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The Vigilante: Rise of Draken


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Abigor Kravenoff

The Neighborhood - May 21st, 2018 - 10:43pm

The moon shone down over the streets of the city below as a group of men dressed in all black wearing ski masks and gloves were seen in an alley moving towards the local electronics store. They had been keeping a look out for the last three minutes to see if anyone would happen to pass by but soon realized that no one was coming. This gave them the chance they needed as the leader stepped forward and looked up and down the alley.

Leader: 'Crack open the door Manny, the rest of you on look out for now.'

Moving as he ordered, the one called Manny headed for the door and began picking the lock. After a few moments the door was opened as a truck backed into the alley. Soon the men began loading the merchandise from the store into the back of the truck.

Leader: 'We almost done here Manny?' He asked as he glanced down at his watch. 'We got about two minutes until the alarm bypass times out and we get tanked.'   Manny: 'We're good here boss, the boys are loading the last of the loot now. We're almost home free.'

As they spoke a sudden flow of shadows passing over them cause Manny to pull his gun as he looked up but saw nothing. This caused panic to seet upon him as sweat began to bead on his face beneath his mask with fear steadily creeping up his spine. The source of this fear were the rumors that had been spreading aroung the Neighborhood Underworld. Rumors about some whacko dressed up like it was halloween going around and taking down criminals, of both the natural and supernatural nature. He had dismissed it as an urban legend until a sudden burst of amused laughter caused him to swallow hard.

Manny: 'H-he's here.' His voice was shaky as he spoke. His breathing was growing heavier while his eyes darted around the alley.

Leader: 'Who's here Manny?'

His voice was lost on the man who was now staring intently into the darkness of the shadow from a nearby building. One of the larger men heard something and stepped forward without hesitation as he checked his gun and took aim in the direction of the sound. He was rewarded by the sound of something whirring towards him before the gun was knocked out of his hand hard enough to cause him pain. The sight of the thing that hit him flying back into the shadows saw the leader growl angrily as he bellowed his order.

Leader: 'GET HIM!!'

May 21, 2018 12:17 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

The order caused the goons to rush into the darkness; guns, knives, pipes and chains in hand. The sound of their battle rose with only momentary sparks of light from the guns going off along with the knives, pipes and chains clashing with something in the darkness. Manny and the Leader watched in horror as the sound of several blows landing saw some of the thugs fly from the darkness and land at their feet out cold. Looking down at them Manny soon looked back into the darkness and saw a pair of red eyes staring back at them. In hopes of saving himself the Leader shoved Manny towards the darkness and took off into the store cloisng the door behind him as he did.

Making it to the top floor of the building where he thought he was safe the Leader breathed heavily before hearing the same amused laughter from before and froze as he turned to see the red eyes staring at him from the dakrness.

Leader: 'O-ok, ok. I’ll split the take with ya.’ Raising his hands defensively Thorne backed up to the safe behind him and opened it. ‘Thirty-Seventy.’ When that resulted in the eyes advancing on him he quickly changed his choice. ‘Fifty-Fifty.’ That didn’t stop the eyes as he soon fled through a curtain next to him.

Climbing out onto the ledge he leapt over the gap between the building he was in and the one next door. As he landed he stumbled a little before he got to his feet and took off again. Jumping over the side of the building he was hoping he was home free but had no such luck as he was suddenly snatched from midair. Crashing onto another roof he slammed his back and head against the side of the water tower next to him and immediately sat up as his captor landed in front of him.

Before him was a tall Caucasian male with a dark and imposing figure. He wore a suit that had a streamlined appearance and all components were made from a rip stop, tri-weave material composed of High-Density Kevlar, Titanium and Nomex with water repellent finish. The top half was a black tactical vest that sported reddish-black armor-like accents over the shoulders, chest, abdomen and upper back worn over a black long-sleeved, high-collared armored shirt.

The lower half of the suit was made up of a pair of black cargo-like pants with a single reddish-black patch running from the waist down to the knees on the outer thighs and a pair of black combat-style boots with reddish-black accents. On his hands were a pair black with gauntlets that boasted three metal scallops on each forearm and armor-like accents on the knuckles that were the same reddish-black. Concealing his identity was a formfitting, streamlined helmet that had red lenses over the eyes and sported a reddish-black finish on the top half and black down where his mouth was left visible and was secured by a latch on either side of his head.

Leader: 'Wha-what are ya?' The question saw the costumed man advance on him.

Man: -I am vengeance!- His voice was dark and threatening. -I am the night!- Grabbing the Leader by the collar he yanked the man to his feet and held him off the ground. -I am Draken! And these streets are mine!-

May 21, 2018 12:27 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

After leaving the Leader and his goons tied up with the money they stole for the police to find, I left the area. Leaping off a building I landed in the driver seat of a waiting vehicle. It had the appearance of a veritable tank on wheels boasting a sleek, streamlined design with an armored, military-like build granting it high-suspension, wider track and higher ground clearance. Peeling out just as the police siren rose over the streets I sped down the alley before drifting around the corner and onto the stretch that led to the highway. Barreling out of the city I took an off ramp on the right of the portion of the highway he was on and soon pressed the monitor in the middle of the dashboard. This caused the garbage dumpster next to an abandoned building I was driving towards to open revealing the entrance to a ramp that spiraled up into the building.

I soon slowed as I drove into a large garage area and parked on a circular landing pad before hopping out and walked over a pole that headed all the way up to the top of the building. Gripping a certain area of the pole it lit up and soon I was being pulled up through a round opening onto the next level. Letting go of the pole I landed before pulling off the cowl revealing myself to be Abigor Kravenoff, son of Marah Boru and Angel Kravenoff. And now, I could add vigilante to my list of skills and work experience. Walking over to the state-of-the-art computer bank I began clacking away at the keyboard and soon entered the records for the night; twelve B&E's. thirteen muggings and seven gang related brawls. Not bad for a solo act, though I knew this would have been easier with partners, I decided to act alone.

Call it a need to help. My time away from the Realm and in the other world had taught me a lot and right now, I intended to put those lessons to full use by cleaning up the streets of the Neighborhood.

May 21, 2018 12:36 pm

Samantha Winchester

~ I have been watching Abigor for the past few weeks and started to wonder what exactly was going on in that head of his. Knowing where his hideout was from watching him. I decided to go there and see exactly what hes been up too. On my way I noticed a veritable tank on wheels. I knew it was his style. Hannibal had something like that before in my world.

I kept a safe pace behind him to see where he was going to next.It did not take long for me to know exactly where he was going. Turning off my head lights I parked my truck and waited till he made his way inside. I then followed quietly. Once inside I watched from the dark shadows. After he finished typing I walked out and decided to make myself known.~

" So are we Superman or wait no your Batman and this is your bat cave. Han what exactly is going though that mind of yours? Have you lost all sense of reasoning. You know we never do missions alone remember we always should have back up. So tell me when were you going to fill me in on this venture or dont you trust me anymore?"
May 21, 2018 11:04 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

I had sensed her the moment she came in. It was her usual style to observe from afar and then make her move, something that had saved my ass more than once in the other world. But this was different. This was the Realm, it may not have been as vicious as the days when I was a kid but it was still dark and gritty and grimy in the worst ways possible. That was why I kept this to myself. Why I decided to become this vigilante and try to clean up things on the streets.

-More like going for a Red Hood kinda vibe. And I already knew you were following me and that you'd show up here sooner or later. And no its not cause I lost all sense of reasoning, but I know this place a lot better than I knew the other world. And believe when I tell you this place is far more ruthless and cut throat than that other world and I'm not about to put the life of my brothers' fiance in danger for MY mission.-

May 21, 2018 11:14 pm

Samantha Winchester

~I walked over to him and placed my hands on his shoulders and rubbed them before I walked around and sat on the vacant spot on the desk. My eyes were looking right at his~
" Robin hood huh? Yeah I can see you in those tights. Besides I only saw you last week by accident. I was hunting and saw that tank then I saw it again tonight. Seem you are doing your thing when I am doing mine. Since when have you worried about putting me in danger? You know I can take care of myself and hold my own. I do it every night hunting and killing demons. And I am still keeping my eyes out for our old friend yellow eyes. I have a score to settle with him. Look I do not like you doing things alone like this. Come on Han I can be your little John."
~I tilt my head with a half smile and wide eyes look. A look I use to give him all the time when he tried to keep things from me.~
May 21, 2018 11:22 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

I hated when she got like this. She so reminded me of my little sister Mya whenever she started acting like she was now. Sighing deeply I sat down on the chair in front of the computer bank and looked at her. -Fine, but if we do this we're telling Rorix. I don't want him kicking my ass if anything happens to you.-

May 21, 2018 11:31 pm

Samantha Winchester

" Fine tell him that is if you know where he is. I haven't seen him since the castle. That is why I am hunting for yellow eyes. I swear if he does to Rori what he did to Jessie.."
~ My face was full of hurt and anger went I talked. I then stopped in mid sentence knowing I did not tell Han what happened that night I came home after he left. ~
" I doubt he will kick your ass. He knows how I am and he never said anything about it yet. "
May 21, 2018 11:38 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

Hearing her speak I wondered if she knew just what Rorix had been up to in the time she hadn't seen him. Shrugging I looked at her and hit a button on the keyboard. -He's in the Maldives tracking down some Intel for Haven. He'll be back in a few hours.-

I had also heard her comment about Jesse but saw that she clamed up the moment she realized something. I knew she was keeping something to herself but decided to leave it be as she would tell me in time. -So since you're hell bent on doing this, you're gonna need a suit.-

May 22, 2018 11:43 am

Samantha Winchester

~I watched his reaction and knew eventually I had to tell him but I could not do that right yet.The mention of a suit peaked my curiosity so I had to ask him what was this suit thing.Hearing where Rorix was kinda had me upset that he did not fill me in and that Abigor did. But that was something Rori and I would talk about later.~
" Suit? No tights and cowls. Dark clothing and a jacket and hood?"
May 22, 2018 01:34 pm

Vivian Kravenoff

Awww come on, you might look hot in tights. [Her voice sounded as she stepped into view. She wore a skin-tight, full-body armored swimsuit that exposed her arms and was open toed.]

[It is predominantly black, but the torso had a blue vest-shaped design with dark blue piping along its edges and collar area where a hood rose up to cover her head. A set of small dorsal fins were on the back of her calves while a streamline backpack with two Water-Bearers attached to it. The final touches to her look was a cowl-like helmet that left her hair and mouth visible, a pair of dark blue goggles on her forehead that looked built into the helmet and a pair of dark blue gauntlets similiar to the ones Abi wore.] Is the invite to join only limited to her? Or can anyone join this part?

May 22, 2018 02:27 pm

Abigor Kravenoff

Chuckling at Vivian's comment as she came into view I took note of her attire. It seemed she had embraced her Dragon of Water known as Mizu and took the aquatic theme of her suit to the limit. -I think I can make you something you might like, but I got a question.-

Turnng my gaze to Viv then back to Sam. -Are you good with being on the same team with the man you love and the man you call a brother without letting you emotions cloud your judgement in the field?-

May 22, 2018 10:09 pm

Samantha Winchester

~ I looked at him when talked that was when i placed my hands on my hips and answered~
"Look here mister i worked with you in my world for oh 20 years and we had a thing so dont go questioning my ethics. I been hunting long before you were born Hannibal King."
~I looked at Viv and grinned at her remark.~
"I wiould look damn good in anything I wear Vivian."
May 23, 2018 05:51 am

Abigor Kravenoff

Rolling my eyes when Sam went off on her tirade, I sighed softly. -I told you Sam, I was deaged in that world. Here I was already well into my late teens before coming to your world as a ten year old.-

Hearing her call me Hannibal made me sighed once more. That old me was going to be hard to rinse from her mind.

May 23, 2018 09:18 pm

Samantha Winchester

" I know you were deaged and dont roll your eyes at me I am still 100 years older then you. But lets talk about this crew that were are now. And what these outfits. I hope it does my body good.And I hope I can still move in them." May 24, 2018 08:47 pm
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