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Ozg Videl

Ozg'Videl lifts her hood further over her shoulders; her form up here is more subtle than her true one, but a bald woman dripping blood is still less than acceptable. Her blood, meant to remind her of the deaths on her hands, evaporates harmlessly as soon as it drips off her chin. She long ago stopped trying to wipe it away. The open wounds on her skull will never heal. It doesn't matter. She's going down to Hell in a couple hours, so this form will peel off and melt away, revealing her beautiful horns, and the double row of fangs. Ozg'Videl rubs her chin once, already feeling the bones there beginning to split and elongate. The ache in her jaw will turn to agony soon enough. She's been inhabiting an old church for the past couple days, finding a kind of irony in it that almost brings a smile to her face. If she could smile. In this skin, there's only enough give to achieve a kind of grimace, exposing more teeth than should be able to fit in a human mouth. The church will do during the long, painful process of returning to her true form and the high, echoing stone walls will make her screams loud enough to haunt anyone residing nearby. How delightful. 

May 21, 2018 03:50 pm

Ozg Videl

Ozg'Videl knew it was time to go home when she woke up one morning to find her horns emerging as little nubs from her forehead. It's only so long that she's allowed reprieve from her punishments, so she can return to them with fresh horror. Her time above was pleasant enough, spent with a couple werewolves and a witch in the American South. But Ozg'Videl always winds up missing home. After so much time spent in Hell, it starts to grow its own charms. The hot blood on her skin, the sound of flesh peeling from bone, the sensation of tasting her own marrow every time she's seized by the horns and tossed around. She tips her head back, looking through the cracked stained glass that's smearing rainbow colors across her still mosty human skin. Outside it's bright for once, and she can hear humans chattering as they pass by. If she wanted to, Ozg'Videl could lure them inside, send them back out with black eyes and bad intentions. She's never really been that kind of demon, though. She mostly gets off on the punishment. She could go out, drink deep on screams and torture, come back with a finger or two tucked in her pocket to snack on later. But...she'll be home soon, and that's worth waiting for. She settles down on her haunches to wait.

May 21, 2018 10:41 pm

Ozg Videl

She senses someone trying to steal from her and turns her head. "Leave me the **** alone," she says.

May 26, 2018 10:20 pm
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