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Un-Life's a you know what (Open to everyone)


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Himiko Xao Yamaguri

Himiko was lurking through the forests in her brand new life at night. She had been searching for what she is missing, her past was just that, in the past as he focused on the hear and now and the future as a new Asian vampire, she was in the center of Asia looking for new things to do and new people to meet. It was night where things were dark, just like vampires loved.

She set out for the streets in Tokyo at night where the shops and bars are located to take the edge off to comfort her after her previous girlfriend was taken from her back in her human life, unfortunately, she could not change that, only the present and the future.

Her goals were simple, she jotted down notes as she rested on the bench in the street corner of Tokyo "Gain friends, get help and assistance, gain a wife, gain a family and be active." she said to herself though there is more to be discovered and more she needs to know.

She does not know who runs things now as time had passed and she probably missed out on things, but she could not control nor change the past now, so she went inside the bar to rest and get help and assistance, on her quest of seeking a wife...

(Feel Free to jump in and post anytime)
May 12, 2018 12:22 pm
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