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An Orange Wolf's Cry for Help. (Open to Everyone)


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The Orange She Wolf

One afternoon in the realm, things were as usual, everyone doing everything and things being active as they are, however, something strange happened....

Something very strange....

Something began to smell in the realm, it smelt like Oranges and Citrus, yes, those words may get thrown around time to time but what was to come was all things orangey...and weird

An Orange Colored Wolf smelling like Citrus walked into the realm like a child (which she was). The Young Orange Wolf had no family, no home, no pack and no help. so she traveresed the areas looking for help, a large howl roared from her, also a howl that smelled like oranges...

It was Weird though....

There were no words, just an orange wolf howl that also smelled like oranges...

She remained in the area sitting and resting and Howling some more, with her breath smelling like Oranges as she continued her Cry for help and assistance as a newcomer in these lands...

(All are Welcome to Post and please do)
April 24, 2018 07:07 am

Li Kuroda

Li was out walking when he heard the howl. His sensitive ears could pick up anything. He turned in the direction of the noise when the smell hit his nose. He was a bit confused but decided to check it out. His eyes turned reptilian and he soon spotted the reason for it all. He shrugged as he took to the air.

He landed in front of the orange beast. And knelt before it. As a shaman he was at peace with all creatures of nature but this one was a simple werewolf. "Are you alright?" He asked extending a hand to pet her head.
April 24, 2018 11:01 am

The Orange She Wolf

After a while of waiting, she had felt someone pet her fur, she then turned around and whimpered panting and smiling to the stranger that asked about her well being...

Orange then reverted to her human form to reply to the man's question "Well sir, not really, I just got here and you see, I have no family, no friends, no allies, no pack and no items and am looking for anything and everything." she said to the Shaman as she sniffed him while smelling like Oranges.

"I guess you either heard my howl or smelled my citric scent or both." she said smiling to the Shaman, either way, Orange (Or Vitamin C) was glad someone showed up at the very least as she awaited his response.
April 24, 2018 01:19 pm

Li Kuroda

He removed his hand from her hair when she changed back. "Well I did hear you from quite the distance." He said smiling back at her. "Well I'm sorry to hear that young one. Maybe I can be if assistance." April 24, 2018 04:31 pm

The Orange She Wolf

She smiled to him "Thank you sire." she said and added "You sure can, im going to need all the help I can get." The Orange Werewolf said to the Shaman smiling "Anything and everything helps." she said chuckling and licking his hands and smelling like Oranges while they talk appreciating and accepting his offer to help her out. April 24, 2018 04:33 pm

Li Kuroda

He stood as she licked his hand. But all he did was smile and ruffled her hair. "So where are you staying?" He asked rising to his full height. April 24, 2018 04:47 pm

The Orange She Wolf

She looked at him when he asked her that question, She replied "Nowhere sadly, I have no place to stay sir." she said unfortunately in response as she really has nothing and nobody "In a word, you can say that I am homeless and placeless." the orange werewolf replied to the shaman in response to the question posed to her. April 24, 2018 05:26 pm

Li Kuroda

"Came to the realm with nothing and alone?" He asked frowning at her words. He ran his hand through his long hair before looking around. "That just won't do." April 24, 2018 06:11 pm

The Orange She Wolf

She looked at him in agreement "I agree, It won't do and I need all the help I can get." she added and nodded to the shaman. April 24, 2018 07:53 pm
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