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Well that's not supposed to happen.


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Aurelia sat in the center of her casting circle, moonlight trickling through the glass dome that topped her casting room. She was casting a more ambitious spell tonight. A doppleganger spell. It was, in theory, to allow her to take the form of someone else. Though the difference between this and a simple glamour or shifter ability was that anyone attempting to see through the disguise itself would be unable to.

Candles of black, red, green, and yellow circle her as she breathes slowly. In. Out. Let the magic wreath around the body like a second skin. Slowly tighten it. She was so close if only she could keep her concentration. The magic she worked was swirling about her eagerly, like an excited dog after a treat.

"Almost there, jus-"

The sentence never finished as something slammed into the glass above her and with a yelp she was dumped out of the spell. Wide eyes fixed on the swirling energy above, "Oh this is so not good.." It hit her like a ton of bricks and encased her, though karma was kind and she blacked out upon impact.

Sunlight was filtering in as she awoke, groaning softly when her body moved. It felt like she had had the crap kicked out of her by a pissed off elephant. Forcing the movement, Aurelia rolled onto her hands and knees, catching her bearings before slowly moving to stand. The mirror in the corner caught her reflection making her rush over.

"Oh no no! Sht! What did that spell do to me?"

Sharp grey eyes stared her down, framed by dark ebony hair. Aurelia twisted and turned to look at herself. The body wasn't bad, not too different from her own but there was a problem. Who was this? Surely the spell can't just alter a body of it's own accord, right? She turned to state at the old leather bound book before scrambling over to read the spell again. Ingredients. Enchantment. Risks. The cry that slipped from her was one of sad acceptance.

If concentration is broken the witch can experience snap back. Causing deformities, partial change, and in extreme cases full body transfiguration can occur.

Looking back at the mirror Aurelia sighed, "I guess this is the new me huh..?" She dropped the book on the floor and trudged to her study to make herself a drink.

Wednesdays were a btch.
April 26, 2018 12:51 am

Diego Kravenoff

I landed with a thud in the sand box outside as I growled in frustration. Did he really hit me that far? I sat up slowly and held my side. Yup a fee broken bones there, great Aurelia was going to be pissed. Speaking of Aurelia I hadn't seen her since last bight as I crawled out and went in search of my beloved. I was holding my left side with my right hand as I stumbled into the house. "Damn steps." I mumbled as I hobbled up them.

I stepped into her studies and saw someone fixing a drink. Where was Aurelia? "Who..." I stopped as her scent hit me and I stared at her with wide eyes. "Lia?"
April 26, 2018 01:26 am


She was fixing her second glass of scotch when the smell of blood hit her, making her nostrils flare. There surprise on his face didn't register as she saw the way he was clutching his side. "Diego, gods above, what have you been doing?" She was at his side in an instant, ushering him to the couch and making him lay down after she removed his shirt.

"Who am I going to need to kill for this? Because believe me I'm going to do it." Her fingers probed the mess of new forming bruises to count the breaks and note their locations. She made him take a deep breath, sighing softly. "Two fractures. At least two cracks.. It feels like they're not shifted to bad but this is going to hurt."

Blue energy filled her palm as she pressed hard against his ribcage to force them back into place and healed them with precision. Soon her work was done and he was bruised and hurting but no longer in danger. She stood, fixing him a drink and pressing it into his hands before drowning her own and slamming the glass down.

"Spell gone wrong. Please don't ask. I'm embarrassed enough about it " She ran a hand through her hair with a sigh, all her tattoos had remained but her body had definitely changed. It was Lia but at the same time it wasn't. She was worried he was going to reject her now that she had screwed up this spell.
April 26, 2018 01:39 am

Diego Kravenoff

I did as I was told and didn't even since when she fixed my ribs. Her question, well she wasn't going to like it as I sat up. She hadn't noticed the bandaged hands as I downed my drink and walked over to her. Cupping her cheeks as I took in her new form. "Sometimes I feel like putting you across my knee and spanking you." I said as I leaned down and kissed her tenderly. If that didn't shed the doubt from her mind then she was going to get a spanking. "And I'm not sure you'd want to kill Li." I said grinning against her lips. April 26, 2018 08:32 am
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