" Jacob didn't bother to hide it now, Isser already knew the answer, "She's my wife.." The words came through gritted teeth. A tap on the mirrored glass signaled Nahum to throw a swift jab into Livs left rib. "Not the answer I was looking for Jacob, telling me what I know is hardly answering my question. Let's try something a bit different though, why did you run all those years ago Jacob?"

Jacob looked at Liv apologetically, he couldn't answer the question...they both knew it. Isser couldn't be let in on the hidden world that the two of them lived in. Arming the Kidon with the information that Angels, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, and Slayers existed in the world was a terrifying thought. Finally Jacob said, "I really needed a vacation. The pay was good but the benefits...well they were just sh*t." Nahum didn't wait for the tap this time, he reached under the towel and pulled out a set of vice grips and wordlessly grabbed Livs foot and clamped them until they locked around one of her toes.

Jacob thrashed against his restraints again before Efraim came up behind him and kicked him in the back of the knees, forcing him to the ground. Isser chimed in again, "Let's try this then Jacob...Why is it that you heal so quickly? Is it tied to why you ran?" Again, a question that Jacob couldn't answer. What was worse, Isser was on the right track without even knowing it...eventually he'd start putting the pieces together. "Don't do this...just stop..." Jacobs breathing started to grow heavy, his voice coming in a low, menacing growl as he hunched over on the ground.

"I couldn't quite make that out Jacob, but it didn't sound like an answer. Nahum..." The intercom shut off again as Nahum reached under the cart and pulled out an iron basin of water and positioned it under Liv so that her feet were in the water. To it he hooked one end of the jumper cables that had been attached to the battery, "Jacob, I wonder if your wife can heal like you..." As Nahum asked the question he thrust the other cable into Livs stomach, completing the circuit and shocking her with a dangerous amount of electricity...
April 24, 2018 11:34 pm

Livia Vlcek

First question, it was an easy one. Livia looked to Jacob, blue green pools curiously awaiting his reply. She wondered if he would give her name and if he did, if the man on the other end of the intercom would believe Jacob. The story they would find is that she perished in a house fire at five years of age with her parents. Which would probably raise more questions than she’d like to answer.

"She's my wife.."

A small smile took to her lips, softened her eyes. The words had never been spoken before. Not to friends or family. Or even strangers. It was nice, sweet even, to hear Jacob say. Which made the sudden blow to her ribs all the more painful.

“Fvck…” the word slipped passed her lips suddenly, tears lining turquoise pools. How this man Nahum could find the exact spot was beyond her, but he had and Livia was convinced it was some sort of interrogator black magic. She bit her tongue until the familiar taste of iron masked the bile that crept upwards in her throat.

Second question, a difficult one. Again, Livia’s gaze fell on Jacob’s face. Her husband knew she wouldn’t want him to speak the truth for the simple fact that he would most likely be caged like an animal for them to experiment on. The Slayer braced for pain once more; core muscles clenched expecting a blow that never came. Instead, great pressure found a single toe. Tears that lined pale eyes streamed down bruised face while the contents of her stomach found her shirt then the floor. Luckily it was cheap tequila.

Third question, Livia laughed. Through tears, through pain, the Czech woman laughed. Hysterically. Even as Jacob begged they stop, she laughed. This was a question she knew he would not answer. To answer truthfully would strengthen their army, their government and possibly unleash terror on the world in unimaginable ways. Efraim shifted uncomfortably at his post by the door. Great pain expected, the woman threw caution to the wind.

“He was telling the truth you know…” Livia mumbled to Nahum as the man placed a basin of water at dangling feet. “He’s going to kill you all.”

The sound of Jacob’s breath heavying, his voice foreign as he growled words, had warned of impending doom.

"Jacob, I wonder if your wife can heal like you..."


Greater than she has ever experienced.

False positives caused muscles to tense violently until lithe form was rigid. The last breath taken remained in her lungs as silence encompassed the young woman. And as electricity coursed through her leg to complete the circuit, the flesh found there burned. Along with her toe that was still held by the vice grip. And as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

Even if it felt an eternity.

A scream pealed from Livia’s lungs, unrelenting until another breath was necessary. The scent of urine and burnt flesh in sensitive nose caused her to retch violently even if there was nothing left in her stomach to expel. Pale eyes wide, chest heaving, her body thrashed wildly as she attempted to gain freedom from the hook she hung from. Her leg was afire.

“ more.” She was weak, pleading with Nahum. Somewhere, deep in the recesses of her mind, the Other remained oddly silent. Turquoise irides found her husband’s hunched form to which she simply whimpered, “Jacob…”

Livia finally understood what the Other had meant when she instructed the young woman to 'let go of the chain'.
April 25, 2018 03:24 am

Jacob Zev

Nahum had tried for a year to break Jacob, every day for several hours at a time...sometimes more than once if he'd come up with some new idea he'd wanted to try. After an entire year he'd finally succeeded, all it took was hearing Livia see the look in her hear her whimper his name. It was all too much for him to hold back any more. He looked up to Liv, a pained look on his face, his breath coming in heavy pants. It was a telling look, she would know what was happening now if she didn't have an idea before, and with that look his entire world devolved into pain and fire...

A sickening tear filled the room. The damaged and scarred skin of Jacobs back separated like wet paper to bare the sanguine muscle beneath. He contorted there on the ground, shape transforming almost fluidly beneath his skin as his muscles bulged and tore only to be replaced with new, stronger, growth. Everywhere his flesh began to rupture, blood poured from him freely as it was forced from his body. He tried to scream but his vocal chords shredded with the attempt causing only a choked sob to escape before the bones of his skull violently changed shape, a bony muzzle thrust through his face. With a jerk of his arms Jacob freed his hands from the shackles that tied him to the ground, stripping the skin cleanly from the bone and muscle in the process as he continued to shift. The sound of bone breaking periodically pierced through the sounds of bloody skin sloughing from his expanding form onto the ground as his joints realigned and bent at awkward angles. The bones themselves expanded with his seemingly ever-increasing mass. Jacob had already been fairly tall, standing at six foot three inches, but that soon was eight feet...then nine...ten...he seemed to grow to fill the space he was in until he stood a full twelve feet tall if he stood straight.

Efraim and Nahum were frozen, their minds not able to cope with what they were seeing. Jacob, a man they'd both trained and served with had just become...something...monstrous. Efraim was the first to move, hoping to escape the room before whatever was happening was complete, but he didn't even manage a full step before the monster-that-was-Jacob turned and snapped out a now razor clawed hand in his direction. The claws tore through skin like butter, worming through his ribcage before closing into a fist. As the pain flared and his scream started his body was moving through the air and crashing into the frame of Nahum. Ribs disintegrated into shards with the impact before Jacobs claw was torn free and drawn back only to scythe through the pair of men like so much wheat. The violence of the attack knocked the water from under Livia's feet, spilling it across the floor and making contact with the jumper cables that the corpse of Nahum had dropped before it realized it was dead. The massive musculature of Jacobs warform, still skinless from the shifting, convulsed violently in response to the electricity coursing through it. Brilliantly blue wolf eyes looked to Liv, making sure she wasn't being shocked by this before turning to the cart that bore the battery. A thunderous roar tore from a too large snout as Jacob threw the offending cart at the one way glass like a cannonball revealing a wide-eyed Isser.

The gore covering the bare muscle of Jacobs body seemed to congeal, hardening into a dark leathery hide before needle-thick hair started sprouting in quick growing patches from the new skin. Isser finally managed to make a move, unfortunately he chose to do the wrong thing... Drawing a firearm from his hip Isser fired blindly into the room not concerned who was hit, the gunfire was just to try to buy him time to escape out the door. In a blur of motion Jacob's frame stood between Liv and Isser, wet thuds sounded out as bullets sunk into the dense shield that Jacob became...and a moment later the tinkling of metal sounded on the floor as his drastically enhanced healing pushed the rounds from his body. At the first click of an empty magazine Jacob was in motion, claw bursting through the remainder of the glass to snatch Isser and drag him partially into the room...only to saw his body across the broken one way mirror. It was a brutal scene, a horrible death that Jacob saved for Isser. Nahum may have torture Liv, tortured Jacob, but it was by Issers orders. As his old commanding officers gurgling screams faded off into a death rattle Jacob finally turned to look at Liv, relief evident on his monstrous maw that she had not been harmed.
April 25, 2018 05:20 am

Livia Vlcek

A dangerous smile found scarred lips. Large and unapologetic. She stared down at Jacob and waited for what he should have done so long ago before any of this had come about. Maybe later she would ask him why he remained there for so long; why he hadn’t escaped. Why he had left the man to torture her. Maybe she wouldn’t. ‘Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to’, she had always told him.


Eyes closed, the Czech woman hummed quietly as Jacob turned the room into a bloodbath. Livia knew her husband didn’t harbor dual personalities as many Lycans did, per his word, but she had never seen Jacob’s warform or interacted with it...him. And while she trusted her male implicitly...sort of...she did think he sold she and Valentin out during her interview earlier that evening...Livia did not enjoy the thought of being caught in a small room with feral beast, all sharp teeth and razored claws.

It was her biggest fear, truth be told; to be stuck in a room with a warform with no way to escape. And snakes. God she hated snakes. Ok, it might actually be a tie if she was bound and left in a room full of snakes. Livia pondered the thought while baptised in the warm blood and shredded flesh of Jacob’s former comrades; their screams, oh so sweet music to her ears, unholy ministrations of pain to the night.

What if he couldn’t control his anger though? What if he doubted her fidelity while he was gone? The Slayer could very well end up on the receiving end of his anger and add to the chorus of screams that resonated through the small space. Yes, better to keep one’s eyes closed and pray for a quick death than to see it coming at the hands of the man she loved...who was no longer human.

A deafening roar shocked blue-green eyes open, sent a course of electricity through willowy frame until fingertips pricked with pins and needles.

The shattering of glass.
Jacob’s beastly frame next to her.

Livia braced for pain, broken ribs singing loudly, until she realised what was happening. He was shielding her from a hail of bullets.

“Kill him…” Livia growled through the haze of gunsmoke, momentarily deaf. “Make him pay...for everything.”

And he did.

The young woman stared in mute fascination as Jacob sawed the man in half with broken glass left in the window frame. The simple fact Jacob wasn’t tearing the man apart with razored claws allowed Livia to understand that, beneath a beastly form, a methodical and very human thought process was occurring. Moments later, the beast that was Jacob regarded Livia and was met by blue eyes shining only for him.

“You’re not finished, Milacku.” Livia glanced at the door. There was a fight before them that she could not participate in. Livia wasn’t even sure she could walk on her left leg, let alone fight. It would be better for her to wait there, remain out of his way. The less he had to worry about her, the better. Especially in such a dire situation. “Go...kill them all...I’ll wait.”

A smile to hide the fear away, Livia contemplated the possibility that he may not return to her. Things could happen. He could be killed. Or worse, he could be captured again. So many grim thoughts flitted through damaged psyche. He understood she loved him, didn’t he? Her brow furrowed. “And was always you...only ever you.”
April 29, 2018 10:30 pm

Jacob Zev

Jacob stared at Liv until she finally spoke, she was right...the rest of them needed to die. If any of them were left to report on what he'd done here it would ruin everything, it was bad enough that the bodies were mauled far beyond what a human would generally be capable of without a sword or the like. Instead of just dashing out of the room though Jacob moved closer to his wife, reaching for her slowly with the talons that tipped his monstrous appendages. Instead of touching her though his claw moved upwards to gently lift the chain of her bindings off the hook before scooping her up from beneath to ease the weight on her wrists. He carried her to the table, the one thing untouched by the gore that filled the room, and set her down. He paused momentarily to grip the chain with both hands and, with a twist, snapped the links cleanly to free her hands. He didn't trust this form to be delicate enough to actually remove the cuffs but was sure that she could find a way if she were free too.

With a huff of hot breath the monster turns to leave the room and continue the slaughter but as he turned he caught a glimpse of a slight shine near the body of Efraim. Stalking over to it Jacob carefully retrieved it from the gore finding that is was the ring that he'd made for her. Shaking the blood from it he placed it on the table next to Liv before he leaned his snout in close to her, hot breath blowing on her neck before just the tip of his long tongue slipped out and lapped lightly at her flesh. "What was that noise?!" said one voice from the hall, "It sounded like gunfire!" called another. Jacob snapped his head towards the door and was moving in a flash, delicate was a foreign word then as he shouldered the door open the wrong way rendering it useless as he tore down the hallway. Screams and gunfire would be all that Liv could hear from the messy interrogation room, though the sounds wouldn't last long.

Bounding through the hallways Jacob make short work of those who crossed his path, he wasn't all that familiar with the layout of the place but he knew where he was brought in from and his hearing and sense of smell were good enough that he could almost pin point where each person was within the complex. He could smell and hear perhaps fifteen or twenty people, though some of the voices may have been from televisions or radio transmissions, he'd just have to keep killing until the place had gone silent. No alarm had been raised yet but it was bound to happen, there is no way that he'd be able to make it through all of the people before someone managed to hit an alarm.

As that thought crossed his mind a group of four stepped out into the hall he was tearing down to try to find out what the noise was about. The five of them stood there for a long moment, frozen in time as each of their minds tried to decide what to do with the information presented to it. Jacob was the first to move, lunging forward on all fours like a true monster. He cleared the distance between himself and the first of the four in the blink of an eye, shearing the man's head from his body with the swing of his arm. The meaty projectile smashed into the woman behind the now falling body as Jacob crashed into another man tearing at his face and throat with wicked jaws. The last man standing turned to run, scream just starting in his throat as Jacob launched himself from the second corpse and crashed into his back. Knocking the man to the ground, claws tore at flesh and bone, destroying his spine. The woman had recovered enough to pull her gun and fire off a couple shots into Jacobs back, his body flinching with the impacts, but all that managed to do was further anger him. He responded to the pain by palming her face and smashing her head into the concrete wall, splitting it like an overripe melon and painting the flat gray a dark crimson.

Three more people burst from a door further down the hall, two already opening fire on Jacob as the third ran...likely to get help or sound the alarm. Either of those options were preferable to the man escaping outside, Jacob couldn't risk being seen on the surface like he was now. Revealing the things that go bump in the night is exactly what he was trying to prevent, as well as extracting a measure of revenge on the people that made his life a living hell for years now. The bullets impacting him hurt, doing their damage quite well before his body began healing, but adrenaline and rage made him just ignore the wounds as he tore through two more people in pursuit of the one could be allowed to escape. Escape was exactly what the last man had in mind too; he was running for the door that led to the stairs Jacob was brought down when he was dragged to this facility. On all fours again Jacob darted down the hall, reaching the door a moment after the fleeing man had passed through. He pounced, impacting the door with a thunderous crash as his weight ripped it from the frame, the impact of the door against the steps was muted the fleeing man's body cushioned the metal from the concrete stairs.

Convinced the man was definitely dead, having a bit more that a quarter ton of monster slamming him into the unforgiving edge of stairs, Jacob stalked back into the facility. It was time to finish cleaning out the last dregs of the Kidon squad stationed there so he could return to Liv and they could, hopefully, make a clean escape from this place...
May 07, 2018 11:29 pm

Livia Vlcek

There comes a time in one’s life when one questions if they might be too old for the sh*t situations they find themselves in.

This would be one of those times.

But as Livia hung there, the acrid but delicious scent of gunsmoke in sensitive nose, the Slayer gave a nefarious smile as her husband turned and freed her from the hook she hung from. There was no place she would rather be, truth be told. Even if she was cradled in the arms of a dangerous beast. Through all the tension, the pain, the violence...they were there, together. Side by side. They had shed blood together, and bled themselves. This wasn’t a new experience for the pair, it was what they did best. But this particular experience, the questions and answers, the pain she had endured for him...for them...had brought the two closer than any previous. It would forever bond them.

The blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

He was surprisingly gentle in his current state which was much appreciated since her body ached all over. There wasn’t just the external pain she was suffering but the withdrawal as well. And as her body was placed upon the table, every so gently, Livia watched keenly what Jacob might do. She had expected him to leave the room, to finish the job he had started. Much to her surprise, Jacob first broke the chains of the manacles that bound her wrists then moved towards one of the dead men that laid upon the floor. It wasn’t until he placed her wedding ring upon the table that she realised what was happening.

She’d have to thank him later; it would have been unbearable to go on without it.

A loving smile caused scarred cheek to turn grotesquely in on itself as she gazed up at him. It seemed he was telling the truth about not being a separate entity when in his war form. Luckily, for both, she understood that it would take seeing her in great pain or distress for her male to shift. And while, the whole ‘torture thing’ was painful, Livia was built for pain.

Hopefully she wouldn’t lose her toe though. She kind of liked it attached to her body.

“I love you, Jacob.” The words whispered from betwixt tattered lips as she slipped her wedding ring on. His tongue, that lapped gently at delicate column, pulled a quiet laugh from the Czech woman. “Licking my to speak? You owe me so much fro-yo it’s not even funny.”

She teased the male but in reality it was because she had no other words to express her elation that they were together once more. The year he was gone had been painful...crazy. There were many highs and lows without him. A darkness she never thought she would find herself free from...until now.

"What was that noise?! It sounded like gunfire!"

And then he was gone. In a blink of an eye, the hulking beast that was her husband disappeared through the door with a crash, accompanied by gunfire. There were also short lived screams. She felt no remorse for the men and women that died at her husband’s proverbial hands that night.

She felt nothing still.

A quiet sigh, cerulean pools stared at the ceiling of her office in Sydney. How they managed to escape that night, Livia was unsure. Her memory was spotty at best. But pain and medication will do that. She recalled using a paperclip to remove the cuffs and calling Valentin from one of the dead men’s phones. There was a medikit tucked away in a drawer of the office and enough morphine to keep her from going into full withdrawal. There was a car, the pair driving for what seemed like days. In reality it had only been a few hours. And then there was Valentin...waiting by a small, private jet.

That's all I wanted, just to see my baby's blue eyes shine...

Irkutsk was their destination. To rehabilitate from the trauma and to lay low in case, somehow, Kidon found out about what happened that day. Months of bliss and happiness, Livia started to appreciate the rural location, the quiet. She finally understood why Jacob was so enamoured by the forest. The scents. The cool air harboured by dense canopies. The Peace. But most of all, they were finally free, or rather, she was finally free. From any and all responsibility. To reconnect with the male she adored...Jacob; to make up for time lost.

So when you remember the ones who have lied...

But happiness never lasts very long for the Czech woman, does it?

Who said that they cared but then laughed as you cried...

A return to Sydney found the Slayer in darkness once more. Jacob was gone again; no note, no text. Not even a phone call. They had gone to bed and when she awoke, he was simply gone. Naturally, she imagined there was a job he had taken and neglected to tell her about. It was the best explanation she could afford damaged psyche and the only one she wanted to think about. The other option was too heinous for her to face...until now.

Beautiful darling, don't think of me.

“Always…” It was a hiss between clenched teeth as Livia stalked out the door.
August 29, 2018 06:28 am
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